Not the Face of Evil. The Race of Evil.

January 13, 2011

Jared Lee Loughner committed a cold-blooded shooting rampage. Why are we discussing whether or not he had mental issues? Of course he had mental issues. He’s probably been brainwashed under the MK Ultra program. Anyone that would perform such an act has some form of mental illness. Indeed most Americans have some form of mental illness either from eating crap, not exercising, dysfunctional families, tv brainwashing, etc. but most of us are not going to directly take the lives of others as an expression of that mental illness. Loughner probably heard some trigger word and then unloaded.

It’s time to start profiling young white males closer. White men are angry as hell these days and no one is doing anything about it because the chaos and violence suit the aims of the Jewish elite. I’m not saying white males don’t have a reason to be angry. I’m saying that white men do not deal with their anger in healthy ways. They project it via violence onto women, gays and people of color most often. That is sexism and racism all rolled into one.

Most white males do not understand that what is happening to the United States was conceived of by the Jewish elite, the same people that financed the slave trade and who now own and run the media, the porn industry, the banks, the federal government, the military, etc. Whites believe Jews are the “chosen people” from the lies inserted into the Bible by Jews themselves. They also believe the Holocaust happened just as Jews say when it most certainly did not. There was never a systemic program in Germany for rounding up Jews and exterminating them. It’s all lies and propaganda encoded in textbooks and taught to children in public schools. It has been proven time and time again that the so-called death camps were merely worker camps, nothing more.  Tens of millions died in and at the end of WWII so Jews are no more important than any of the other groups. Jews have even admitted that 6 million Jews didn’t die. The figure has been revised to 1.5 million to accommodate for what was even feasible given the Jewish population of Europe at that time. How can you kill more Jews than are even alive? It’s time to start calling the bullshit folks.

This if course is not covered in the mainstream media so white males continue to largely walk around in blithe ignorance of the truth. Feminism, civil rights, eugenics, sports, porn and on and on were and are led by Jews. To be honest blacks in this country would have gotten nowhere this fast without the Jews using us as scapegoats. Blacks merely fronted black organizations to create white antipathy while Jews in the background used those same new rights to make advances into every area of society. America has been infiltrated by the white Jewish parasite that Anglo-Saxons brought with them from Europe. The Jewish elite do nothing except live off the work of others. It’s all they have ever done. They even use poor and middle class Jews to garner more and more sympathy from Gentiles leading to more and more control via their sayanim and other infiltration techniques. They bribe and they blackmail. They destroyed the dollar on purpose to globalize their operation and eventually run everything from London instead of Washington DC and Wall Street.

This doesn’t matter to most white males though. They want revenge on the evil darkies, not the Jewish elite and their minions of all races. They blamed the mortgage crisis on blacks and not the Jewish derivatives that caused it. It’s the money worship. White men see money as a symbol of God and a symbol of whiteness all intertwined with their self-worth. That means when people of color get rich then white men always react with hostility and hatred because they perceive that money as taken away from them. Nothing will ever change in this country until white males stop projecting their anger onto the front men that Jews use to hide their misdeeds. It’s always Jews in the background unless you’re in Hollywood or the White House in which case they are front and center. It’s not ok take your rage out on the innocent because they are weaker and less able to defend themselves and then allow the Jewish elite to get away scot-free while they relax at their private islands, gated communities and mansions with private security firms like Blackwater protecting them. White males need to vent their anger on the perpetrators and leave people of color out of it. All people of color are sick and tired of tolerating this misdirected anger and aggression.

The media mentioned very little of the fact that both Loughner and Giffords are Jews. They even attended the same synagogue at least once. Still think this was a legitimate tragedy not orchestrated by the elite? Why did this tragedy happen right before MLK Day. Why did it happen in Arizona, the land of the rising sun aka Jesus (Jew-Zeus) rising from the grave? Why did it happen in Tucson? The letter T signifies sacrifice on the cross. A U is you! A C is see. You see a sacrifice and then son meaning Jesus or Jew-Zeus again. Why did it happen on 1-8-11 when 1+8+1+1=11. Why was the 9 year old victim (as in 9-11) born on 9-11-2001, the day of the first Jewish attacks on this country? Guess what her first name was? Christina. Looks like Christ doesn’t it? Why haven’t we seen the actual injuries of the Congresswoman? Is she really even injured? Clearly the Jewish elite have shown their contempt for lower level Jews in the past so they may have been a real sacrifice (although they prefer to sacrifice young boys after raping them in the vein Aleister Crowley). They make Loughner look like a skinhead or a Nazi in the pictures. If anything he is an Ashkhe”nazi” Jew. Look at his name Jared Lee Loughner. First of all he was born on 9/10/88. That’s the day before 9/11 and the 88 is 11×8 which the number of death times the number of completion. Jared is like Yah-red as in Yahweh and red the color of blood and death. Lee backwards is eel like the serpent from the Garden of Eden bullshit biblical story. Loughner looks like laughing to me as in the elite are laughing at us because we don’t see what is right in front of our eyes. The er on the end backwards is just Re or Ra the Egyptian sun god. It’s all astrotheological sun god worship. It’s all death. It’s all sex. It’s all light.

Now they want to look at gun rights again. You don’t say? Perhaps another Brady Bill is in the works. They need to disarm us because rednecks have a lot of guns and a lot of ammunition. Unfortunately most of that is intended for people of color, not the government. Many of these “Call of Duty” soldiers are already overseas fighting Israel’s war for them. Remember Jews don’t do any real work. They use the host since they are the parasite. That host would be the Gentiles or us.

The Jewish elite play all sides folks. You have to look deep at the multiple layers and levels of deception to find the truth or you will forever be lost and confused drowning in the sea of duality. Symbolism is key. Thought is perception. Once the symbols get into our subconscious they can control reality which is nothing more than our perception of ourselves. There will be blood.

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