Canaan, Canines and Caucasians: One in the Same

June 26, 2010

I don’t believe in any of the Bible without more evidence but one thing I do know for sure because it has been documented and that is Maimonides created the Hamitic myth or Curse of Ham (actually Curse of Canaan) story that blacks are the descendants of Noah’s cursed son Ham. Ham also had a son named Cush and it is clear that blacks are the descendants of him, not Canaan. The curse was not placed upon Ham but his son Canaan. The other lines of Ham, including Cush, were not cursed. The Canaanites are the cursed people who have white skin. Dark skin is healthy skin. That is why whites refer to a good tan as a healthy tan. If everyone on the planet was black or some shade of black long before whites even existed then how could God curse anyone with blackness when everyone was already black? A lie always reveals itself with illogic.

I’ve noticed that white people always value the lives of their dogs more than nonwhite peoples. Look at how they figuratively hung Michael Vick over dog fighting. There are actually breeds of dogs or canines called Canaans that are white in color or lack of color that is. If you look under the fur of a dog or chimpanzee you will see they have white skin, not black or brown skin. White people also tend to very hairy. They have hair on their forearms, their backs and in many places where people of color do not have it. Black people don’t call white people “wet puppy dogs” when they get wet for no reason. The Jews, who went to Canaan after leaving Africa, just altered the Bible when they translated it into Greek so that they would be considered God’s chosen people by whites via Christianity.

Just because whites have taken over the world by force and created wealth by enslaving other races does not make them superior or favored by God. God doesn’t care about military might, money or technology any more than he cares about the NFL or NBA. Whites have been given two thousand years to rule since their last prophet Jesus died and it is almost over. This is why Jesus cannot save anyone, especially blacks. He was just a man and not divine but he was still black.


  1. i guess im cursed,lol.seriously dude,who gives a fuck about race.And if im cursed for the color of my skin then oh well,what else can i do.lmao.

    • Who cares about race? Ummmmmmmm……..all white people. That’s why most whites either kill everyone who’s not white or at least tacitly support it. Our military slaughters people for no other reason than being the wrong color after the Jewish media a false enemy using propaganda. You’re an uninformed idiot. Obama’s election was all about race. The Tuskeegee experiment was all about race. Slavery was all about race. All of history influences what happens today in the present. Anyone that cannot see that is even worth the time of day and it sounds like you fall in that boat. Whites have lost their stolen country to the Jews now. We are all just Gentiles to them so now they are culling the herd. Next year on 9/11/11 or 11/11/11 you will see some serious genocide by the same people who claim it was done to them. The whole reason this country is screwed up is because white people bought into the notion of race when it really has no genetic basis and is used as nothing but a social construct to demonize darker-skinned people of the world.

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