Why Do Whites Love Dogs So Much?

June 27, 2010

The more and more I think about it I just cannot get past the similarities that some whites have with dogs, not to mention other animals in general. Here some of the obvious ones they have with dogs. Maybe that explains why they love their pets so much more than other races of humans. Look what happened to Michael Vick? Maybe dog is not man’s best friends but white people’s best friend. Who knows how similar they may be at the DNA level. Many light-skinned Asians also fall into these categories.

1) Dogs and whites have really narrow noses.
2) Dogs and whites love eating raw meat.
3) Dogs and whites are comfortable in colder temperatures.
4) Dogs and whites love anal sex. Many races do now as well because of Jewish domination of the media and porn industry. Does this explain doggy-style?
5) Dogs in the wild and whites are overaggressive.
6) Dogs and whites have similar looking feet. Morton’s toe is common among whites.
7) Dogs and whites have really big ears.
8) Many breeds of dogs have white skin under their fur like white people.
9) Dogs have a pack mentality just like whites.
10) Many dogs and all whites have stringy hair that clumps up when it gets dirty.
11) Dogs and whites are both fearful of anything different from themselves.
12) Dogs and whites have really long tongues. (What is Ozzy Osborne?)
13) Humans develop tails in the uterus and lose them before birth normally but some babies have been born with tails. I don’t know if any of those babies were black but I highly doubt it.
14) Many dogs and whites have high-pitched voices.
15) Dogs will eat anything. So will many whites. Remember that TV show Fear Factor?
16) Whites love dairy more than other races. Dogs also love dairy, especially cheese.
17) Some dogs have green or blue eyes like whites and in dogs those are regarded as genetic defects.
18) Many whites lose their hair as they age just like many dogs. Africans never go bald.
19) Dogs tend to get fleas and ticks. Whites tend to get lice. Blacks don’t get lice.
20) Dogs walks on their toes, not the soles on their feet. Maybe this explains high heels?
21) Whites and dogs seem to both be natural swimmers.
22) This is not a similarity as much as demonstration of camaraderie but whites used to use dogs to track down escaped slaves. Now cops still use them to find escaped so-called criminals.

This is not a coincidence. I don’t know what happened long ago through some freak of nature or otherwise but somehow I believe whites evolved from Neanderthals (which has bee genetically proven) and perhaps wild dogs or wolves who also have the gene for Morton’s toe. Maybe during the evolution of whites it was possible for cross-breeding of species because of how their DNA mutated. Who knows what happened back then or who did it?

Of course today they say it’s impossible because the chromosomes don’t match across species but who ever actually tries to do it? We take too much on faith. Maybe dogs and whites are or were genetically compatible at some point and it’s been hidden from us to perpetuate the myth of white supremacy. It’s almost impossible to prove any of this given our limited genetic knowledge and the fact that almost all whites have at least a few black ancestors, although they deny it to the grave.

We know for a fact that the European elite practice inbreeding so we know that definitely has a negative impact on their psyches. Look at how they behave toward the rest of mankind? There is something here that is not being told or has been buried. Whites always try to lump all races in with the findings of their biological studies when in fact it’s just them. Africans did not evolve the same way whites did. I’ll bet you anything that if there was an in-depth analysis of animal chromosomes compared with whites that there would be a lot more similarities than differences compared with non-white races.

It also makes me wonder why all thees vampire movies have come out recently along with werewolf movies? Even whites agree that Jews are parasites which would make them the vampires feeding off of humans. That means the werewolves, the enemies of the vampires, are actually white people. What is a werewolf? It’s part human and part wolf. A wolf is just a non-domesticated dog in the wild. Once again….more than a coincidence. Canines means dogs and whites used to live in Canaan which is now Israel and part of Lebanon. Maybe that’s why Israel wants all of that land for itself. Think about it. Caucasian means originating near the Caucasus Mountains. The Mountain Jews, also referred to as Caucasian Jews, originated here. Look it up for yourself.

There are hundreds of thousands of hybrids that have evolved over time in nature. I’m merely suggesting that whites appear to be a hybrid of Neanderthals and some other wild animal that continues to express itself genetically toward the detriment of mankind. Black people have genetically mellowed white people so everything on this planet owes us a huge debt for helping whites more quickly evolve from their savage tendencies.


  1. really interesting theory about the jewish vampires and white werwolves, lol. never thought about it like that. its true i treat my dog like a child, wierd

  2. Wow you’re racist. Why do people think it is okay to be racist to white people but not okay the other way around. If I made a post about black people and their similarities to monkeys or asians and their similarities to manikans, or arabs and their similarities to the devil(i dunno) I would be racist oh but its okay for you to say white people are like dogs. well I hope you were in one of my above categories I made them special for you.

    And what are you talking about even the whites agree the jews are vampires or whatever… are you white? dont speak on our behalf.

    • Tell it to my dead ancestors while your ancestors did nothing to save their lives. Right was right then and wrong was wrong then. White people always want to claim some temporal exemption because everyone else was doing the same thing. That basically means your ancestors were cowards if they were too selfish or racist to stand up for the rights of all people of color. Black people cannot be racist under white supremacy. The only thing we can be is prejudiced and our prejudice is well warranted. If white people want blacks to forgive them then pay reparations for the crimes of your ancestors and the crimes that you continue to commit to this very day. Also stop doing it to us. Black people are basically political prisoners in this country with no land here, no land in Africa and little money for mobility.

      It has already been proven that whites and only whites are genetic descendants of the violent, aggressive Neanderthal. The rest is mere speculation on my part because of the similarities between dogs and whites. The reason whites say that blacks are porch monkeys or blame the fake disease AIDS of African green monkeys is because deep down they know where they came from. They project their own issues onto black people. White people are doomed. Every major religion on the planet has predicted it except Buddhism. Your time is almost up and it’s time to pay the bill for your crimes against humanity. You’re still a racist if you’re not ok with a racist system but do nothing to change it. Time to pay the piper for turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the misery and suffering of people of color all over this planet. The more you hurt nonwhite people they more you hurt yourself so just keep it coming.

      • As a non-white person I feel that I have the responsibility to inform you that you’re a F*&@ing idiot. Who do you think the whites got their slaves from in Africa? Guess what, it was other black people. Yes, it was other black people that were at the beginning of the supply chain of human cargo. So go seek reparations from from them as a starting point. They were usually captives taken from raids of other tribes that would have otherwise been killed in tribal warfare so figure where they were better off. Dead or having the chance of living being sold off as a slave. I’m not saying slavery was a good thing but its definitely better than being dead.

        Most of the crap you wrote sounds a lot like Hitler’s point of view on races. Just substitute the word African for Arian. I think you might be the first black NAZI. Your parents must be so proud.

        Not only are your comments offensive to most anyone but theyre also offensive to dogs. Oh by the way my next door neighbors on both sides who are black and own their own homes love their dogs.

        FYI, HIV is descended from SIV which is common among monkeys from Africa all the way to the opposite end of Asia. Also SIV has been around for over 30 thousand years.

        Before you come up with some crap about me being white, Im Hispanic my family is from the Dominican Republic. You should look up what Christopher Columbus did to my people. I guess my point is youre not a slave neither were your parents or their parents or their parents parents so get over it. Instead of blaming whites for having a shitty life why dont you do something about it. My parents busted their A$$es to buy all their property and so did my neighbors and so did I with my house.

  3. I can’t wait to see the white man fall on his dumb ass. 10-20 years whites will be a minority. Blacks and other races are actually growing despite what the lying conservative white cracker media tell us. they know they going down thats why they lie.

  4. Woooow……so sad…. the problem will continue with “OBAMA WON!!!!! ALL YALL CRACKAS ARE GON’ GIT IT NOW! Now….AUTOMATICALLY my phrase is viewed as racist…but hey keep claiming that “the man” is keeping u down simply because your youth doesn’t want to be considered “soft” for oh.. um..GOING TO SCHOOL!!! “naaa yo! You dont undastand THE STRUGGLE” face it your the worst for your own kind AND you NEED someone to blame otherwise your theory would fall the f*ck apart lmaoooooo plus if black youth tease each other for never getting locked up or not selling drugs how can u not see that as a problem. youre definitely the type of person brought up to actually believe the Webster’s definition of diversity is “more black people”….and if you didnt learn anything from this..youll at least know that a non-racist rant can certainly sound otherwise with enough passion…MIXED POWER!!!

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