Confessions of a Former Thug

July 26, 2010

Wassup bitches? Ya’ll know what it do. I’m bout to drop dis so all ya’ll know where a nigga comin’ from. Man ya’ll bitches today is just mad stupid nah mean? Niggas be just runnin’ thu ya’ll bitches like it ain’t nuttin’ and all ya’ll bitches do is come right back so we can run da train on yo stupid asses all over again. I ain’t mad at ya. I’m just laughin’ at ya. Niggas preesh dat yo. Ya’ll keep da pussy flowin’ and our dicks growin’ so we can’t be mad at dat. I’m just here to let ya’ll dumb ass hoes know dat niggas don’t give a fuck about ya’ll. Ya’ll be watchin’ BET and all dat wack ass Hollywood shit fallin’ in love fo some shit dat ain’t even real. Ain’t none of these fools out here hardly no real thugs. Dey ain’t neva even held a gun or shot nobody or been locked down nah mean? Dese fools just got ya’ll trippin’ on the tv and dick whipped like a pussy ass nigga yo.

Dis how it go down right here for all da stupid ass bitches out dere. We might see yo stupid ass in da mall or at da club or even at church or in traffic. Yeah we do dat too stupid ass. All we got to do is remind you of some retarded rap ass nigga off tv and we got you like dat. You dat simple. First we knock yo asses up when you young and vulnerable. Ya’ll always fall in love wit dat first dick and can’t let go. We got you off da jump. Then we just jet and do it all over again to yo friends, to yo sista if she hot and even to yo damn mama if she got azz!!! Da mo we fuck ya’ll up the mo ya’ll love us cuz yo daddy didn’t give a shit about you neither so you easy pickin’ baby……easy pickin’. Once you pop out our baby  we can come back and hit da pussy wheneva we feel like it wit no strings fa life. Ya’ll be thinkin’ we gettin’ back togetha and shit. Hell naw. We wasn’t neva togetha in da first fuckin’ place. Then ya’ll get mad and say niggas ain’t shit and go right back to fuckin’ niggas like me and most of da time raw doggin’ niggas gettin’ knocked up and burned too half da time since niggas run thu ass like grass. Even when ya’ll get dat degree and jet set ya’ll come right back to us niggas passin’ on happiness fo da thug life. Ya’ll keep it comin’ and we’ll keep ya’ll goin. Dat drama what you need to feel loved.

Ya’ll some simple ass creatures man. We figured ya’ll shit out hundreds of years ago. Ya’ll ain’t gon neva learn and we ain’t gon let you neither. We benefit from yo stupidity so why should we stop playin’ ya’ll hoes? I ain’t gotta take care of none of dem kids I made but dey still mine doe. Ya’ll be so hurt from niggas fuckin’ you over in da past dat ya’ll be livin’ in da past 24/7. Ya’ll be passin’ up on good niggas too. Niggas wit jobs. Niggas wit no felonies. Niggas dat respect ya’ll. Hahahaha!!!!! Ya’ll some dumb ass bitches man!!! Ya’ll fuck da kids up while you fuckin’ yo self up even worse. Den you try to find Jesus like he gonna help yo stupid ass. We up in da church too fool!!! Niggas got a lock on da game and is gon be like dat fa-eva cuz you dumb ass hoes love a nigga dat treat you like yo daddy did. Da shit so simple it’s funny and genius at da same time. Ya’ll bitches can’t even bust no nut with no good dude. Ya’ll be like he gay. Ya’ll need a thug to get dat nut. Ya’ll be waitin on us to leave da club and we done already hit three or fo hoes befo we even get to yo stupid ass. Den you give us money too and let us live dere. We livin’ da life. Bitches are a wrap. Ya’ll weak. Ya’ll can get mad but you can’t change yo life fa shit cuz you hate yo self fa lovin what’s bad fa you. Niggas preesh dat like I said. Tell yo dad we preesh dat too yo. We need dat shit. G’s up hoes down bitches.

This was just satire but you get the point. Anybody can speak the vernacular. It don’t make ’em no thug and it sure as hell don’t make ’em no man. Ya’ll being played for life females. I wonder if heaven got a ghetto?

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