The Black Church Not Only Excuses Immorality But Condones It

June 23, 2010

In response to “Not Knocking on Heaven’s Door: Black Atheists, Urban America” originally printed on 6/15/10 at http://blackagendareport.com/?q=content/not-knocking-heaven%E2%80%99s-door-black-atheists-urban-america.

Black people have become just like white people from forced assimilation. As a whole we focus solely on material possessions and now prosperity gospel is the order of the day here in modern day Babylon. Jesus is now supposed to make us rich if he really loves us even though historical Jesus himself was poor and connected with the lowliest of society. Black people in the past have used religiosity as a source of comfort in dealing with constant and sometimes blatant or violent white racism. Since so much racism is covert today and the middle class is being purposefully destroyed blacks are now just trying to get paid. We have less unity than ever and now it’s every man, woman and child for themselves. The civil rights movement is over. All we have is a fool named Al Sharpton barking out loud when some symbolically and superficial racist event happens like the Imus episode so he can further promote himself for another paychecks and leave black America suffering.

Black nationalism needs to separate itself from religion because the two have nothing in common really. Blacks do deserve our own country to escape the pernicious effects of living this spiritually destructive and decadent white way of life but we also deserve a country where freedom of religion or lack of religion is respected and observed. Religion is just a manmade method of controlling society’s behavior just like laws do, except religion is not enforced anymore unless you live under a theocracy. Morality has little to do with religion and many times is quite the opposite. I was raised AME Zion and now my mother and I rarely even speak because she is still stuck in her religion from childhood brainwashing and I’ve moved on to things that work better for me like Buddhism and Taoism. Christians think they have a lock on God and this egoism of infallibility means everyone else must be wrong. On top of it there is an unspoken truth that church is really nothing but a social club regardless of which religion one practices. Americans these days have few close friends so mega-churches have become like internet dating sites. It is quite pathetic that we have let the media condition us this way but it is also a fact of life.

Black people have been living under white supremacy for so long that we no longer question anything. We assume everything in our King James version of the Bible is accurate and go so far as to treat Obama like he is the Messiah himself. We never question his immoral behavior and choices which have continued and worsened unabated from Bush II. What kind of religion makes you question white supremacy with a white face but not with a black one? Once again religion and morality are often opposites. The black church has done more to destroy the black community and mind via white man’s Christianity that any other single force in this country in our history. Black people do not even read the correct version of the Bible. The original Bible is African (Ghanaian to be exact) and has been destroyed, lost or hidden from us. The Jews stole it and mistranslated it purposefully after omitting key sections (Book of Enoch and other Apocrypha) so black people aren’t even reading the original document anymore. They’re reading what Jews wrote and what whites used to justify slavery. They’re reading the Hamatic curse which was inserted by Maimonides, a Jewish man. The Jews financed the slave ships for the Transatlantic Slave Trade so it was in their best interests for whites to jump on board the Curse of Ham nonsense.

Clinging to organized religion for no good reason is clinging to ignorance. Black people need to read and research for themselves to find the truth instead of waiting to get a weekly dose every Sunday morning. What will God say to you, assuming for a moment that there is one and one that cares what humans do, when it’s your turn to stand before him (God is not a he nor a she) and you have to demonstrate that you have been his good and faithful servant? You would be sent to hell in a heartbeat and this is according to the tenets of your own false religion that has been doctored over the years by Jews and whites alike for their own benefit. Yes Christianity originally belonged to us but it has been permanently perverted now and black people should reject it, at least until the true teachings can be revealed or rediscovered in Ghana or wherever they may be. Either that or we need to create our own religion that is free from hypocrisy.

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