Memorial Day: Honoring White Supremacy by Eating Poisonous Flesh

June 1, 2010

Memorial Day is another hypocritical American holiday founded on propaganda and white supremacy. Every major war in recorded history has been a farce constructed for profiteering and stealing natural resources for the elite. These wars have also been part of a larger global depopulation agenda. Depleted uranium is wreaking havoc on generations in Iraq as we speak. We’ve been conditioned to believe that the people in power could not possibly be that cruel but they are and we’re about to find out just how cold and heartless they can be. The global elite have had it with this country. Why do you think they financially ruined Greece first? Greece is white people’s symbol of greatness, although they stole it from Africa. Why do you think they killed the Polish president? They want to demonstrate to Obama that they can also kill him if goes against the Zionist agenda. You have to read between the lines. Many things are symbolic when dealing with the Luciferians who have infiltrated every major government in the world.

White nationalism is the most pernicious force in this country second only to Zionism around the globe. White people hide behind Christianity as if they really care about embracing nonwhites as equals. Christianity and the Bible were both invented by Africans. Europeans, specifically Khazarian Ashkhenazi Jews changed the religion and the Bible so that slavery could be justified and now we have a nation of black Americans who know almost nothing about where they came from, where they are going or how to get there who are vulnerable to every charlatan, black or white, who presents them with a false promise of anything that makes them feel more like whitey. Why we set our sights so low I will never know.

One of my favorite scenes from “Pulp Fiction” is the one where Vincent (John Travolta) and Jules (Samuel Jackson) are having breakfast in the cafe near the end of the movie. Jules comments that he doesn’t dig on swine because pigs live and root in shit. That is true. Pigs have all sorts of toxins and parasites living inside them. It doesn’t matter if you buy organic or all natural. It’s still a filthy ass pig. Shrimp and other bottom feeders like crab and lobsters are the same way. They eat crap like carrion. Would you eat the crap they eat? Of course not but you are eating it by eating them. Would you a bunch of maggots feeding on roadkill in the middle of the road? That is what you are doing when you eat pork and bottom feeders. You are what you eat. You can never attain a fully enlightened mind and existence when your body is replete with poison. Also it shortens your life which also prevents you from fulfilling God’s purpose for you. If you’re sick or dead you aren’t much use to anyone but what usually happens is people call me a conspiracy theorist and deny that anything in our food, water, air or media is bad for them or that there is a depopulation agenda at all although Henry Kissinger has publicly stated so on at least one occasion. Do people think he was joking? He wasn’t laughing when he said it folks.

So Memorial Day is actually the celebration of whites killing nonwhites and then Americans of all races killing themselves by eating poisonous food. We are truly a nation obsessed with death, disease and destruction. Ultimately, however, all American holidays are lies used to lure us into spending more money so the elite can get richer and eventually crash the dollar, replacing it with the Amero. The Latin American Union is already coming to fruition. You can’t make this stuff up. Actually that is exactly what the Zionists did. Just read the Protocols of Elders of Zion. It’s not a fake and it’s not a forgery. How could someone so perfectly describe what has happened today so long ago unless they also were part of the conspiracy to make it happen?

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