Ex-Mercenary Day aka Veteran’s Day

November 11, 2010

I don’t care how angry people get when I tell the truth. Veterans are just murderous mercenaries doing the will of the Jewish elite, who have orchestrated every major world conflict since the beginning of this 3D world we call reality. Of course it would fall on 11/11 with eleven meaning death and being one of the favorite numbers of the Luciferians that rule the world (a la 9/11 where nine means fall so fall into death).

Veterans are not heroes. They are war criminals just like the people that give them their evil orders. I don’t want to hear any crap about how we saved the world from Hitler or communism by killing millions of innocents. The end does not justify the means and now global communism is back in full swing anyway courtesy of the elite so all those lives lost supposedly for freedom were all for naught.

Americans are stupid so they won’t believe me when I say Hitler was a Jew but he was and no amount of ignorance can change that fact. We have all been historically “had” by the elite Jews. They have fabricated every ounce of our existence from the cradle to the grave and most of us cannot see the forest for the trees. Their plans will come to fruition but ultimately will not succeed because we are not of this realm. We must return from whence we came and nothing can prevent that in due time.

The other excuse for murder that veterans and military enlistees give is the paucity of jobs in industries that have been outsourced or eliminated. Let me get this straight. You cannot find a job in your Midwestern hometown and your manhood is lacking so you think it’s ok to go slaughter black, brown, yellow and sometimes other white people just because you want to feel like a man and get a small paycheck? That’s a crime folks. I don’t care who endorses murder. It’s still murder and violates every known international law. Of course law means nothing to the elite. Laws are for us to follow and for them to fabricate toward their own goal which is accumulation of wealth and enslavement of mankind.

It is no less fitting when veterans come home only to be ignored and mistreated by the country they vowed to protect. You do not protect your country by slaughtering foreigners who have been demagogued by Jewish media propaganda. You play into the hands of the global elite. You are putting their system into place and further solidifying their strangle, death-grip hold over humanity. You are a pawn and for a cheap price too.

Veterans get what they deserve unless they come back alive and unscathed. Hopefully something else will take them out before their next your of duty. Go ahead and buy that Call of Duty Black Ops game for your kids too so they can prepare themselves for a lives of dutiful slaughter of women and children as the blood sacrifice of the Luciferian elite. I’m sure they will make you proud. While you’re at may as well use God to justify it too so you can sleep at night and thank Jesus that Satan keeps you safe.

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