It Should Be Called Shalloween

October 31, 2010

When will Americans ever grow up? Every year I have a tirade about how Halloween used to belong to the kids but now has been co-opted by infantilist adults who now put the kids to bed just after dark and then proceed to dress up into elaborate costumes, get plastered and then have sex with any warm and willing body in a grotesque yearly role-playing ritual by a bunch of grown children with low self-esteem. This year will be no exception.

Let’s start with the obvious since Americans are slow from having their water fluorinated and not fighting back to get it taken out in most areas out of the country because they actually think it’s good for their teeth by swallowing it. Don’t get me started on that one. Halloween is a huge waste of money. All of the parties and costumes are just money thrown down the well or perhaps the toilet is a better way of putting it. In fact many people will end up throwing up that money down the toilet later tonight.

Second candy is processed sugar with pretty colors (for the kids) and too much processed sugar makes you fat. Let’s not even talk about the high fructose corn syrup that is probably in much of it. The human body doesn’t even know what to do with that stuff because it’s completely unnatural. Now the food corporations have decided to just call it corn syrup so it doesn’t sound so bad but still kills people by clogging their veins and giving them diabetes. Furthermore sugar is an addictive substance. How do I know for sure? I’m an addict myself. I’m quit everything from smoking to red meat but I’ve never been able to let sugar go. That is how powerful of an addiction it is for some people. I even have a six pack under a small layer of flab to prove it from eating too much sugar.

Lastly, Halloween is not a Satanic ritual but it is a Luciferian celebration. Satan is just a made-up name from the Egyptian God Set. It’s also where we get the planet Saturn and where Santa’s name comes from. I could even tell you a story about how Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer is actually a story about Rudy Guiliani and 9/11 but you wouldn’t believe that this conspiracy was going on that long because anything that makes Americans uncomfortable must be untrue.

Lucifer is the one that created this world. A good God had nothing to do with it. Humans don’t realize that we are God because it’s being blocked by a non-stop trance produced by an ongoing seance of the egregore reptilian race that rules the world. Some of them are Jews and some of them are not but the top tier are all Jews or what we call Jews anyway. They are all descendants of royalty which is why they love the color purple so much. Purple is a combination of red and blue. Red is blood and blue is water. Our bodies were constructed for this 3D physical material world which is why we only have five senses. We think objects are solid but science has proven that they are not. There is literally nothing there but our brains lie to us. Our brains tells us there are solid objects all around us when we try to perceive them using our senses. That means our thoughts are being given to us and that we do not originate them at all. Sucks to be a pawn doesn’t it?

It also means that since we are here in this world as stooges of these Luciferian egregore control freaks that we probably created some bad karma in a previous life that caused us to end up here. Life as a human in 3D is not a gift folks. It is literally one of the lower levels of hell. There are twelve dimensions of space and time and we only have three here because that is the trance construct. Our senses tell us next to nothing about reality. We are being punished here, all of us, for some reason. Hopefully if I continue to meditate and practice yoga then I will begin to recall my past lives so I can see what I did to end up here. Bringing children into world destined for destruction is one of the cruelest things a person can do. Women get to decide whether or not they want to have a baby once they’re pregnant but nothing gives a vote to the unborn to decide whether or not they want to come into existence in this cesspool of Luciferian thought and light manipulation destined for nothing but suffering and false emotional highs and lows created by the thoughts given to us.

If you are born in this realm it tells me one of two things: 1) You were in a better life previously and screwed up which means you had to descend to this lower level from a higher level or 2) You were a real scum bucket in a previous life and this human existence is actually an improvement for you. Either way I’m not asking people believe in reincarnation. It’s true whether you believe it or not just like everything you see, hear, taste, touch and feel are just emotions and electrical impulses your body has been created to receive. When there is no one in the forest to hear a tree fall, it makes no sound. A human has to perceive it to make it real. That is the part stupid Americans will never understand because it begins to get into quantum mechanics and string theory.

It’s too late for humanity to save itself. It’s asking too much to even get everyone on board the obvious truth that Israel’s Mossad did 9/11 with help from Cheney and Chertoff. Even with mounds of evidence at each of the attack sites and events prior to and after 9/11 nearly half Americans still believe it was the fake Al Qaeda CIA creation. Nothing matters like 9/11. The nine is the number of the fall and eleven is the number of sacrifice, not the sacrifice of Jesus who the Jewish elite invented like all other religions, but a human sacrifice. They are happening right now all over this country and world. Wonder why kids always disappear at Disney and all over the country? The reptilian inbred Jewish elite sacrifice them and then absorb their power.

It’s all about blood and sex rituals folks. The Matrix was not a metaphor. We are literally in a computer program at this very moment that is being sustained by an ancient trance state that the reptilians learned how to create from the Egyptians. 9/11/2011 next year is the end of the Hebrew calendar. That’s right it’s been 6000 years since the beginning of the Hebrew calendar on that date. Coincidence? Hell no. You thought y2k was back in the year 2000 didn’t you? So did most people because Americans are idiots who don’t read. You can see the subliminal suggestions coming from TV and Hollywood on a daily basis. We have earthquakes here, floods there, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornados and erratic weather in general. This is no accident and it’s not global warming or climate change. It’s the egregores using their media influence to plant these suggestions in our minds so that we create the disaster for them to kill most of humanity. They know we is on the verge of waking up from this slumber so the last and final 9/11 will be their final attempt to enslave us. It’s going to be a doozie too.

What’s going to happen? I think it’s clear that the entire green and environmental movements are designed to plant suggestions that there is a global environmental disaster about to occur. We’ve all seen 2012 (we’ll be lucky to make it that far) and this new flick with Matt Damon called “Hereafter” where floods kill a bunch of people. I haven’t seen the movie yet. I usually get the bootleg so I don’t have to give the Jewish elite any more money than they already have. All of these 3D movies like “Saw” are doing the same thing. 3D allows the elite to more easily plant suggestions in your mind. The beauty of it is you don’t realize they’re doing it but you think you would if they were. You won’t, not unless you’re one of the few like me who are at least partially awake. If you live on any coastline in this country I would suggest that you move your ass inland before 9/11/2011 because we’re going to kill ourselves on that day in one way or another. The reptilians didn’t do it.  They just gave us the thoughts so we could do it to ourselves.


  1. You are a danger to society.

    • Thank you. I take it as a compliment. Every citizen should be a danger to their government’s attempt to usurp their freedom.

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