Hetero-Rejects and Imitation Gays

July 13, 2010

There is a trend sweeping the country and the world. People who would normally exhibit straight behavior are pretending to be gay. Some of them enjoy the so-called gay lifestyle and some of them just can’t manage to attract or land anyone of the opposite sex. Many of these fake gays also call themselves bi-sexual meaning that just in case they find someone of the opposite sex they’re willing to return to the straight fold. Well I’m here to tell you that we don’t want you back. No one is bisexual. That is a ridiculous notion. You either want a penis or you want a vagina. It’s that simple and has nothing to do with genetics.

I used to think that gays were just coming out of the closet making them more visible, and they are, but it’s much more than that. There is a gay agenda being pushed by the Jewish Zionists that own and run this country for the Rothschilds. They know that the more gay people that there are then the smaller the population will be. A small population is easier to control. Even Minister Farrkahan of the Nation of Islam recently said that women are just frustrated by silly immature men who do nothing but play games and as as alternative are seeking comfort in the arms and beds of women. That’s not gay. That’s just sexually and emotionally frustrated and confused. It’s all spiritual confusion too. No one can rebut the argument that if everyone were gay the entire human race would die out quickly because we would be far below zero population growth, much more so than even Europe right now.

The Zionists are poisoning the Gentile reproductive system so we are becoming slowly impotent. I’m sure we have the technology via frozen sperm and eggs to continue life for a long time but what if we don’t get to choose in the future? What is the production of life also becomes a commodity and only the elite are allowed or can afford to have children or clones of themselves? It is fast on the way folks. This is not a joke nor a drill.

The male sperm count has already decreased in recent years by forty percent. Men are being chemically and socially feminized by the gay agenda. There is a movie out now called “Children of Men” where humanity has become sterile but miraculously one black women ends up pregnant and the movie is about how they try to save her and hence humanity. How ironic that a black woman was chosen? Only the Jews that run and own Hollywood would release something so obvious in its implications. Black women are the mother of all life on this planet. Right now they are just angry because they are not getting their emotional needs met because black man have fallen prey to white supremacy but things will change because impermanence is a fact of life. Of course they could get worse or they could get better. Humans are flawed by their narrow lenses of selfish interpretation.

But back to the fake gay people playing both team. Get a grip, just not on me. Get over your personal issues. Get a hobby. No one becomes gay later in life after having had normal happy heterosexual relationships. You are just emotionally damaged goods. Pretty soon these people will be having sex with animals and other mammals, maybe even plants at some point. I can’t tell anyone what to do with their life. I’m straight and I hate what women have become in this country but I still don’t have the desire to have sex with a man, even if I was while approached by a 100% passable transsexual while I was drunk and high. This reminds me of a song by Prince called “Anastesia” off the Lovesexy album, one of his best. One of the lines goes “Have you ever wanted to be with someone so much you’d take anyone, boy or girl?”. My answer to that is HELLO NO I HAVEN’T!!!!!!!

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