Getting and Keeping Women: Ignore Them and Threaten To Leave

September 16, 2010

I’ve never really been in to chasing women and for good reason. It doesn’t work. When I used to try it I would inevitably fail because today’s women hate being pursued. It’s a turn-off unless they feel like they have something to gain that other women don’t have. In fact women enjoy it when men ignore or marginalize them. Women say they hate it when men play games but there is no other way to get and keep a woman because there are very few women out there that understand the motivations behind the choices they make in men. They cannot control the biological factors inside ALL of them and that is the source of the male’s greatest strength. The media today is a huge negative influence but it also reaches women who don’t watch tv or read magazines. How? They all have friends that do!!! And they bring the media’s toxic influence into the lives of the people who normally wouldn’t be infected by it. Forget what women say. They don’t know what they want so how in the hell could they possible articulate it with words? It’s just a distraction to get men off course. Of course there will be some women you cannot get into bed or take advantage of  because they already have some pussy-whipped chumps at home with money or drugs, so just move on to the majority who can be exploited for your gain.

Now you have to at least put yourself in female surroundings to do this since sitting at home doesn’t work but when women are around just don’t pay them much attention. Pay them what I call incidental attention. If you’re at a sports bar then watch the game. If you’re at a dance club then talk to your buds. Don’t overdo it. You have to at least make eye contact so they know that you know they’re alive. Women love it when men have other things to do that we consider more important than seeing them naked. It makes you mysterious to them. Never tell women everything about you. They’ll immediately lose interest and you’re through. You have to pique women’s interests so they’ll “peak” your you know what. It’s the opposite of what they say they want but women are actually not lying. They really do not know what they want! And they don’t understand how the female instinct overrides rationality and logic. Every woman I meet these days says they are different from the rest. How is that possible when they all exhibit the same self-destructive behavior save the few exceptions to the rule? Women want men to think they’re different from the rest at first encounter but they rarely are. They want to snag a man who subconsciously appeals to them at a genetic level so that in case they get pregnant the kids will come out tall or attractive or talented or whatever they consider genetically appealing. Women don’t even realize they are operating at this level. It’s how advertisers hook women into becoming shopaholic. Women do not understand their own physiology so take advantage of it.

Now once you have the woman, whether it’s a girlfriend, wife or regular booty call, you still have to put your own needs first. It sounds cruel but would you rather be one of those whipped cuckolds that you see walking around who are mad at work every day because their wife completely dominates every aspect of their lives? I think not. Once you have been in a relationship for a few months or years, whether it’s sexual only or not, you have to let women know that if they don’t play by your rules then you will split and never come back. That’s right. Pull their card. There is nothing women hate more than being alone so take advantage of their insecurities and put them in their place for trying make a monkey out of you. If it’s going to be in her favor or yours wouldn’t you rather it be in yours? I thought so. Another thing is women hate having to start all over finding a mate when they have invested so much time in a guy. They dread the very thought. This is NOT being mean or evil. If you allow women then they will do the same thing to you and then tell you it wasn’t evil or immoral at all. They would consider it self-interest because that’s exactly what it is when it comes down to it. If you don’t put yourself first then women will put themselves first. It’s not that different with kids either because regardless of what anyone says, male humans are NOT wired for monogamy. We can choose monogamy but it is NOT our natural instinct to stay with the same woman for life. Sorry ladies. It’s just NOT and actually I’m not sorry. That doesn’t make us players or pigs or dogs any more than it makes some women skanks, sluts and hoes when they sleep around. It makes us whatever evolution decided we needed to be to populate the earth and survive as a species. Your parents’ genes also had some minor input but it’s mostly environmental after birth folks.

When it comes to women do NOT follow your instinct. Your instinct is wrong when it comes to the so-called modern woman. The modern woman is the exact same as our mothers and grandmothers on the inside but on the outside she’s a vicious manipulative vampiress. If you allow women they will destroy your entire life and everything that you hold dear. You have to stand up to them or else they will never respect you and where there is no respect there is no sex or peace. Most women would rather have a man they fear than a man that treats them with respect. The bad boy syndrome is in full effect and you can have all the women in the world as long as you don’t treat any of them like they’re special. That’s why only a small percentage of males in the world get over 90% of the sex. They have mastered the art of exploiting the insecurities that are built in to all women whether it’s the fear of being fat or ugly or whatever. I bow to them. They are like the guys on horses at rodeos that chase the calves down and hog-tie them in record time. If a woman wants to leave you then open the door for her. She’ll be back for more later. Women are revolving doors. This is not about morality. All men need do is what serves our interests. Forget religion and forget morality. Women do the exact same thing. Take advantage of them to get what you want and then decide whether or not you want to throw them out for another one. It’s best to have backups anyway. Show them no mercy and no weakness. They don’t want it regardless of the empty words that come out of their pouty little mouths. Take your power back from women using any and all means necessary. Women love liars. Never tell them the truth. They hate it but they don’t realize they hate it. You never get anywhere telling women the truth. Keep them in an emotional prison and you can have whatever type of sex you want whenever you want it.

For all the angry bitter femi-nazis out there that do not understand the place of the man or the woman just save your comments. I do not have mother issues. I love my mother very much. Your unqualified meaningless phony diagnosis of any real or imagined issues on my part serves only to make you think that I am some anomaly. The fact is every guy I’ve spoken to about this has full agreed with me. They just lie to you women and you are stupid enough to believe it. Let’s just keep the fantasy alive where women actually believe they are in control of something. Men know the truth.


  1. Yeah this is mild satire to say the least. I’ve found over the years that nothing terrifies women more than being alone. You don’t have to understand anything else about why women stay in horribly abusive relationships than that. Women prefer bad company over no company at all. It’s not complicated. Women are not complicated.

    It doesn’t even have to be a romantic relationship either. It can just be their girlfriends. I know people who absolutely hate the people they call their friends. Why hang out with them then? People hate being alone. I’m different though. I prefer being alone than with a bunch of androids that worship Hollywood celebs, paper money, fame, meaningless corporate careers, gas guzzling cars, big houses and overpriced vacations. They appreciate nothing about the world in and of itself. To them it is nothing more than the construct of their Matrix. Americans will never understand the meaning of life and for that they must continue to pay whatever exorbitant dues is levied on us by the elite who love nothing more than sitting back and watching their little social experiments take on minds of their own.

  2. only stupid insecure bitches fall for this…if you want a pretty shithead go ahead. you just want to screw her anyway. trouble is you’ll get bored of her and never be satisfied. its a lonely life hopping from bed to bed and when you’re 40 and lost your looks you will only have regrets and no nice woman to cuddle with your old-ass. smart, sexy women are with strong men that treat them well…you don’t have to be a jerk. otherwise she’s walking out the door for sure. and trust me she’ll be the one that got away 😉

  3. I love articles like this.

    It makes it way easier for women to: ignore/humiliate men who approach them.
    use guys for drinks and money.
    cheat on guys
    upgrade their bf/husband

    The best cheat and have men raise kids that’s not theirs. Part of evolution yay!

    Women know what they want just that men can’t give it to them.

    Men like that rarely exist.

    How many guys are attractive & nice? lmfao most guys who are nice are ugly at best they are average.

    Add in interesting, funny, exciting and you’re going into lala land.

    Love your article it’ll keep way way more women looking for their best interest.

  4. I love this article. I wish there were more like this one. A man telling it like it is. Great!!! All my life women have been toying with men’s minds. Making men whimps and pulling them around by their noses for the sex. I have seen all these great and intelligent and highly moral girls go out with the biggest thugs. Every beautiful woman is hooked up with some scum bag. Beautiful women stand on corners, selling their bodies, collecting the money, and giving it to some God awful Pimp. How do these guys do it? The answers are in what is stated above. I tried to be the nice guy, the caring guy, saved my money, went to church, learned how to be chilvarous, open the door for the lady, not curse, get the nice high paying job, be soft spoken and do the right thing. What happened to me? Women just walked all over me. Took all my money, property and respect. Then one day, I decided to be an Asshole, just for the hell of it. It was a hard thing for me to do. They say its being the Alpha Male. I say, its being the Asshole male. Being a man! Then guess what? Women were falling all over me. It got to the point to where I got sick of women. The more I ignored them, the more they came on to me. I can’t understand it, and I guess I never will. I guess it is like in the animal world. Many animals don’t go out and date, they just take what they want and leave. Its ashame that society has gotten down to this. Its ashame that we live in such a disposable society, an uncaring society, and people only think about their selfish little self. Yes, one can be a kind and decent man, but there are not too many people like this that can survive. What the author has written above is the God honest truth. And the bad thing about it is when you finally get the woman, she will nag you for the rest of your life. The kids will nag you and you find yourself in the poor house. Everything you will do in life with her will be a “Compromise”. It is never exactly what you want, or what she wants. Its all a Compromise. The woman will have you box up all your toys and your ambitions and you will be sitting on a couch like Al on “Married with Children”, all washed up, as a shoe sales man, with a beautiful wife beating you over the head and a bunch of worthless kids putting you through the wringer. Yeah, there are some successful relationships on this planet, but I bet you can count them all on just one hand. Ignore the woman….be a man!
    My hat is off to the author of this topic!!!

  5. @bill

    Bill here states ” All my life women have been toying with men’s minds.” yet he only talks about beautiful women.

    I’m guessing Bill is yet another disillusioned guy who is average at best but thinks because he is a “nice guy” that the women he is attracted to should overlook their lack of attraction for him and date him because he’s nice. Something he wouldn’t do for the non beautiful and ugly girls.

    As for Bill’s “it’s all a compromise”.

    Boo hoo you had to be a jerk to get the beautiful women that were attracted to thugs that you liked. Being a woman is a compromise.

    You have to be young & attractive or you’re worthless.

    You have to be attractive to get a partner unlike men who can get a partner relying on their character & personality. It may not be the most beautiful girl but they can get a partner.

    Sex is a duty/chore an obligation you owe to him rather than a pleasurable act. Forget about orgasming because there’s only a 30% chance of that with vaginal sex and if you do orgasm even with foreplay in relationships the womam orgasm less than half the times the guy does.

    What’s a shame is how society looks down on women without men in their lives. Honestly society would be better if monogamy and relationships weren’t seen as the end all be all for women.

  6. WOW!! Please leave your contact info so I can date you, seriously!! What woman doesn’t like to be subjected to this type of idiocy, we are all lined up so come an’ get it 😀
    All sarcasm aside, I doubt this same author would openly share his mentality in a room full of women. Clearly, women intimidate him or he wouldn’t feel the need to disguise his hatred of what he cannot control.
    The reality is, no matter how mean or nice you are, the game of love is tricky for both sexes. It is part of the human experience, and there are no victims. Ladies have common stories of being nice and getting screwed over by selfish jerks, and so do guys. I think the problem is too many people take it personally, and take it out on their next partner. Let’s all end the cycle of insanity and start taking a hard look at ourselves! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and not be disgusted with myself for how I hurt others. I refuse to justify being a jerk to guys just because I got hurt in the past! I think guys should try to do the same.

    • Nothing is going to change. Women love idiots, thugs and losers…..especially the best looking ones. You can deny it if you want but it’s all around us in every major city in this God-forsaken country. You are likely no exception. It may have happened in the past or it may happen in the future. Women cannot control your emotions. You get brainwashed by the TV and media or by your friends who watch it and it’s all downhill after that. Then you all jump on the feminism bandwagon which was invented to destroy the family and it worked. Women refuse to take not only a look at themselves and their negative self-destructive behavior but the malicious intentions of the media elite who do this to destabilize society and keep us all financially, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually enslaved. Women always say they are the exception to the rule but I’ve never met one that was and I’ve met thousands.

      The piece was meant to be satirical but obviously that went past you. It must have struck a cord in your personal life. Like I said nothing will change. I can’t stand Jay-Z and that bimbo wife Beyonce but he was right once when he said “Once a good girl’s gone she’s gone forever” and American women are gone forever. They can’t cook. They can’t raise kids without driving the father away. They choose terrible fathers. They are insecure. Many are hooked on drugs and alcohol. Almost half of American women will at some point in their lives be on anti-depressants. That speaks volumes. Women are miserable and it’s because you did it to yourselves.

      First the feminists told you that you were miserable being a housewife. Then they told you to get a career to make your own money and that you don’t need a man for anything except sperm donation. When are women going to stop letting people define them and start thinking for yourselves? If women want to be a housewife they shouldn’t feel embarrassed about that. If a woman has children her career should take a back burner until the kids are at a certain age. This is just common sense to me but women don’t get it. Men don’t want women that act like men. That would make all of us gay. We want women that know how to be women. You can’t undo tens of thousands of year of evolution in a few years or decades. Women have a role and men have a role. Women have forgotten theirs because they see it as inferior when in fact it is simply complementary to that of the man.

      This won’t be fixed because women refuse to change. They just want MORE MORE and MORE of everything without any increase in responsibility. They want to have a kid and then let society largely take care of it so they can go back to the club and find the next loser that looks like their favorite celebrity off TV. The worst ones are those who pretend to be good women because they know good women are such a rare commodity but they show their true colors soon enough. These are the ones that are in the club on Saturday and then in the front pew in church on Sunday. Women have lost their intuition and you will not get it back…….not in this life. It’s every man for himself now and men want revenge. Our revenge is already happening though because women are self-destructing right in front of our own eyes. All we can do is sit back and watch what happens.

      • Wow, once again I stand corrected. But I have some great news for you…there is hope! Some of us ladies, like myself, are totally comfortable with sacrificing careers temporarily to serve their families at home. I have two special needs children, and I can’t be bothered with a career right now, even though I enjoy school and working with people. I am not fat, ugly, or insecure. I am quite smart and pretty. Yet I do not dig for gold, chase jerks, and dont go out to clubs, bars, or many social gatherings for that matter. I am also a sexual abuse surviver, which occurred when I was three years old. Yet somehow, I was able to have meaningful relationships, date decent men, marry a decent guy, and live a decent life without deception, manipulation, or psychotic behavior to control others. AMAZING ITS A MIRACLE!! Yet, I totally understand your cynical point of view. There are some pretty evil ladies out there. Going to an extreme and giving up hope on the entire female population is not really…what’s the nice way of putting this…intelligent. Seriously, it’s a bit like going up to your own mother and calling her various names that I won’t say, and telling her she is worthless when she GAVE YOU LIFE. LOL, Please, for your own health, lighten up

  7. Reading this, I searched myself for the traits described. I would hate to be these things and I might be a bit dominating but I think I get irritable at times and have my say if my man was ever being unfair, dismissive, cagey, dishonest, destructive to themselves or others or disrespectful to me or others. After a number of men and three abusive ones that when I wanted to leave them, threatened me and tried to kill me (I attracted psychos and actually had a bodyguard after leaving one of them), I found the perfect man who I even left once because he kept drinking and going off his head, but he didn’t threaten me when I left. He just kept being nice to me. When we divorced he said I can have everything, I said no you have everything, so it was straightforward divorce and we were still friends. For 10 years before, I urged him to quit drinking as his liver was fucked and he was aggressive but he wouldn’t. Eventually, something made him just quit drinking, that’s been for a year now. We are back living together. I like to do everything for this man in support, as I did with every other one of my partners and their kids but I did not feel supported, safe and happy with the other guys. If I get stressed, my man will crack a joke and make me laugh, like hurry the fuck up you’re driving so slow, he’ll say ja, I’ll nearly be in reverse soon. He knows my nervous outbursts are shortlived. If I talk which isn’t that much, he tries to listen more. I can see he adores me and no longer takes his work stress out on me. Our respect and love is increasing but it took time. I think of what he likes, what he wants and if he’s tired, make things comfortable and quiet. He brings things he knows I like, like Alpro milk or sushi. This guy impresses me in so many ways being his own man, doing his own thing but with much greater respect to me, and it wasn’t his status and money because I divorced him knowing he was wealthy. But now, we are thinking of remarrying as a celebration of our growing adoration for the last 14 years. I’m glad we never burned bridges to get back to each other. And I’m glad he’s not a psycho because that is heartbreaking and scary when you give your all and things go downhill but are trapped. I feel lucky to be alive and realise that there are some wonderful men out there, or at least one, mine.

  8. This is a very sad article. Life is way to short to blame anyone or anything. We all come from women, biologically we all start out that way as a matter of fact. I’m sorry that you have spent all of your energy in life sending out negative vibes, and gotten only that in return. No mystery there. Your opinions on life are a confession of your character after all. Life is a game, love is the prize. You better change the way you play, dying alone sucks.

    • This article was satire but it’s still true. Women love losers because they have low self-esteem and are able to “rule” lowlifes with ease thanks to Jewish feminism designed to destroy the family. We ALL die alone. There is nothing but God. We are a dream in its mind. Matter just feels real because our five senses were designed to detect those frequencies. You are shallow. I love everyone and in the end, everyone will love each other back because it is the only way back to God.

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