The Black Epidemic of Strip Club Addiction

July 25, 2010

I think it’s safe to say that all men like to go to strip clubs. You’re probably thinking that your minister doesn’t or that perhaps monks don’t. Whatever. Men like naked women and there’s nothing wrong with that. The real problem is not men taking advantage of women but women being allowed to take advantage of themselves. Men in strips club don’t take advantage of women nearly as much as the strippers take advantage of them anyway. That is why females strip. They pretend to want to have sex with the men that have the most money and then they don’t. They go back home after work usually to some loser thug wannabee who then spends most of the money on weed, prescription painkillers and alcohol while cheating on them. It’s that simple and I’m not here to address the minuscule minority of women who make their money, graduate from college and don’t have any children by unsupportive loser fathers. There are always a few exceptions.

My question is why are black youth targeted so much by the Jewish-controlled music industry? One thing is clear. If you destroy the women of a race or society then you can destroy that race or society. That is what has happened to blacks left over from slavery in America aka African Americans who are not US citizens even though most of us think we are. Black women have been and are being ravaged by the media. Some of it’s true and some of it’s not but after a while it becomes self-fulfilling prophecy and women start acting out the media portrayal of themselves. This is the purpose of the media in corporate America, to shape opinion, beliefs, attitudes and the general moral zeitgeist. The average American doesn’t know what they really believe anymore. We get it from the tube or from people who also get it from the tube.

Black women have been sexualized ever since being regularly and legally raped during slavery as the property of the white slavemaster. Now black women willingly sell themselves to white men once they give up trying to find a good black man as if we’re some rare commodity. Just because a black man goes to prison doesn’t mean he did anything wrong. Think about that. We are living under the white man’s laws, not the laws of God or just laws. The white man then labels the black man a felon for trying to make a living thereby effectively turning him back into a slave since he becomes an outcast in all areas of American society and forcing him to return to so-called illegal behavior and activities that only worsen the situation. There is no paid debt to society when you are a felon. The paid debt happens when you die.

The Jewish media has complete and utter control of most black people in this country. It is no wonder we have no unity. That is the one thing that Jewish people fear more than anything: black unity. It is why they continuously libel and slander The Honorable Louis Farrakhan. They know he is telling the truth and have to divert attention away from it or else people will start waking up to what has been done to them by the Jewish elite and the Rothschilds of England. Jews love to play both sides though so there is really no way to know if the Nation of Islam is being funded by the Jews as well so they can control the opposition. I hope not but they do that sort of thing all the time.

I’ve known several black males who have an addiction to the strip club. In other words they go every day and night in hopes on scoring another chick in the desperate hopes of validating their masculinity and manhood. Even when they score they end up right back for another one. It never ends. Sometimes they spend money and sometimes they don’t but most of them are just looking for a real connection to a black female because they never had one with their mother. The problem is not the strip club. The problem is American women in general. Women have allowed the media to completely transform themselves and everything about themselves into objects that can be bought and possessed.  The only qualifications for sex these days are a nice body and money, even less when the parties involved are drunk or high. I hear men say all the time that strippers are no different from any other group of American women now. Do you know how profound a statement that is toward what American women have become?

American women deny it all even in the face of the evidence and launch into screeds pretending that they are one of the few exceptions to the rule. If there were so many exceptions there would be no need for the rule in the first place. Black men may enjoy the big booty shaking that is promoted by the Jewish media but deep down they are really looking for their mothers in the strip club. Trust me. You ain’t gonna find her in there. You need to fix the relationship with your real mother if it’s worth it and then look for a woman that has not been completely brainwashed by the corporate media. Their numbers are steadily decreasing so don’t get your hopes up unless you’re willing to move overseas or to Latin America. What has happened to American women is irreversible so nothing is going to improve within our lifetimes. The prediction on all fronts in America is that we are not even close to hitting rock bottom.

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