What Really Is The Meaning Of Life?

December 7, 2010

I know this is going to either piss people off, weird them out or both, not that I care. Both are appropriate responses from the American masses of so-called “normal” people who don’t understand spirituality but cling to religion, who imbibe fluorinated water and deny it has any effect on their intelligence, who eat crappy food and deny the chemicals make them sick, who send their kids to public miseducation and then wonder why end up on legal and illegal drugs and finally who watch tv and movies and deny it has any effect on their personal beliefs or world view. The worst thing you should ever want to be called is normal. It is an insult of the highest degree. No one who is normal ever is remembered by history in a flattering way, not that I want the acclaim. Many of those who really made a difference never mark the pages of any manuscript. Que sera sera. Americans confuse being an individual on the outside with being an individual on the inside. The distinction is massive.

I like to look back over my older blog entries once a year or so to see how I’ve grown as a person. Of course I am not like most people. I stick to my core beliefs but I often change my views on things that are open to debate. Most people either have no core beliefs or stick to them because of childhood brainwashing and other bad experiences in their lives. Sadly, Hollywood controls the rest. It affects our brainwaves in ways we cannot detect. We can only detect the social side effects that result from our mental slavery. This of course is all being done on purpose and for a purpose. It is of course also being done by the Jewish elite who openly admit it. Americans are paralyzed by the whole Holocaust lie and the” God’s chosen people” lie from the Jewish Bible. There is no reason to have sympathy for the people who are culling the Gentile herd and planning your slaughter unless you make more money for them.

Now time for brass tax. The world is a lie in every way, shape and form. It’s that way because it was designed that way. It was designed that way by Lucifer, not Satan. Satan was created by Lucifer to be the opposite of the good God that most religions adhere to relentlessly. It was designed to be a world of duality where everything has an opposite so that the potential for conflict is maximized. It is clearly effective.

When I say Lucifer I mean the light-bearer. The light bearer is able to manipulate light via thought to create 3d solid objects that humans sense as reality. Of course we are created to only have five senses although some are able to heighten the sixth sense by awakening their pineal gland. Lucifer created all of this. Lucifer is not a man or a woman. It is a thought. It is a thought made manifest by using sound to slow down light so it appears to be solid. We are literally living in the Matrix.

So why did Lucifer do this? Lucifer used to be part of the ONE in eternal paradise with all supreme wisdom. Why give all of that up for this world? Lucifer became selfish. Lucifer wanted to be an individual and exist outside of the ONE. It got its wish when it was expelled into this lower realm. Folks we are in hell right now. This is hell. This is the world that Lucifer created and controls. It has nothing to do with fire and brimstone. Most of us are going to die from floods caused by massive tsunamis in the next few illusory years.

Remember that time does not exist. We just perceive it that way in this world. There is only one eternal instant moment and nothing more. Time and age are what Lucifer uses to keep control of this world. As soon as we are born we being to die as the clock starts ticking. Even though we are growing up in early age we are still approaching death from the moment of conception. We are told that life is a gift. How could being subject to death be a gift? Life is a lie. In fact it almost spells lie and that is probably no coincidence. It is like the word “live” or “love”. They both basically spell evil backwards. We all know that Lucifer is fond of things in reverse or upside-down. That part from Hollywood is true.

The meaning of life is death or more to the point it is the fear of death. It is the fear of a hell that you are already in. Even the Bible written by Lucifer itself tells us that “Many will be deceived.” Why do so many Christians think they are the exception. Many is not an insignificant number. It doesn’t mean a few. It can mean half or less than half or more than half. Whatever it means there are many that do not understand they are being deceived by their five Luciferian senses. We are brought into this false world via conception. Look at that word. It begins with a CON. Life begins with a con. The end is an ION or the electrical expression of light that brings forth another “soul” from paradise into this world. We are literally slaves in a prison right now who can only escape in death and who knows if some, none or all of us actually get reincarnated until we wake us and realize what this really is. There is nothing but light and thought folks. Nothing. No Mercedes. No big screen tv. No mansion. No yacht. It’s all light slowed down by sound. The physics even bear this out. Atoms weigh nothing despite the atomic weight myths of science which is really seance. Every is nothing but space in this world but we see it and we can touch because Lucifer created our brains to receive thoughts based only on this world. As it turns out white people were also slaves during African slavery.

Lucifer feeds off fear. That’s why he sends his agents, (yes just like the Matrix) to keep this mental program running. They are politicians, musicians, actors, etc. Lucifer controls all of them whether they know it or not. As long as their is death this world will continue to exist. Death causes fear and Lucifer gains power through blood ritual sacrifice. It is the God of the Bible and that is proven in the Old Testament. Jesus of the New Testament is just Horus the sun god, another tribute to Lucifer. Jews really are God’s chosen people because the God of this world is Lucifer. Get it now?

Our thoughts are controlled using number and letters. We are really simple creatures who cannot discern true reality because it is blocked by Lucifer who gives us knowledge which is more lies. We are already in paradise at this very moment but most of us are not in tune enough to wake up at this moment and return. We need the sacrifice of death to release us, at least temporarily, from Lucifer’s lies. I do believe that some of us return to this world and others based on how we live this life but you don’t have to be a saint. Those are Lucifer’s rules, not ours. Forget your memories. They were never real. It just feels that way.

Most people at this point will want to know why God does not rescue us from Lucifer (not Satan). Like I said before everything is light and thought. Thought is faster than light but they won’t teach your children that in school. Just like Lucifer is a thought, so is God. We are pieces of God in this world that have been segmented for Lucifer’s purposes. In other words WE ARE GOD. It is not sacrilege. It is fact. Lucifer wants us to be like him, separate and distinct. What do people today thrive upon? Being individuals. That is the Luciferian thought process at work. We traded tribalism for corporatism and Lucifer has all but ensured our eternal enslavement. Lucifer cannot leave this world but we can. We can leave if we wake up. I have and I hope you will join me. This world has nothing to offer you that is real. Paradise has everything and it’s all real and all infinite. Lucifer is us. God is us. We just have to mentally destroy Lucifer and then the true God will reveal itself after the duality has ended. You could say that humanity has a split personality. You can take it or leave it. You really do have free will. just like a vampire has to be invited into your house so does Lucifer. Kick its ass out and go home where you belong. We’ll all be there waiting for you…….well for us.

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