I’ll Be Glad To Go Back To Africa (Under Three Conditions)

June 26, 2010

Racist whites love to tell blacks to go back to Africa as if we came over here willfully. Blacks did not immigrate to the United States. Europeans brought us here after stealing most of us from Africa and then forced us to work for free for hundreds of years during which time we endured torture, lynching, rape, malnutrition and of course death. Those same whites never give any consideration to the fact that whites are the ones that do not belong here (and in fact are illegally occupying America right now with blacks as their hostages) and should return to Europe where they won’t burn up in the sun. Unfortunately for most blacks in America the media has conditioned us to believe Africa is an undesirable place to live. Many of us buy into the stereotype that all Africans have AIDS (a fake disease….it’s the treatment that kills you), that Africans all live in the bush and walk around naked all day like on National Geographic. We also believe that Africans have never contributed to civilization when in fact we have contributed almost everything that has become the world we live in today including religion, philosophy, cuisine, music, sports, farming, etc. Black people learn lies in the American Prussian education system and then look down on their own people out of this sheer ignorance.

The truth of the matter is that anything seriously wrong with Africa is due to the impact of European colonialism and imperialism. White people continue to purposefully sabotage African independence by fomenting tribal violence by sending CIA hitmen there to overthrow regimes that do not support the American agenda of exploitation. Of course the media spins this as African tribal warfare but it is nothing but a few African leaders selling out to make a buck. The real tribal warfare is between Anglo-Saxons and Khazarian Ashkhenazi Jews. They are still fighting it out and about to bring the world to the brink of nuclear apocalypse.

I tell whites that I would be more than happy to return to Africa, even though I was not born there and blacks have more a claim to America that they do. Africa is rich in natural resources that whites and the Chinese (also of African heritage…just compare African names to Chinese names) have been exploiting for centuries. During slavery it was the people that were the resource. Now it’s diamonds, gold and other minerals that make our electronics works and that eventually poison us once we dispose of them improperly. Of course that is probably part of the larger depopulation agenda but there is no question that Africans could run their continent much better than whites ever could. We did it for thousands of years before whites ever showed up. Just google the Songhay Empire, Kushites and Nubia. We did everything far before whites claimed they did because whites and Jews just plagiarized everything we did and then rewrote history to claim credit for all of it. These lies get taught to our children thereby continuing our mental enslavement.

The three conditions of my return to Africa would be: 1) Whites pay for every aspect of my relocation, 2) Whites get out and stay out of Africa so that we can run our society as we see fit and 3) Reparations must must be paid by Europe and America for the damage done from the Scramble for Africa after slavery ended and which is still preventing Africa from developing without high interest loans from the IMF and World Bank. Those two banks are both controlled by the same Zionist Jews that benefited the most from slavery. Of course this will never happen without war. Whites intended for slavery to be a round trip but when it ended they did not want us to leave because they liked and still like being able to look down on us to satisfy their psychopathic racial complex and personal insecurities. They also preferred to kill us than have to pay for our repatriation to our homeland.

Today the elite are buying up thousands and thousands of acres of African land and reaping the economic rewards. Africa cannot allow this to continue. There must be an all out war continent wide that permanently and completely expels Europeans from their midst. Only then can Africans come to the global table as equals. Whites, including European Jews, only understand two things: money and violence. Africa will need both before she can truly be free and draw her diaspora back home where we belong.

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