Global Depopulation 101: Killing Us Softly

June 22, 2010

How are the elite killing you while you don’t know. Here are just a few ways.

1) BPA – This is a chemical used in plastics that leeches into whatever you are eating or drinking and causes all sorts of health problems including cancer. Del Monte is just one company that uses it of many so I emailed them about it. They basically tried to convince me that it’s safe (see previous blog entry). They use it to line the inside of the cans for their fruits and vegetables. Guess who approved its use before thoroughly testing it? The FDA as usual, just like did when they killed all those people with Vioxx. Even the non-stick coatings on your pans are toxic when heated. Don’t use them. Buy stainless steel only.

2) Chemtrails – These are sprayed by the military directly into the upper atmosphere. They are usually aluminum and/or barium sulfates. The government says they’re protecting us from radiation or that it’s weather modification. Either way no one has the right to play God, especially the psychopaths in power. The symptoms of exposure can cause anything from allergies to zombie-like behavior to death.

3) Prescription Drugs/Antidepressants – America has been dumbed-down literally with prescription drugs. I know so many white people who abuse pain medications. Their children usually end up doing the same. Antidepressants don’t work because it falsely assumes that everyone’s biochemisty will respond in the same manner to the same stimulus. Of course this is no mistake. It’s killing two birds with one stone because the elite destroy your ability to think and at the same time take your money.

4) Pseudo-foods/Food Chemicals/Pesticides/GMOs/Factory Farms/RBGH – See the Meatrix (http://themeatrix.com). Everything in the middle of the grocery stores is poison folks. Much of the outside is too if it’s not organic because the meats are packed with RBGH, a growth hormone injected into cows, pigs and poultry. My home state North Carolina is number two in the country in hog farms and they have been polluting the water for Smithfield (#1 pork product producer) for decades with hog waste. Now organic doesn’t even really mean 100% organic anymore because the FDA is up to its old standards lies again. You can’t even believe many of the labels anymore. Read about Codex Alimentarius and how it’s being used already in the European Union.

Buy locally grown produce only to avoid the pesticides or at least wash the fruits and vegetables. Monsanto doesn’t care if you die. They even have terminator seeds now that only grow one crop so that they control who grows food. Our topsoil is losing the ability to actually produce healthy foods so much in fact that we won’t even be able to eat enough to stay healthy. Vitamin supplements help some but are not the answer because the body needs nutrition in its natural form, not processed. GMOs (genetically modified foods) have been banned in Europe but the US is still munching away on death. Take nutrient deficient food and nuke it in the microwave and you’ve got almost no nutritive value left at all. Never eat microwave food. It’s toxic.

This is pure evil folks and it’s being done largely on purpose, not by negligence or incompetence. The government wants us to rely on them for everything so they can take it away at will.

5) Feminism – Ah yes this one always sends the females into an uproar, especially those who have read Betty Friedan’s load of crap “The Feminine Mystique”. Womens’ rights has nothing whatsoever to do with feminism. Feminism was a Jewish attempt (Gloria Steinem) to destroy the bedrock of society which is the family by forcing women into the work force by making them feel like losers as housewives. It worked and it’s still working. Now our gender roles that sustained us for centuries are gone or backwards. Now we have rampant single mother households and soaring divorce rates. Is that what the feminists wanted? no equality and a broken society? Now you can feel bad about having a career instead of feeling bad about being a housewife. You can’t fool evolution but it CAN make a fool of you!

6) Gay Agenda – Obama continues to push the gay agenda. Not only does this destroy even more families it also confuses children who are in sexually impressionable phases of life. The whole gays in the military issue is just to make gay people feel like they are the new oppressed minority which the Jewish media is more than willing to give more airtime. A study showed that the chemicals in our air, food and water are actually turning men into women slowly over time. One day there may be one gender only and reproduction would become privatized. Only the rich would be allowed to have children. The rest of us would basically be drones grown to work for subsistence wages.

Look at all the Hollywood filth and internet porn that kids have easy access to. Why are they doing this? Two women cannot produce a child. Two men cannot produce a child. Like I said it’s global depopulation 101. Jewish Zionists are parasites on the rest of humanity and parasites have no appreciation or use for gender. All they want to do is survive at the hosts’ expense. They also have a huge fascination with anything anal which you will see plenty of in the Jewish-dominated porn industry.

7) Privatization of Water Supply – Fluoride has been proven to dumb down a population. Hitler used it during WWII. It does not protect your teeth. That is a lie plain and simple from the American Dental Association. They got paid off to bury the damaging effects of it. Most fluoride comes from fertilizer plants as waste and is dumped into your drinking water. The stuff in your toothpaste isn’t nearly as bad but it still has a similar effect. Sodium fluoride is a toxin people. If you already consume a lot of fluoride like from drinking black tea the extra dosage can be fatal, especially in babies. You’ve been warned. Filter your water. Most bottled water is tap water so it still has fluoride in it by the way so that won’t save you plus the plastic chemicals leech into the water. See how it all works in their favor?

8) AIDS Hoax – People can decide for themselves. There are some terrible diseases that can be sexually transmitted but AIDS isn’t one of them. You are tested for AIDS and when you get two false positives in a row then they put you on the cocktails which DOES actually kill you, not the virus which probably does not exist at all. The question is who is responsible for returning the false positives and who is engineering the drugs to kill people since there is no virus in the first place? A lot of black people think AIDS was engineered to kill blacks. If you want to call the treatment AIDS then they are correct.

9) Vaccines – After that last swine flu nonsense I think more Americans are becoming aware that most vaccine benefits do not outweigh the risks. Also they can be used to disable your immune system which means you will basically become a carrier of whatever they put in it and spread it to everyone you come into contact with including your loved ones. They can use booster shots to re-enable your immune system which kills you when your own immune system over-responds to the virus inside you from the first vaccination. Get it? Vaccinations are especially dangerous the babies, pregnant women and older people. They actually didn’t like about that.

10) HFCS High fructose corn syrup – Here is death in acronym. The number one killer in America is heart disease. Why? Everything has high fructose corn syrup in it. Don’t believe me? Go to your pantry right now and look at the ingredients in your bread, in your ketchup, in your mayonnaise, in your salad dressing. They use it because it’s cheaper than sugar and they don’t care about the bad side effect because only profits matter, not people. What HFCS actually does is this? Your brain does not know what to do with HFCS because it is unnatural. The human body’s response to this is to clog your veins just like you just spent a month eating McDonalds like the guy in Super Size Me. We all know too much sugar can make you fat but most people don’t know that HFCS clogs your veins which gives you heart disease and/or diabetes and then you die.

11) Artificial Sweeteners (not Stevia) – The elite didn’t sugar-coat this one. They just kill you outright with these. At least they tell you on the packaging that it may cause cancer in lab animals. I won’t even go down that animal cruelty trail but this is very bad stuff. Use unrefined sugar, stevia or nothing at all. An occasional soda never hurt anyone but avoiding them entirely is best. Other drinks like Gatorade, Powerade and Hawaiian Punch are just as bad and some say even worse. Aspartame has literally killed thousands (Yes Nutra-Sweet) and people are still drinking Diet Coke trying to lose a few pounds. What does that matter if you’re dead?

12) Lack of Universal Healthcare and Allopathic medicine – Now that they’ve made you sick they can make a buck off of you with the cure right? Wrong. They have no cure. The West practices allopathic medicine. That means if something goes wrong with one of your body parts then we basically cut it off. Homeopathic medicine, which the Chinese get credit for but actually originated in Africa and then Africans took it to China, is the so-called alternative medicine. It should actually be the only alternative. There is a cure for everything in nature folks……..everything, but corporations and Big Pharma cannot maximize profits with cures, only with diseases. How do you feel about your precious capitalism now? If you feel sick I hope it’s not from one of the aforementioned items.

If you think these facts are conspiracy theory then just go back to sleep and don’t do any research yourself. You might never wake up again, figuratively or literally.


  1. Pretty scary crap huh!

  2. OK, All this I have actually concluded myself, but I have a question. How to the Illuminati avoid being a victim of their own weapons of mass destruction?

    • They don’t take the drugs they sell to us. They eat kosher food instead of GMO. They don’t drink flourinated water. They practice natural healing homeopathic medicine instead of our allopathic that kills us. They live far away from where the chemtrails are sprayed. They make sure they stay out of the way of their own poison. You will never see a chemtrail over Bohemian Grove. I believe they have cures for most uncured diseases as well but they refuse to release them to the Gentiles for we are the inferior breed of slaves. Americans for some reason cannot conceive of why a group of people would hate them so much but the elite have always hated the masses. It’s not different now except with 2011 and 2012 around the corner it’s time to start massively culling the herd.

  3. Scary stuff. Interesting post.

  4. Great list couldnt agree more

  5. My disagreement is only naming zionists as parasites. There are plenty of monsters like Brzezinski, Gates, the Bushes, Collin Powell, and many many more who are not Jewish Zionists. I take it to the spiritual…. On one side is empathy/compassion/love/ cooperation/ jesus/ buddha, Gandhi, King/ and all our murdered musicians. On the other is the list of monsters and banksters and wall street and UN psychopaths. So on that scale, on one end we have simplicity and open heartedness and nature, and the other we have insane world destroying greed. That greed has no race. The Chinese have greed too, as do Africans and South Americans.

    I added a link to this on my depopulation page which is under construction at http://www.afterenlightenment.net/depopulation.htm
    ray songtree

  6. Another scary tactic that they are using against is Radiation.
    Read this article.


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