The Less You Know The Smarter You Are

December 19, 2010

Make sense? Good. You may be even smarter than initially thought. Americans believe that the pursuit of knowledge is one of the greatest things that a person can do. More science, more data, more analysis in all genre of thought is viewed as progress. Well I’m here to tell you that from a cosmic perspective it is actually regress.

A few assumptions must be made before going any further and they are fairly mind-blowing. First I believe that this world belongs to Lucifer and that Lucifer created it. Lucifer is not some external separate entity per se but that part of complete consciousness that wanted to exist as a separate entity. It is the creator of duality along with being the light-bearer that created this 3D world.

Our bodies via the five senses and our brains are programmed to understand only 3D. In this world we are subject to birth, suffering, pleasure and death. That is Lucifer’s law so tend to think not about the realms outside of this lower confined one but only of what we can do here. That line of thinking is frought with problems. The first is that we become easily manipulated by those who know the real truth which involves higher realms outside of this one from which we all collectively originate.

Lucifer is able to use thought, which is faster than light, to manipulate light to create everything we perceive as liquids, solids and gases. They are no such things as physical objects. There are only things that are bodies are forced to perceive as physical objects. Light is a very tricky substance. Humans have experimented with optical illusions for centuries. Our eyes are good but they are only light filters. We perceive whatever the light tells our eyes and then in processed by our brains. Needless to say there are several points where deception can be inserted in the perception process.

First the light itself is a deception. When you slow light down with a prism it separates into colors of various wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum. That slower light can be slowed down even further with sound. It is at that point when slow light appears to be solids, liquids and gases of various shapes, color and textures. Everything around us, including ourselves, is a conflagration of this manipulated light. We are subject to Lucifer’s rules as long as we remain in this world. We can attain higher states of consciousness through meditation and the use of hallucinogenics like Ayahuasca but ultimately our bodies continue to separate our true life force from omnipresence and omniwisdom, not omniscience.

Science is just religion. Religion is just science or seance. The more we know about this apparently physical world the more we are separate from our true world. When Lucifer came into existence it thought it was the only God and so went about the business of creation. This is the Bible of Christianity. It’s not lies. It’s true. It’s just Lucifer and not a benevolent God or Jesus who is nothing more than Horus and Zeus plagiarized. The Freemasons are Gnostics. Gnosticism is all about immanent eschatology, in other words making Gods out of humans. Lucifer wants to be his own God and not part of a greater God in a higher realm, although it is still subject to its authority. This world is flawed beyond measure so no perfect God could have created it. Lucifer is powerful but imperfect since it chose separate from the collective consciousness of perfection in Paradise.

Lucifer now knows that there is a more powerful God than itself and it knows that humans want to go back from whence we came. Therefore it will do everything it can to cement its authority now. It wants us to believe that there is no other world beyond this one so that when we die we will forever be reincarnated back here to serve it. The global religion of Luciferianism is right around the corner. Humanity is being depopulated so that this process is easier for Lucifer’s elite representatives. These are the Rockefellers, Hollywood, Obama, the Rothschilds, Israel, the Illuminati, the Jesuits, the Rosacrusians, the OTO, etc. Some of them are Jewish are some are not but Jews are the group tasked with destroying America and they have succeeded. Yesterday Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was overturned. Promotion of the gay agenda is a depopulation technique.

This world is full of facts, facts that separate us from wisdom. Wisdom is just knowing. You don’t need to study it to have it because it is already part of you if you realize it by removing the 3D goggles. I know most people are incapable of this in their current state and I am hoping that 2012 will give us the cosmic nudge that we need to get over that current limitation. Lucifer knows that time is approaching and like a frightened, cornered animal it is going to make one last massive attempt to keep us grounded in this false reality. Is it going to be earthquakes and tsunamis caused by sonar technology, which they used to destroy Haiti. Is it going to be nuclear? I don’t nuclear more and more each day. Is it going to be a huge 3D holographic simulation that Project Bluebeam purports whereby the Saviour of each major religion is beamed to those countries and then HAARP used to make them think God is talking directly to them? Who knows? They have the technology to do that and much more but they keep it from us and let it bleed out slowly over time to keep us in this position of powerlessness.

Knowledge is useful in this world because this world values that which is not real. Wisdom is the only thing that can free us. I have recently discovered though that many people share the mentality of Lucifer, meaning they wish to remain in the 3D world of materialism and suffering through emotion and physical needs. They think like Lucifer that this is highest state of man. They are futurists who believe that we can actually figure out eventually how to be become perfect like the true God which is really us when Lucifer is not using light to block us from realizing it. What can you say to those people? They are independent. They don’t want to be part of the collective consciousness. That is their choice but it will ultimately be their undoing.

This world cannot last forever but Lucifer is eternal. Lucifer is eternal because we are Lucifer. Lucifer is the just the spiritual representation within each of us for self-aggrandizement and separation. It is what drives us to compete with each other for so-called scare resources. It is what makes us wage war and commit genocide. Humans want to be revered as God and insodoing have actually hidden from themselves the very thing we already had and now seek through technology. Knowledge is not power. Wisdom is power.

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