The Brainwashed Victim Mentality of Zionist Non-Elite Jews

August 20, 2010

I am so tired of non-elite Jews, secular and otherwise, who have been brainwashed since childhood to believe that Jews are all victims and that they are God’s chosen people via the New Testament authored by the Jewish elite themselves. First of all these people are lied to about the Holocaust, a fictional event. Hitler never targeted Jews for mass extermination. Even if he had Germany could never have afforded to round them up and exterminate them because Jews had bankrupted the country through their usurious financial practices. It is clear from video footage the so-called death camps were nothing but altered labor camps used to reinforce the entire charade that lives on today through Christian guilt.

Second the real Jews are the black Hebrews that wrote the Old Testament of the Bible. They left Africa and translated it for the Greeks. They stayed in Canaan over 400 years and blended with whites losing their dark complexion but maintaining their African names and facial features. These are the real Jews, not the European Khazarian Ashkhenazis that claim to be the Israelites of the Bible who took advantage of an opportunity to co-opt Christianity and Judaism for their evil plans. These phony Jews running over government, media and the porn industry converted to Judaism around 420 AD because they had to pick a religion or else be conquered by neighboring tribes. They don’t even adhere to any of the tenants of true Judaism. That’s why they invented the Talmud and the Kabbalah to insert their own Satanic practices and rituals into the religion and permanently corrupt it like they did when they wrote the New Testament of the Bible.

There is no law against being a dumb ass or being brainwashed from childhood but there should be. When Jewish people and evangelicals refuse to do any homework or research in this area to find out what really happened then they are no better than the Jewish elite that financed the Holocaust fraud and are depopulating the planet as we speak. These people enable the Jewish scumbags in power who work for the Rothschilds to continue their reign of darkness over this planet and all life on it. These Zionist defenders are mere pawns. The Jewish elite will slaughter them whenever they need to generate more sympathy and guilt that they can exploit for their own purposes of power and conquest. They mean nothing to the Jewish elite. They are a means to an end…..their own end.

We should support Jews that speak out against Zionism like Norm Finkelstein and the Neturei Karta but even Noam Chomsky speaks out against Zionism and then defends the official story of 9/11 when it’s clear that it was a Mossad operation to start a War on Islam so they could expand their land grabbing in the Middle East via genocide of the Palestinians. That’s what the Jewish elite do. They blame you for something and then they do it to you themselves. They call you an Anti-Semite but in fact they are not Semitic except for some Sephardic Jews. They call you a terrorist but they are the terrorists. They call you a racist but the Talmud says that Jews may exterminate Gentiles for any whimsical reason. I know there are some good Jews that realize how their religion has been corrupted buy they have little voice because the Jewish elite control the media. They even admit it. These traitors to Zionism are quickly silenced, financially ruined, marginalized and sometimes even killed by Mossad. David Cole is still in hiding for his documentary infiltrating the fake death camps wearing a yarmulka and clearly demonstrating they were all props and buildings poorly altered or constructed to appear as death camps. Any fool can see that they are fake.

The real enemy of the Jews is the Jewish elite. Until the non-elite Zionist Jews accept that they are not God’s chosen people they will continue to be used by the elite to garner sympathy for unjust causes. If the fake Jews wrote the New Testament don’t you think they made themselves the chosen people for a reason? They knew it would provide cover for their atrocities until they could come to power using their sayanim and various other infiltration techniques for subverting governments that they have mastered over the years. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is not a forgery or a fraud and spells all of this out in detail. I have no more patience with anyone who wants to defend Israel, a country hellbent on the destruction of mankind and the planet in service to Satan. For once I agree with former illegal president George W. Bush: “If you are not with us, then you’re against us.”


  1. Where have the Jews from the diaspora been carried? also surely some during their stay in Egypt known as Hebrews then may have been dispossessed as slaves by Egyptians/few remnants left behind? These are the pre-diaspora Israelites.
    Although surely God accepts all peoples, Jewish included as his own sons and daughters according to their faith in the one God. In “Kings” he rejects all the seed of Judah and then Israel. This is physical only so that the new covenant can be instituted.
    Yes I too support the views of the Naturei Karta!
    Perhaps this obsession with pure blood Jewish race is another anomaly of the NWO because God accepted Abraham and Ruth who were of different ethnicity but were Israelites.

    • All major religions are bunk anyway. All I know is the real Jews are not the Khazarian AshkheNAZIs from western Europe. They are thieves. They are murderers and they are parasites. They enslaved blacks and built their wealth. Neither do I have sympathy for the low level Jews that get brainwashed from childhood to defend Zionism either while being sacrificed to keep the hue and cry of anti-Semitism alive when most Jews are not even Semites. They too must go or else all of humanity will perish.

      The Bible is lies because Lucifer wrote it. Jesus is a lie. Actually Jesus is Zeus or Horus the sun God who brings the light or the lie. The Jews invented Catholicism and Islam as well. It’s all lies. Lucifer wrote the Bible and that means the Jewish elite. Almost everyone is worshiping the very thing their religion says to hate and they have no idea and refuse to listen from childhood brainwashing. Many will be deceived and many are being deceived.

      I believe we are really God when united as one but Lucifer through the Jews is able to block us from seeing what we truly are using light. Lucifer is the light bearer and the Bible says he said let there be light and there was light. Light is deception. The Bible makes perfect sense…….but only if Lucifer wrote it.

  2. God sees through all the evil and deception and no matter that you rail against all religions God knows all his devotees or true believers. I prefer “Spiritual Israel” to Jews and this covers all true believers of the seed of Abraham and those Gentile nations grafted in through the atonement of Jesus. God has his plan for a NEW WORLD ORDER too made up of his children who he loves and respects. God works on the individual level and creates beautiful character that in turn enables us to bless others and so on and so on, but there is pain and suffering. In the end we all blossom with wisdom and have a more discerning eye which has enabled you to see beyond the untruths of religion and politics possibly. Just don’t forget to enjoy life too and to plumb the depths of your soul wherein God can infill your heart with more of his Holy Spirit and Love.

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