The Racial Myth of Asian Superiority

October 16, 2010

Every time I see a commercial on tv or a web site for a major corporation and they have actors or real employees going about their daily routine they are almost always Asian (as in epicanthic eye folds, not slanted) or Indian (who are also Asian but don’t have epicanthic eye folds). For now I’m only referring to Asian as in mostly Chinese or Japanese. Of course it also includes Vietnamese, some Koreans even some darker-skinned Asians like Laotians, Cambodians, Filipinos, etc.

There’s the obvious argument that the lighter you are the smarter Americans assume you are. That is just white supremacy. Since Asian kids are outperforming white kids all over the country and world, especially in California, light-skinned Asians have been granted honorary memberships as whites. White people love Asians because it makes them feel like they’re not racist when still hating blacks and Mexicans.  Of course we also know how white women love Asian men for their wealth and white men love Asian women for the myth of their passivity and traditionalism. All that comes from the Vietnam and Korean Wars where American servicemen routinely raped Asian women whenever they got horny. Now they want to call it “yellow fever” because white American women are hardly seen as having long term mating potential anymore because of their corruption by feminism and consumerism.

What all of this ignores is two things: 1) Asian kids grow up in a culture that values family, culture, education and the like, at least until they get westernized and turned into a bunch of fat, chain-smoking, Slurpee slurpin’, video-game playing, brain-dead, alcoholic, porn-addicted, anti-depressant-taking consumers like most Americans and 2) Asian culture is largely a reflection of the people that migrated there from Africa long ago.

Let’s start with the second point. How can you claim Asians are superior to whites and blacks are inferior to whites when Asian is really borrowed and stolen African culture? You can’t. Americans don’t know history and even if they did whites would deny anything that didn’t paint them in the best light possible. Martials arts, cuisine, music, philosophy and religion are just a few things that Asian got from Africa. Now of course China is stripping Africa of its resources but staying out of any colonial conflicts. The Chinese are also moving back to South Africa in droves because that is where many of them are from. If you don’t know history you don’t know anything. If you look at the Mandarin language or even Japanese dialects you will see the similarity between them and African languages. The similarities are even more stunning when you compare female and male names. It’s clear what happened here, just like whites trying to falsely claim Egypt as a European country even though it’s in Africa, so too have the Chinese ignored their African heritage. Why do you think they hated it so much when Obama paid them a visit?

On my first point Asian kids come to America un-Americanized and that always always gives them a headstart on other races but just because they have larger brains doesn’t make them smarter. I know some very intelligent Asians and some dumb ones but Asians benefit from a positive stereotype that they are ALL smart which couldn’t be further from the truth. The only positive stereotype that blacks people have is big penises for the men and big asses for the women. I won’t lie though. Ask most inner city black males what they think about stereotypes and they’ll say they prefer Onkyo, Aiwa and Sony. Those are all Asian companies. Ahhhh the irony of it all……….


  1. “white women love Asian men for their wealth”?? Not in the real life, Maybe in your dream. And usually white women aren’t attracted to Asian men in the first place.

    • Just because it’s not true for you doesn’t mean it’s not true in general. White people are bored with each other. You may pretend otherwise but the first thing whites want to do for vacation is go somewhere to see people of another race and what a real culture is like instead of one that worships money and war. In fact I could write an entire book about how white people hate each other but project that hatred onto blacks and other nonwhites. The media makes it look like blacks don’t love our children and each other when in fact it’s whites that don’t love their children and each other by allowing kids to do whatever they want whenever they want. A loving parent demonstrates discipline. Every time I turn on tv all I see is Dr. Phil trying to help white parents deal with their children but you never see blacks on that show. The Jewish media destroyed the black family first by destroying the black man and then the woman followed. When that worked they unleashed it on whites and that also worked.

    • That will change as the Asian century starts its inevitable march! Get used to it! There will come a time when an A-list Hollywood female star is hitched with an Asian guy and the time is sooner than we think! 😀

    • yeah and BTW make fun of the culture because all the awesome great swaggger white kids think hitlers a hero, and the kkk is their tribe, and supeiorty above EVERYTHING is cool. message to all you fools out there “Suck it!, there’s more of us, your intimidated, we see western culture as more peaceful, you don’t like us being here taking yur space- and furthermore, you hate how were developing our own “cool swagg ghtetto thug life obey cool shit too” get over yourselves, we are humans too, theres this wierd disturbing chain : (hate on blacks, then mexicans, then blacks and mexicans are cool, then pick on asians which is the new black) I’ve heard a kid answer me this once, so i asked “wait, you hate black people, but you love rap?” well gee? where does rap come from? oh yeah! black people haha im so smart!”- what any sterotypical fag would say. is it ignorance? or just hate? Do asains intimidate you? why? our history? just because Japan screwed up and destroyed you guys,just because you lost Vietnam, doesn’t make the rest of asia suck. It’s now our faults that Nazi’s are F#%$ed up in the head, and many parts of Asia are too.

  2. You seem highly unintelligent and inarticulate.

    • And you have proven that you are with that statement. Go find another blog if you don’t like this one. I don’t exist to live up to your standard Mr. Grapes of Wrath and no one is forcing you to read it. You don’t even have the guts to tell me what you are referring to.

  3. The slight variations in average intelligence is nutrition and an education focused childhood. All factors proven to increase intelligence. Intelligence is not a factor in the race wars.

    It is our imperitive to view our group (based on VISUAL similarities) as superior.

    You should be less concerned about who is superior, but who is going to die as a result of this inevitable conflict. Who has the power to FORCE superiority. In this respect the Chinese are well positioned to fuck other races over. The world owes them trillions of dollars in debt. These debts must be paid. When paid other economies will suffer (America’s economy primarily which owes China 1.6 trillion dollars). At this point they have effectively reigned superior.

    HOWEVER, no race will ever view themselves as inferior and the war will go on. THIS here is part of the race war. Humanities neverending struggle for superiority. I would say just accept everyone as equal.
    But you know that’s never going to happen.

    • I agree wholeheartedly but it’s not me who is focused on who is superior. I had no part in the creation of the myth of Asian intellectual superiority. It was created by Europeans, some Jewish and some not. I do believe that many whites have an innate inferiority complex which is why they fell for the Jewish creation of white supremacy that ultimately destroyed America. Now the media is set to destroy the myth they created because it no longer serves their purpose to divide and conquer. They have divided and they have conquered. Game over.

      I merely pointed out, as you also astutely did, that genetic Asian intellectual superiority is complete and utter fallacy. It is the Asian focus on education that makes them excel in spheres of learning. That is grossly missing from the Prussian education system in America forced on us by the elite to dumb us all down and turn us into corporate slaves who pay their taxes without questioning how they are spent.

  4. I believe that we are all beautiful beings, which seem to the eye that we are seperate and different…but if you listen to the inner self and realize what seperates us is only the way we think and perceive the world…Positive and Negative views of our world and people of this world. Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, BUT TO FIND OUT WHO WE ALREADY ARE AND BECOME IT…

    • Yes but like I said Chinese and Japanese benefit, whether you want to or not, from positive stereotypes (outside of sexual) because you are closer to white than other Asians and people of color. That makes it easier for you to succeed in today’s economy, regardless of your own culture’s traditions. Most of the Asian culture comes from Africa which is why Obama (a terrible and evil president) was so inhospitably received by the Chinese. Like the Jews the Chinese are historical plagiarists.

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