Why I Love Charlie Sheen (And So Do Most Men)

November 24, 2010

I feel like Darryl Hannah at the end of Roxanne for saying this but I love Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen says and does what he wants to say and do. He does it on “Two and a Half Men” and he does it in real life like we read in the tabloids. Folks men sometimes hit women and women sometimes hit men. We just happen to have the testosterone advantage. If women had the physical advantage trust me they would use it. Violence is just a fact of human nature. We will never eradicate it and shouldn’t even try. Besides we learn the worst of it from the people in power who drop bombs on the defenseless and steal their natural resources.

I applaud Charlie Sheen for being a pawn for the Zionists when he came out and supported 9/11 truth. He brought more attention to the movement even though he was being used to draw attention from Israel’s Mossad and the Zionists that have infiltrated and basically overthrown the US government using bribes, blackmail, kickbacks and guilt. It’s the same distraction technique used by Alex Jones does but I hate that idiot for a million reasons.

The problem with white America is guilt. White people are largely descended from Puritans and they are full of Puritan guilt. Sex is dirty. Original sin. Blah blah blah. Of course the guilt vacillates between guilt and anger phases but the true source of the neurosis is the guilt. It’s the guilt from slavery and never paying reparations to African descendants. Jews started CORE and the NAACP. It’s the guilt from the overblown Jewish holocaust lie that is taught in public schools and other historical revisionism. White people have been demoralized by their Jewish parasite. Jews have even admitted that they are parasites. They’ve admitted they own the US government. They’ve admitted they own the media. What do white people do? Nothing. Why? Guilt.

Why do you think there are so many vampire movies and tv series right now? Jews are the vampires. Vampires may have superpowers but they cannot go into the sunlight and they cannot survive without their human hosts which are the Gentiles. It’s the same thing with “Star Wars: the Clone Wars”. Humans are the clones in service of the Jewish Jedis. It’s as plain as the nose on your face but America is being hypnotized with these new 3D movies to further entrench us in this materialist mindset of eugenicist non-sense.

Charlie Sheen feels no guilt about anything. He drinks to excess. He womanizes women. He berates, degrades and insults his brother and his nephew. He hates his mother. He blows money on whores like it’s going out of style. That is a real man. That is what American men have forgotten. Somehow over the past 40 years the Jewish media managed to convince men that we are slaves to pussy. Wrong. The truth is that women are slaves to dick, excuse my English. Feminism was tried on blacks first and it worked. Jews always try their schemes on us first before they unleash them on whites. Remember crack? Now it’s prescription pain killers for whites. It goes on and on.

Feminism is evil because it has nothing to do with women’s rights. It is nothing but a Jewish plot to destroy the family and merge the genders into one androgynous species. These people in power are reptiles and reptiles are androgynous. Gender means nothing to them. Once women were convinced that being a mother was a prison then the fuse was lit leading to the destruction of America. Women are the foundation of society and now all they want is drugs, shopping and a good time. Women in general are no longer nurturing and caring. They are cold and manipulative. Men are what we have always been which is NOT monogamous. Women are brainwashed from childhood to believe they have a soulmate out there somewhere. It’s a lie. No one has a soulmate and there is no one on the planet that can make anyone happy. You have to make yourself happy but to do that you have to know who you really are and Americans don’t. Most young people get their personalities from the media.

That’s why I was elated to see Chelsey leave “Two and a Half Men”. Charlie doesn’t need to be on lockdown with some chick with huge tits who wants to change him. If Charlie wants to change himself for some reason that should be his decision and his alone. Real men don’t take orders from women. We give orders. That is the nature of this existence. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. I’m just saying that’s what in our genes and DNA. You can’t fight nature folks although the Jewish elite actually are attempting to alter our DNA over time with chemtrails, food chemicals, hormones, medications and the like. Certain types of soy have also been shown to feminize men. If this keeps up eventually there will be one gender only and we will all be slaves just like the clones on Star Wars. Who knows where the madness will end?

Charlie Sheen takes advantage of today’s women because today’s women want to be taken advantage of. Women don’t want a nice Christian guy who always tells the truth, at least not until they’ve been beaten into a bloody coma by thugs and losers several times. Women want drama or they get bored. That is actually natural though. Women love the Type A aggressive dominant male. Those are the males that procreate and propagate. Women are told that they should love the opposite of what their natural tendencies really are by the media. That leads to their continuous confusion and you have what we have in this country: one night stands, single moms, child support, domestic abuse, etc. I applaud people doing what comes naturally but women are still listening to that voice in their head that says they have to be career oriented, overly aggressive and misandrist. Basically women are taught to hate and distrust all men, especially after their own fathers wanted to have little to do with them as children because of their crazy mothers.

Is Charlie Sheen the perfect male? No, because the perfect male does not exist but he is instinctive. He does what feels good and in his own interests. If women are going remain in this transformed state of femi-nazism then all men should adopt the ways and means of Charlie Sheen. That is how we counter feminism and snap women back to their senses. If we don’t give them what they really need then all of us will end up just like Charlie’s brother on the show, the pathetic mother worshiper Alan.



  2. Great post, expressing perfectly what I’ve felt these last few weeks watching the (Jewish) media rip this guy. How about an update, though? Is Sheen finally losing it now he’s lost his kids?

  3. men will always be men. They will still need comfort, love, neediness, and sex. So does a woman. Let’s not pray for ourselves but those like me who needs a good fuck.

  4. i love charlie hope i hope he’s content (sp) the show wouldn’t be the same without him

  5. Thanks for comment. I think women these days deserve reductionism. In fact they deserve reductio ad absurdum. My point is that regardless of whether women embrace femi-Nazism or traditional female servitude they’re still being told what to do. Women are not a monolith like every group except maybe ants and beavers. Women need to stop letting men tell them to be wives or Jews telling them to be corporate slaves. It’s their decision but women simply refuse to make it. Charlie Sheen is the anti-female symbol. He does exactly what he wants to do and doesn’t care about what women think of it. Women should do what makes them feel happy and complete and stop letting the mass media destroy their lives. They won’t but they should.

    • I never said that you said women were monoliths and I never said ALL women do this or that. I did say that say ALL women feel the pressure to be a corporate slave instead of a full-time mom. Many try to do both but of course you cannot do both nearly as well as either one of them separately. You’re putting words in my mouth so I hope that isn’t lost on you 😉

  6. Well don’t read it if you don’t want to. No one is forcing. It’s my blog and I’ll do and say as I please control freak. Maybe you should consider getting tenure at a college so you can get paid for thinking you’re right all the time pompous ass.

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