No False Flag on 11/6/2010. Maybe 11/11/2010?

November 8, 2010

Since there was no Mossad-sponsored false flag terror attack on the US on this past Saturday at 5:04pm some are probably going back to sleep thinking the elite will wait until next year on 9/11/2011 when the Great Flood of the west coast has been predicted. I think that’s foolish. We all know the obsession the Jewish elite have with numbers, particularly the odd numbers seven, nine and eleven. I had my doubts about 11/6 because they rarely use sixes because it’s an even number plus every one knows about the 666 Antichrist number so it is not as powerful when we are conscious of it. Also a six can be an upside down nine. Perhaps something will happen on 11/9/10 which is tomorrow. Any date with eleven is always going to be more likely than other numbers so all of these future dates are suspect before 9/11/2011: 11/9/2010, 11/11/2010, 1/11/2011, 7/7/2011, 7/11/2011, and 9/9/2011. The world won’t end on the next 9/11 but many things will, including the vestiges of any American civil liberties which have already largely been eviscerated anyway and the lives of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of Americans. Get away from the coasts folks.

What I did notice was that the date of the Lone Gunman episode that predicted the first 9/11 was on 3/4/2001. That was exactly 192 days before 9/11 took place. In the Simpsons episode that supposedly predicted an event on 11/6/2010 that didn’t happen (or maybe it did and the news didn’t report it?), the fireman that was counting down from five and only got to four before he detonated the nuclear bomb. 5/4 could be a date. If you count the number of days from 5/4 to 11/11/2010 it is exactly 192 just like the gap from the Lone Gunman episode to the first 9/11. That’s not a coincidence. 192 is also 8x8x12 which are important even numbers to the elite. You could also break it up like 180+12=60×3+12=10x6x3+12. 192 is chocked full of their favorite numbers. They may have planted (and in all likelihood did) people to draw our attention to the wrong date. You can never underestimate the devious and convoluted lengths the elite will go to in order to mask their deception. They’re cowards. They cannot boldly state their agenda and demand our cooperation under the threat of force yet but it’s not far away while we continue our obsession with meaningless accumulation of their artificial wealth. That false wealth will all be taken away shortly regardless of how much you personally have.

Of course I hope nothing ever happens in this regard and that the Illuminati are eventually brought to trial for their crimes against humanity. That won’t happen any time soon because they pay our salaries to keep them in power and Americans simply have no imagination or intellect anymore thanks largely to water fluoridation (borrowed from Hitler), public education which is public indoctrination and the infantalizing effect the Jewish-owned media. Don’t call me an anti-semite. Jews admit they own the media and they know they’re poisoning our minds. What do we do about it? Nothing. By the way they also own the porn industry in case you didn’t know. Now you know why you see so many uncircumcised male performers.

Be prepared for what may come in the next days and what most certainly will come in the next few years. Obama is out of the country so it’s a perfect time for them to blow the White House to hell and beyond. That doesn’t mean other targets are not legitimate but it would have to be something bigger than the first 9/11 and The White House definitely fits the bill as do other landmarks and cities around the country. The only thing they need is the symbolism. They gave us the lie of English while they are still speaking in symbols. Americans say bullshit to such a conspiracy and so our demise proceeds completely undetected by the masses. Get ready to be shocked out of your stupor.

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