False Flags Caused By Accumulation of Subliminal Suggestions

January 23, 2011

The English language with its Arabic alphabet system is the main tool used by the Luciferian elite to keep us enslaved to this reality. That is why they made English the universal language. It enslaves you without you even knowing it. Words in other languages can mean so much but in English we have to describe each and every facet of what are trying to communicate. The language is inefficient to say the least but it’s designed for planting subliminal suggestions into our minds so that is best accomplished by a language that operates in a discrete fashion with each thought being separate from the rest. There are linguists that know this. Noam Chomsky knows this. He’s a Jew and a professor of linguistics at MIT. Trust me. He knows.

What Americans in particular do not understand is our thoughts manifest our collective reality. That is the one thing you cannot get a 3D materialist to accept. They believe that “their” thoughts originate within themselves. They do not. I know it seems that way. I know it feels that way but it’s not true. Of course the elite want us to think we are thinking independently of others but we most certainly are not. Everything that we think exists independently of us really is just a projection of our consciousness using thought which is another form of light. That’s all this world or reality consists of: manipulated thought which is manipulated light which can be transformed into sound. It’s all energy being channeled by the Luciferian elite. Yes most of them and maybe all of them are Jews with Illuminati bloodlines).  They know how to do this because they stole the incantations from Egyptian artifacts, relics and papyrus scripts like the Book of the Dead. Once they stole these secrets from Egypt it was trivial for them to take over the world because they feed us what we believe are our own thoughts through lies in public education, lies in the media and lies about what truly is real and what isn’t.

There is nothing that you can touch that is real. It seems the opposite because we are conditioned to believe that all objects, whether solid, liquid or gas, are real. They are mere forms of energy that are vibrating at the planet’s frequency which has been established by the Luciferian egregore thought form. When two forms of energy vibrate at the same frequency then they are able to manifest to each other. We are vibrating in this reality at the same frequency as what we call matter, therefore it appears solid to us. It is not. Why can’t we pass through it? Because it is vibrating at roughly the same frequency as us. Ever seen the Flash cartoon? Whenever he wants to pass through something what does he do? He starts vibrating at a much higher frequency than matter and then he walks right through walls because the wall really isn’t there anyway.

So the elite feed us non-stop symbolic imagery using the shapes and sounds of the Arabic alphabet and English language but most of us cannot detect this is happening. What happens to all of the suggestions that we have accumulated over time? Suggestions are thoughts which is energy. The egregores use this collective energy to keep our true selves hidden from us by bringing us into a finite existence through birth. Once we are born we know we will die in this world. It is that base fear that drives this program we inhabit and believe to be the universe. There is nothing in outer space. Everything we know is here. Anything in space is just more suggestion that we manifest because we believe it to exist. It’s just energy.

So how can the elite create false flags using this suggestion energy each of us has stored within us? I don’t know exactly. That is what they stole from the Egyptians and now they are poised to use it to create tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and the like. Look at all of the disaster movies that have been released recently in Jewish Hollywood. Look at the spate of 3D movies. 3D movies make the suggestions more powerful so you can expect to see more and more of them as we approach 9/11/2011 and 11/11/2011 which most certainly will be doomsdays for mankind on some scale. These two days are too powerfully symbolic for nothing to happen. What will happen? Catastrophe on a global scale in weather events like the aforementioned. Where will they strike? Most signs point to the west coast of the United States but there are other parts of the nation that will not escape as well. The coastlines will likely be devastated regardless of where you live. Prepare yourself for another huge suggestion which is merely the energy from previous suggestion being used to scare the hell out of humans who are afraid to die.

What is the purpose of life? Just like Agent Smith said in the Matrix: “The purpose of life is to die”. That fear keeps this reality alive and it also keeps the vast majority of us reincarnating to fulfill this agenda repeatedly for the Luciferians who created and rule this world. This is their home but it is not ours. If you do not wake up then you will return here forever as a perpetual slave of fear.

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