Why Non-Christians and Non-Catholics Should Not Celebrate Xmas

December 25, 2010

Every year Jesus freaks say that you don’t have to be a Christian or a Catholic to celebrate Christmas. Why not? The true meaning of Christmas is the birth of Christ. That is as religion specific as you can get. Jesus is not a God in other religions. He is a prophet in Islam but not divine. Saying that someone who is Buddhist, like myself, should celebrate Xmas is like saying that black people should be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. That’s actually a day for the Irish and not even all white people.

White Americans love including others in their group delusions. Christianity and Catholicism are group delusions. The former was used to enslave the minds of blacks so that our bodies could be freed to serve corporations and fuel the prison industrial complex. It also enslaved the minds of what was left of African self-determination. Now Africans wholeheartedly believe in the myth of a divine Jesus Christ, which is nothing but Jew-Zeus. Catholicism has enslaved the minds of the vast majority of Latino people in Central and South America. Sure they don’t care about the sacraments or the Pope but they call themselves Catholics when anyone asks them. Christians and Catholics just pretend to be religious because their religions are nothing more than social clubs. Few read the doctrine and the dogma. If they did they would be disgusted with the official positions of the church on many issues and not just abortion.

If Christmas wasn’t born of a pagan celebration then it is definitely one now. I’ve read it comes from an ancient celebration called Saturnalia. Get this. The men go pair off with their slaves and allow the slaves to be the masters for one day. Then the men rape some little boys. Finally they go home and beat their wives. Nice huh? I’m just reporting what I’ve read on several sites and in several books so Christmas may originate from that event. No one will ever really know. What we do know is that Christmas is all about gifts now. It’s a consumer celebration. Kids don’t even know who Jesus is, let alone care. They want their video games and toys…period.

Why should Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and other major religions take part in such a perverted holiday? I really don’t want to see my family so bad that is pisses off God and then I’m mistaken for one of the apostates. Jesus……I mean Buddha. I would be more than glad to celebrate with Christians if they actually practiced the true meaning of Christmas but as it stands I don’t see how a double dose of hypocrisy and heresy does anybody any good. I’ll pass…….forever. Good luck explaining this to God on your judgment day.

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