Why Recent Immigrants Assimilate Easier Than Blacks

June 25, 2010

I’ve had it with everyone stereotyping blacks as lazy, dumb, inferior, oversexed and criminal because of the mentacide whites perpetrated on us as a whole during slavery. Mentacide, as Brother Bobby Wright coined the term, occurs when you willingly think and act out of someone else’s interpretation of reality to their benefit and against your survival. That characterizes blacks around the globe today and that same post-traumatic slave syndrome is still in effect along with continuing racial discrimination that has metastasized into covert and systemic oppression that can no longer be addressed via legislation like affirmative action. Diversity is the new racist code word whites use to indicate everyone except blacks. It includes Indians, Asians, Latinos and even Africans but rarely blacks who are descendants of African slaves.

How could blacks be inferior when everything this world has ever done was born out of Africa? That includes religion, farming, philosophy, music, art, martial arts and on and on and on. History books are replete with lies and revisionism but immigrants to this country want so bad to improve their standard of living that they don’t mind throwing blacks out with the bath water. Many of them come from countries that also have a very negative view of darker-skinned people so it’s easy for them to adopt and adapt to white supremacy even though they themselves will never receive white privilege. They believe, falsely, that they can buy it if they make enough money. How many rich black people do you know that get white privilege. None. It’s based on skin color alone and has nothing to do with your income.

These recent immigrants that sell their souls for a corporate dollar have no monkey on their backs from the legacy of slavery. Many of them do come from countries with harsh living conditions and oppressive governments but that is almost always as a result of US foreign policy. These immigrants decide that they would rather improve their own lot than fight for their country so they come to America to become a class of people above blacks but still below whites. In other words they deliberately attempt to brush us aside like house Negroes trying to please their white slave master. If they think their treachery will be forgiven or forgotten they are mistaken. They should be fighting with blacks to eradicate white supremacy, not creating another level of racism to blacks to overcome.

Slavery mentally reconditioned blacks to be dependent on whites and you can see it has been passed down from generation to generation from a lack of black unity, black leadership and bad parenting in my opinion. Black people need to realize that everything we see around ourselves today is a by-product of something our ancestors invented. Sure whites may have improved upon it using technology over time but the ideas are all ours. Only when we reclaim our rightful place as the progenitors of civilization can we also reclaim the dignity, pride and collective self-esteem required to overcome our mentacide and begin to act as one to overcome the lies that have been forced upon us. If other races want to use us to further the white agenda then they must also face their day of reckoning with us and God.

I don’t want any sympathy from anyone despite what non-blacks may think. What I demand is that recent immigrants to this country acknowledge the fact our circumstances differ from yours because of the historical oppression of us by whites as a whole. The memory of our culture was annihilated, despite our best efforts to preserve it, when we were forcefully brought to this country to build it. That did not happen to you. Your culture is intact. Your families are largely intact. Ours are not. They were destroyed as part of the program and doctrine of white supremacy that you now want to serve so you can enjoy the American standard of living.

Black men and women have been taught to hate each other. Black men were taught to abandon their children. We are taught that we did nothing and whites did everything when the opposite is true. This did not happen to you but if these immigrants stay in America long enough you will see them slowly change to a similar dependent mindset as well because that is what white supremacy does to all nonwhites eventually. It even makes white people dependent upon it in negative ways they don’t fully understand. I would not be so quick to judge the black man since you have not lived a day or century in his shoes. We have been at the bottom and the bottom will rise again to the top. Only the death of white supremacy stands in the way.

So just remember that in God’s eyes this country belongs to the native Americans and the descendants of African slaves who built it, not whites and not you johnny-come-lately’s unless you take up our struggle. Everyone else got here after we did most of the hard work because white people are lazy. There is only one God so whatever you call yours it knows the same thing and will not excuse your disrespectful and ungodly behavior toward the perpetually oppressed population of this country and world. Know your place.


  1. Wow you are so full of hate…..and racism…..who taught you to be this way?

  2. It’s not racism. It’s wisdom. I know whites will never change inside, even the so-called well meaning whites who feel bad about what their ancestors did to us. Whites did it so don’t blame it on me. All black people do is have a natural reaction to white attacks. That’s nothing but human. We welcomed whites to our land just like the native Americans did and what did whites do in return? Slaughter and enslave as many as they could and then label us as cursed by God because our skin wasn’t white. The real Biblical curse is not on Ham’s people but Ham’s son Canaan. Those are the European Jews who still live in Israel today. You need to get some knowledge. I’m not ok with being a mental slave to whites and allowing them to continue to take credit for all the things my African ancestors gave to this world. White people are evil plain and simple. Even when whites appear to be pleasant you are always plotting on how to get an advantage over someone else, even your own race. You don’t have to believe it and I don’t care. It’s true anyway and whites know it deep down.

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