The Three-Way Junction of Life and the One-Way Street to Death

January 29, 2011

There are only three ways that mankind or some portion of mankind can survive on this planet given the current state of affairs:

1) Whites and Jews must admit that they have psychopathic racial disorder and receive behavioral modification.

2) Whites and Jews do not receive treatment for their condition and over time all or most people of color are exterminated.

3) Whites and Jews do not receive treatment for their condition and over time all whites and Jews are exterminated.

I would obviously prefer if we went with the first one and, as a black man, I clearly abhor the second one. The third option may be the only practical one that mankind has in the end. Whites and Jews constitute about 10% of the world population and have a negative birth rate. Are we prepared to let the 90% of  us who are people of color die just because of this small group of overaggressive interlopers who have used mostly stolen technology and weaponry to advance their cause of subjugation of other races and species on the planet? I should say not. There is one other choice not listed above and it is the extermination of all human life. I think it is clear that if this white/Jewish system cannot dominate everyone else then it would prefer to take all of us out rather than have people of color living in peace and relative harmony.

I don’t really want Europeans to be exterminated because that makes us no better than them in some ways but if they continue, as a whole either through action or inaction, to allow people of color to be enslaved, starved, slaughtered, abused and exploited in every conceivable manner on a global scale we will have to deal harshly with the European. Some say we could or should isolate them to some part of the globe and then monitor them to make sure they don’t attempt to rise to power again but that would not work in the long run. There would be sympathizers and sellouts. The only practical and long term solution to the problems that we face is to exterminate the white race from the planet.

All other races have tried repeatedly to deal with white man on civilized terms but the white delusion and white deception runs too deep. They are incapable of relating to other races as equals or recognizing the value of anyone’s humanity, even their own, which is specious at best. They must be annihilated and I don’t mean genetically over time through race-mixing. I mean each and every white person on this planet must be killed.That means a global Holocaust of Europeans from America to Europe to Australia to every ill-gotten piece of land they falsely claim as theirs and enforce through violence.

I know there are some whites that seem good on the outside but every white person has an instinctive, almost genetic, deep-seated race loyalty that will always endanger other races on the planet, especially given their propensity for creating and using weapons of mass destruction. Just like whites know it is insufficient to simply disarm the Jew it is also insufficient to only disarm the European in general from the perspective of people of color. Whites have demonstrated utter disregard for the sanctity of life ever since they crawled out of the caves of Europe before Africans taught them how to stand upright and walk. People of color all over the world have to stop negotiating with the white man. This is our planet, not theirs. They are the beasts they accuse us of being. Every negative thing whites say about people of color is actually something they are describing about themselves. We must take this world back with force because all the white man understands is money and violence.  They have most of the money so violence is our only viable option.

The white man cannot be reasoned with. He cannot be bargained with. He will always lie and obfuscate to his advantage and to the collective death of people of color. To not recognize this threat and react with appropriate force is nothing short of self-extermination. We may as well lie down right here and right now and die if we allow the white man to continue down his bloody path of never-ending perdition. Let us free the white man from his suffering. Let us do what needs to be done to ensure our own survival and that of our children on a planet that is healthy, vibrant and full of life living in harmony with each other. The white man may have stunted our instinct for self-preservation but we must look at what he hath wrought since his appearance on the human stage. We must ignite the flame of brutality within ourselves and show no absolute mercy until they are once and for all wiped off the face of the planet. Then and only then can we plot a future that one can truly call a future.

White people will be offended but should not be. People of color are only reacting to your ongoing historical aggression and treachery as a race. If you stop then we will stop down this path and welcome you to the human family as all races originally did before you turned on us and exploited us for material gains. It’s that simple but whites will never stop in my opinion because their behavior is clinically obsessive-compulsive. Whites should ask themselves what they would do if they were a person of color after this treatment for thousands of years? People of color want to survive and whites want to exterminate us. Even if whites don’t active participate in the system of oppression of non-whites the system is doing it nonetheless while you sit back and enjoy your skin privilege, wanted or not. Oppression does not require active participation these days but apathy and neglect do. If whites want to continue to exist on this planet then you must change from the inside out and become an honest broker on the world stage. Otherwise the sheer numbers of people of color will eventually destroy you. No amount of technology or luck can prevent it or save you. It’s all a matter of time. Make a choice. Either way there will be racial equality. The only variable is whether or not whites will be a part of it.

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  1. […] The Dr. Strangelove film did highlight the underlying fear of the public about nuclear weapons during the years of the cold war. Consider that many countries built fallout shelters for military and government officials. Sturdy brick buildings in the Additionally on this topic you can read: http://theotheri.wordpress.com/2011/01/29/egypt-isnt-as-far-away-as-it-used-to-be/ On this subject see: https://racerules.wordpress.com/2011/01/29/three-options-for-the-survival-of-mankind/ […]

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