Coonteenth Day in America

June 19, 2010

Juneteenth is the stupidest black celebration in America. In case you don’t know today is Juneteenth. It is a yearly commemoration of our so-called emancipation by Abraham Lincoln, a man that hated black people and thought we were subhuman beasts not worthy of anything except slavery. Black people in America are not free. The prison industrial complex is swelling with black and Latino youth. Discrimination is rampant in all areas of American society because many whites are angry that we have an illegal black president. (Yes Obama really was born in Kenya but that’s another story.) Black families are 70% single unwed mothers. BET is continuing to poison the minds of black youth. Black incomes are down compared with whites. Black healthcare is a joke and public education is churning out more black loyalists to global white supremacy. Black America is in real danger of eventual extermination and we are still eating “soul food” which is nothing but slave food.

Why are we celebrating the eradication of chattel slavery only to turn our minds over to consumerism and the myth of white superiority? White people never do us any favors. The Jews were responsible for the advances made during the civil rights era so they could exploit those rights to infiltrate the government in service to the Rothschilds of England. It worked and now we are worse off having aligned ourselves with the people who financed slavery and ignored our own holocaust. Sure we may have a black Jesus on our walls at home and in church but it is a superficial pat gesture. We go right out and give our money, the symbol of whiteness, back to white businesses and corporations instead of spending it in our community. Then we complain that our own people do not provide the quality of service and products that whites do, buying right back into our public mis-education conditioning we received from childhood.

Al Sharpton the corporate coon is still walking around pretending to be our leader. Obama has his head so far up Israel’s ass that he can probably count the shekels. The only man still speaking truth to power is the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. Black people love Farrakhan but they fear white people more than they love his message of freedom, unity and self-determination. Apparently blacks do not understand what Kwanzaa is really about or understand the Bible. What doth it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul? Remember that? No one cares what black people think until we sell out to the system. They know we have no power because we have no unity so no other race has to care what we think. All we do is talk about how much we love Jesus and then do little of the work that he commanded. History is a lie. All religion was born out of Africa but Zionist Jews have hidden this fact from all of us and black people refuse listen to the people who have discovered this through tedious research in an effort to help us reclaim the culture we lost through the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

I’m not saying there are no signs of progress but that progress is always has been reversed, retarded and undermined when the system of oppression transforms racism from one form into another just like when prisons replaced slavery. Obama has already proven he has no intention of doing anything to help us because the Zionists will kill him just like they did JFK. Farrakhan is right. We will never be free until we completely separate from the white race onto our own land where we can cultivate our own ideals free of the materialist, dominative world view of whites as a whole. How we do that is a matter for debate. The black people who want to remain mental slaves to white supremacy need to be cut loose so that the rest of us can move forward without their interference. They will change their minds soon enough. Think you’ve made it because you have a job you can lose at any time along with a house, car and HDTV that will be confiscated when you cannot make the payments? Think again.

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