My response to “Why Are Believers So Hostile Toward Atheists?” by Greta Cristina

January 9, 2011

Here’s the original article:


Most people in America these days are unhappy whether they are believers or not, even on antidepressants (mostly which don’t work and destroy your liver in the process anyway). Hardcore believers are usually on the right and they have a herd mentality. They want strong authoritarian leaders. They want to be told what to do and how to do it. Liberal believers generally do not adhere to such mind-numbing constraints. It’s also why most nonbelievers are liberals. The right treats people that do not want to be part of the herd as traitors. Look at what used to happen to white women when they slept with black men 30 years ago? Look at what happen to anti-Zionist Jews? Nothing spawns more hatred than the sting of perceived self-betrayal.

Conservatives are not idiots. They just suffer from cognitive dissonance and that makes them mad because they know they’ve compromised something to arrive at their false and irrational conclusions. Believers also think they have to somehow deprive themselves of life’s sinful pleasures to earn their way into heaven. Atheists refuse to do that or at least see no reason to do it as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Depriving yourself of what you consider fun makes you angry and that anger at God is projected onto atheists, many of them deprive themselves of the same things Christians do not out of some perverted guilt complex of earning a front row seat in heaven.

When it comes down to it you can analyze mental illness in a myriad of manners but it’s still mental illness. Religion is a mental illness of people who largely lead miserable lives and want to believe something better is in store for them. At the same time they’re waiting on their presents in the afterlife they’re bitter about not having them here and now in the present. That anger doesn’t stay inside of them. Just like most anger it gets projected onto someone they feel that deserves it and that’s atheists in this case. Statistics prove that believers and atheists commit roughly the same percentage of crime and roughly the same percentage in types of crimes. Believers see themselves in the majority so they feel those numbers should coerce nonbelievers into joining the dark side. Of course in some Arab countries you have to pretend to believe even if you don’t or they kill you. Luckily it’s not that severe in America anymore but it used to be when we were burning witches in Salem.

I like to compare the whole existence of God argument to how gays are treated because they have the most important similarities. Many of us know people that seem to be homophobic on the outside but actually have gay tendencies or live in the closet mired in self-hatred, the same self-hatred present in believers of original sin, which says we are somehow tainted as humans because of what Adam and Eve did and hence require forgiveness for their sins which through inheritance have somehow become our sins as well. Ballyhoo. Balderdash. Bunk.

Believers hate atheists because many of them are closet atheists. Most Christians don’t adhere to anything that Jesus taught anyway. They just use church as a social feelgood club. It’s classic in group/out group psychology. We’re better because we’re in a group that you aren’t and our group is large that yours. Forget the fact that there are over a billions atheists worldwide. That doesn’t matter to believers. They’d love another Crusade to exterminate all of us although it’s not nice or PC to say that. People in fraternities have the same mentality. They exclude those that don’t rush and pledge and force them to live in relative marginalization in colleges all over the country. Most people are just built this way unfortunately. Do as I say, not as I do.

By the way believers will never change so it’s up to atheists if they want to continue fighting this uphill battle but more and more people in America are becoming atheist and it’s because their faith was completely founded upon a stable economy. Now that we don’t have a stable economy anymore people who were once believers are rejecting God and church out of anger because they feel that they deserve nice things in this lifetime, which oddly is the exact opposite reason for being a believer in the first place. It’s all an ancient scam by those in power. The elite are continuing to loot the Treasury while we remain in perpetual conflict over this. As it turns out human behavior is the most predictable aspect of human behavior. There are only three things that can change a person’s beliefs regarding the existence of the almighty: 1) personal experience like the economy going into the crapper or a near-death experience, 2) not being brainwashed as a child to believe what your parents believe to begin with and 3) genetic re-engineering which they say we are incapable of at this point. Only the first option is practical at this point since most parents consider their children their property and therefore exercise what they feel is their right to mentally abuse them. We probably do have the ability to filter out genes that lead to religious proclivities but the elite are never going to let that out because they need it to maintain control of us and keep us at each others’ throats. It’s entertaining to them.

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