“The Losers”: More Jewish Stereotyping

July 25, 2010

Since I had nothing better to do last night I finished watching “The Losers” (I never make it through a movie in one setting), a story about a group of specially trained American commandos or whatever we call them who were sold out by the US government. Sounds a lot like the A-team doesn’t it? Jewish people have no creativity. That is why everything in Hollywood these days is a re-make or a sequel. Jews are too busy robbing all of us to do anything creative. Plus by feeding Americans the same crap over and over again they keep us in the same mental state of enslavement.

This movie was nothing special of course but the very title I thought was interesting. A group of black guys, one Latino, a goofy white dude (played the Torch in Fantastic Four) and their charismatic white leader all labeled losers. The evil super-villian was named Max and obviously represented the Jews in this movie. He was even environmentally conscience selling sonic destruction weapons to the highest bidder.  This he labeled “green terrorism” since it used only sonic waves and left no radioactive matter afterward. Yes the Jews have made terrorism safe for everyone.Yea!!!!!!!!!

The Losers obviously represent the Gentiles. The darker-skinned black guy was overaggressive and challenged the authority of the white leader. Eventually he even betrayed them all. The white guy was good on computers. The other black guy was shot in both legs near the end and the black betrayer was blown to smithereens for trying to steal all of the money, something typically done by Jews. Fortunately for black people the surviving black guy actually fathers a child at the end of the movie so I guess that makes things even in the mind of the Jewish producer of this tripe. At the same time in white people’s minds it probably reinforced the stereotype that black women are the only ones having babies out of wedlock. Oh and the Latino dude was the sharpshooting ladies’ man and it was implied he had a threesome at one point in the movie. Not a bad role.

Of course there was a black woman who was violent and overaggressive as well. She was the love interest of the white Loser leader. Every time she came to visit him she brought tight shorts, Viagra and a bottle of whiskey. Yeah black women are so easy. You don’t even have to do anything and they’ll just come knocking on your door. Whatever. In the end the mastermind Jew escapes with his life hellbent on revenge after being shot by the Loser Gentile leader. I would say there is a good chance of a part two to this movie, especially since Jews are hooked on sequels. This entire US financial debacle is one huge fucking and sucking sequel. Jews have done this over and over to other countries throughout history and stupid, ignorant Americans let it happen all over again. Sit back and watch Jews tell you what they are going to do next while you think it’s just a movie.


  1. I don’t know if you noticed but Zoe Saldana is always with white men in her movies. And she’s pretty much the only young black actress, hell you can even say black actress period, that gets put in mainstream movies.

    • Yes I did notice her getting her freak on also with the young Captain Kirk in the latest Star Trek rendition. She’s like the 2010 version of Rae Dawn Chong, the daughter of the Chong of Cheech and Chong. She’s obviously a self-hater or either she is paid well to pretend that she is by the Jews in Hollywood. Of course if she is paid that well then she wouldn’t a man for his money. I don’t think she’s that hot anyway. I like the chick from Saved by the Bell, Lark Voohees, a lot more. They favor somewhat but Lark was probably into white guys too being on that show unless she was banging Slater. We know it wasn’t Screech. All of this anti-black imagery is just destroying the black race as it has been for centuries. Technology has made it possible to make the entire world racist now. White people always use it for the wrong purposes…….brainwashing and making weapons to kill people.

  2. I like some of your blog, but you are way wrong on this one. The main villain does not represent Jews it represents White Gentiles. There are plenty of references and symbolisms. I would suggest rewatching the film. In the Losers, the Jew is represented by the While good guy whom is very semetic looking by the way. The film is trying to say that the Jews, and minorities, represented by the good blacks guys, the Latino guys, and Goofy White Guy (whom possibly reps represents Gays) should work together with the Jew to fight against the White Gentile to end White Supremacy before the world is blown up. Not saying I agree or disagree with the film. But as someone whom studies films, this is closer to the truth of the intent of the film. The propaganda of the film could be I guess a means of having minorities think that the Jews are their friends collectively. But I say White Jew or White non-Jew, both practice white supremacy against non-white people, so I don’t swallow the propaganda.

  3. type in the last one,

    I was trying to say the “Good” White guy represents the Jews. The leader of the Losers. He is semetic looking also by no coincidence.

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