Why The Lakers Will Win The 2010 NBA Championship

June 3, 2010

Everything in this country now is about celebrating the Jew and degrading the Gentiles, especially the white Gentiles since you are ancient enemies of the Khazars that now own and run America. I know they are not the real Jews and they know it too but that is what they pretend to be so I will refer to them as such here. What does that have to do with the NBA championship? Maybe nothing. Maybe a lot. I see through the Zionist Jews and how they use the media to modify Gentile thought so that they can be more and more easily controlled and manipulated.

Remember the Lakers-Celtics rivalry during the 80’s? I know a lot of people think it was just Magic vs Bird but it was more than that. It was black vs white. That was the symbolism. It doesn’t matter what color the current players are to the Zionists. (By the way Jews own most NBA teams and David Stern is Jewish). When the Celtics, the symbol of Gentile whiteness, lose it will be another mental and subconscious dagger in the minds of white Gentile America.

The Zionist Jews are relentlessly assaulting white America but you cannot honestly expect blacks to complain even if most of them realized it. Blacks are just being used to hide the true motives of the Zionist Jews so we do not benefit from this deception. We’re still under constant assault by local authorities who are taking out their anger, conscious or subconscious, on communities of color and filling up the prisons with blacks who end up working for Zionist-owned corporations for free. That is literally modern day slavery and Jews will never give up the profits that slavery produces.

When you turn on the television you are not just watching a movie or a game. You are inviting the Zionist Jews into your mind to influence you toward their end game. It may not seem that way but that’s the way they want it and that’s how they can guarantee your continued compliance and cooperation. They’ve spent billions and billions of dollars coming up with the perfect way to get white Americans to destroy themselves and they know it works because it’s working as we speak.

It will be just like the slaughter of millions and millions of Armenian Christians in Russia. I’m trying to help white people, even though many of them still would rather see me hanging from a tree, but the opinion and insights of a black man don’t mean much to them because they are all still drinking the polluted Biblical Kool-Aid of white supremacy. By the way the Jews are the ones that tainted the Bible when they translated it from Hebrew to English. They’ve conned whites in so many ways I cannot count them all.

What Americans don’t get, especially white Americans, is that white Jews hate you….all of you. They want you dead…….plain and simple. They have nothing but historical, tribal hatred for the very existence of Anglo-Saxons and other . Yes they hate blacks too but they can use blacks to pass their liberal agenda which does nothing but obscures the true Zionist Jewish agenda.

Need I remind anyone who the Celtics, also spelled Keltics, were? Need I remind you that LA is home to Hollywood where the Jewish directors churn out the mind-altering filth that Americans ingest and absorb continuously? Need I remind anyone that Jews own the porn industry which is also run out of southern California? Lakers vs the Celtics is in reality the Jews vs the Anglo-Saxons but once again Americans fail to see the bigger picture behind the symbols which are everywhere. The Jews hide in plain sight but Americans are just oblivious and resistant to any conspiracy theory no matter how much proof there is of it being true.

There is no way the Jews would allow the symbol of the Celtics to conquer the Khazars…….never. Never mind the fact that Los Angeles means “the angels” in Spanish but is home to one of the largest illegal immigrant populations in the US. It’s clearly another slap in the face of whites. Mexicans are the new slaves and Jews are making money off them no matter what whites think or say or even do.

Jews call the shots in the NBA folks. If the players don’t like it then they can walk and talk but they won’t do that. They’ll keep quiet and throw the games to keep their coffers filled. Game 1 was so obviously thrown by the Celtics that I cannot believe no one else is talking about it. Once Jews get control of anything they immediately compromise the integrity of it because they are all about control, even more so than money which is the ultimate symbol of racial purity for them and whites alike.

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  1. First of all, I cannot believe no one has commented on this wonderful, well written article. However, I am not surprised by any means. Second of all, I expect my comment to be deleted by the same Jews that run “Jewoogle,” “Jewtube,” etc.. Third of all, I am deeply and utterly SHOCKED how this article has not been taken off by the Jews, that is why I have already printed it ;]

    First off, I am born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and obviously not a Lakers fan. This is SO WELL WRITTEN! It is everything I have always known, but put in much better vocabulary than I can ever piece together. It is something that can only be talked about with very little people, and even that would be pushing it. Obviously, I cannot talk about this with anybody in Los Angeles, California, or anywhere else for that matter. Why? Because everybody is too busy involved in other people’s lives (celebrities), bullshit media, horseshit music, watered down sports, trash reality shows, etc.. They are also nothing but biased delusional uneducated sport fans. Los Angeles has the WORST sports fan from ANY CITY! I just want to applaud the author of this article, it is dead on! It just makes too much sense to deny, or not pay attention to. I could not believe the 2010 NBA Finals, and how rigged it was. Game 7 was complete horseshit, just like every other Laker Game and playoff series. Of course, everybody in this city and state is in great denial, because they are not able to open their eyes and ears and take a SLIGHT look outside the box to comprehend what is REALLY going on. Game 1 was obviously thrown, too many ticky tacky damn fouls, too many damn calls. Jews know Boston Celitcs play rough, rugged, and physical like MEN should because this is a MAN’S sport! However, Lakers play soft and finesse, so all those ticky tacky foul calls are definitely to their advantage.

    Once again, there is so much I can say about this article, but that is all for now. Now make my day Jews, go ahead and delete my comment. You don’t have the whole world, you can’t. Some of us are very intelligent and we will NEVER fall in your Zionist bullshit traps! We are not in your hands, we are in God’s and Jesus Christs’ hands. Burn in Hell…

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