The Privilege of Driving or The Price of Driving?

November 20, 2010

I love it in this country how we are supposed to be glad to be abused. May I have another? We call voting a duty when all it does is continue our financial and mental enslavement. That is probably the most egregious example of self-flagellation but a close second is how we are brainwashed into believing driving is a privilege. The only privilege about driving is the privilege of having enough money to buy a car these days. The rest borders on economic rape and robbery. Let’s look at the price of the so-called privilege of driving. Personal transportation is just another system of control and a way of keeping the masses conveniently divided.

A car costs a lot of money…..period. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or used or in need of repairs. When you own it you should own it, end of story. We really don’t even own it while it’s in good shape on loan to us from the Jewish banks. When we finance it a plethora of fees and hidden costs are included, not to mention sales tax and the profit to the dealership.

Most of us never need insurance or at least as much of it as we’re required by law to purchase in our state. Many states don’t require comprehensive insurance but liability is bad enough, especially in the South where everything is spread out and sprawling. Over a lifetime the cost of your insurance could have purchased another brand new car or moved to South America.

Every state require registration and that’s fine. What’s not fine is the fact that the fees keep going up while the value of our dollar keeps going down, not to mention rising unemployment from the recession and outsourcing. On top of that it’s another way the government likes to keep tabs on us. Big Brother is no Big Daddy. If Americans could see what’s in store for us in ten years from now they’d think they were watching a scene from Palestine.

Every year we fork over forty or so bucks to get an inspection on cars that usually don’t need them. You should not be required to get an inspection for at least a few years if you just bought a car. If the state really cared about reducing carbon emissions we’d stop burning coal for electricity and release the design of the car that runs on water to the public. It’s just another money grab folks. It’s always the money. It’s the control whether you have any or not.

Taxes. Need I say any more? Property taxes especially. Can someone please explain to me why I have to pay taxes on a car that I already paid tax on at the time of purchase? Even worse is when the car is paid off we still have to keep paying property tax on it. That basically means if you lived forever and your car never broke down you would still never really own your car. Why? Money. What a scam.

DMV fees are ridiculously high. They may have increased the valid period for Class C Driver’s license but they make up for it when they expire in ten years now instead of every five. Americans never get a break unless you’re at the top and then it’s nothing but breaks.

Let’s talk about traffic tickets. The court costs alone are usually 120 bucks or more. The fines themselves are usually small. What if you miss your court date? Well here’s the nice thing about America. They’ll issue a warrant for your arrest. That means you can go to jail for running a red light or speeding basically. Do you know what kind of people are in jail? People just like me and you that’s who. The DMV, insurance companies and the courts all work together to make sure they maximize their return on your compliance. If you don’t pay up then you go work for free in jail or prison while they trade prison sticks on Wall Street. Nice huh? We’re in a police state. It’s not coming like the buffoon Alex Jones says.

Gas is the gift that keeps on taking. Americans were purposefully hooked on oil a long time ago and now they pull our chains with this shortage crap to keep the prices artificially inflated. There is no oil shortage. Even if this world were not a big fat stupid hologram we would still not be out of oil. Oil fields replenish themselves in a matter of years but you never hear that on tv do you? That’s because the Jewish elite don’t want you to hear it. All they want you do to is feel guilty about making several car trips in one day when in fact there is no greater consumer of oil products than the military. Guess who controls our military? The Jewish elite again. Beginning to see the pattern here? There is no global warming. That is just a bunch of Hollywood (Jewish elite control that and openly admit it) tripe to plant subliminal suggestions in our minds so that they can use their black magic to actually cause an environmental catastrophe to occur when one of their sacred dates arrive like year on 9/11/11 and 11/11/11. They used a similar tactic to pull off the first 9/11 although it was largely a failure in its execution. The media did its job and some Americans are still walking around thinking Arab terrorists are hiding behind every corner. There is no Al Qaeda, unless you count the one in your head moron.

Car repairs suck. You never know how much they’re going to be when you take your car in for service. I love the look people have on their face in the waiting room when the attendant comes in asking for them like a loved one has just had surgery and barely pulled through. Even if it’s routine maintenance sometimes they come back with a bill for hundreds of dollars for shit that they claim you need but actually don’t. See what happens to a country when corporations take over? There is no morality anymore. It’s all about the benjamins. They don’t care if you’re an elderly person on a fixed income either. They want your money and they want it now……all of it boy.

Finally tires are not exactly a negligible care expense either. You can get a crappy set for about 200 bucks but if you have low profile tires like me then you will spend at least 400 bucks on a good set. No point in buying cheap stuff either because you’ll be right back in the store after 20,000 miles on those 60,000 mile tires. Isn’t that false advertising? It’s not like most people go off-roading for pete’s sake or take weekend trips every weekend. Hell gas is too high for that! Once again it’s just another example on American the Con. That’s why it’s called the Constitution.

Clearly driving is not a privilege but a price. In fact it’s nothing but a price. The roads in most cities are crumbling. That means you’re likely to be buying tires sooner as well. A privilege is something that you receive that you really didn’t do anything to receive. We do all of this and more just to drive a piece of Satanic symbolism to keeps us further entranced in the Matrix with all the geometric symbolism of traffic signs and the status of owning your own car. From now on it will be known as the price of driving. Anything you do that could land you in jail or prison is definitely not a privilege. Being white is a privilege and that actually keeps you from going to jail or prison.

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  1. where do u drive? Just wondering. I live the U.P. michigan roads are bad. We have snow plows recking our roads most of the year. Our town is based on tourists sad that is is. we all suffer the old school roads they try to replace with old bricks. no jobs. Everyone owns their own businesses. Can’t afford to shop there. Thanks for Family Dollar stores. anyway, just pissed off

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