How Did Egypt Do It?

August 25, 2010

Historians love to gloss over the fact that Egyptians were so advanced and the fact that we haven’t even caught up to them thousands of years later. How is that possible? Historians generally give them credit for everything they did but then try to label them as Europeans per the global white supremacy dialectic.

I have five theories about the Egyptians and how they accomplished the magnificent things they did so long ago,¬† many of which still remain a mystery to modern archaeologists and engineers. One or more of these has to be true and I’m leaning toward the first and second.

1) Egyptians seem like geniuses because we’re modern day idiots living in the Matrix and we would be much more advanced than them if most of us were not being confined to this materialist, empty existence of capitalism.

I do think that human growth has and is being retarded by mystical forces like the Illuminati who understand much more about the spiritual realm than the average idiotic American who believes whatever they have to believe to be accepted by family and so-called friends. We are literally and figuratively in a Matrix that confines our thoughts to the material realm. It’s done with tv, money, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. We don’t see it because we are fettered in the words of Buddhism. We don’t want to let go of the physical things that bring us comfort but they are the mental prison that is keeping us in this condition. Perhaps 1/11/11 or 11/11/11 next year will free us or at least open the door.

2) Egyptians were actually light years ahead of modern day technology by the advanced nature of their spirituality.

To a spiritual person anything is plausible. Most humans think science and the supernatural are so different because of our limited understanding but once you begin to see, really see, reality for what it us everything opens up to you naturally. You don’t have to get twelve PhDs to know the answers. This is one of the most important things the elite want to keep hidden from us.

3) Aliens visited the planet and gave technological aid to the Egyptians or did it themselves and left Egyptians here as guardians.

Who knows? I’ve heard stories about the Annunaki, giant almost immortal beings that look like us that may have created us to mine gold for their distant planet. Maybe that’s why all the gold at Fort Know is gone and all the gold from 9/11 disappeared. Think about it. Humans evolved from monkeys in a few million years? We act like we know how evolution works. We act like we know how long it takes. We don’t. In fact evolution may not even be real. That doesn’t mean religion is either though. It means they’re both useful lies to those in power.

4) Egyptians themselves were a non-human advanced alien race themselves who may or may not still be living amongst us.

This could very well be the case but we’ll never get their DNA analyzed because the elite know the truth and don’t want us to because knowledge is power. They have to keep us in this confined little box they call the Matrix. Something is not right folks. Why fake all the UFO’s and crop circles? There is something out there very close to us that the elite keep hidden from us that would free our minds from these prisons of five day work weeks and subsequent weekends of drunkenness, empty and meaningless sex and getting high. Do you believe? Are you willing to die for those beliefs? Most can answer no to both of those. We are addicted to the false reality.

5) What we know about the Egyptians is all lies, maybe even their very existence.

The elite are master liars. There is no guarantee they didn’t make all of this up but I doubt it because my feelings do not lie. Neither do yours once you learn how to fine tune them and interpret them. Let go of attachment to all things and all people and embrace love for humanity as one entity. Once you fall in love you begin to crave for it to last forever. It won’t. You cannot see the truth after you fall in love. Once you have children you crave their safety and success. They can easily die or be killed. You cannot see the truth after you have children. You have to let it all go but you’re actually letting nothing go. We’re just souls trapped in bodies on loan from nature. We’re scientific experiments. There is no good. There is no evil. There is no only truth and delusion/illusion. Nothing you think matters actually really does. Everything is energy, positive or negative but not good or evil. That’s how they keep you asleep in the Matrix just like the movie. You’re a slave. Wake up and save yourself. Just remember there is no self.

Because of white supremacy the whole Egyptian debate has become racialized. Whites say Egypt is close enough to Europe and Egyptians had enough European facial features to be considered European. This is obvious bunk since it’s white people that divided up the land of the planet and named it accordingly. Egypt is in Africa and that in and of itself makes Egyptians Africans. End of story. White people actually screwed themselves on that one.

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