Why Blacks and Whites Should Keep It Sexual Only

May 31, 2010

I’ve never seriously dated a white woman and never will. After I’ve explained the reasons why hopefully you will understand that as a black person seriously dating a white person, whether you’re straight or gay, is one of the most mentally and emotionally damaging things you can do to your psyche while the world is under the grip of white supremacy. I know many people think we are in a post-racial era but I will not even address that notion since it is utterly ridiculous and just a feelgood tool to make whites thinks they don’t owe blacks anything and to make blacks feel that our condition has nothing to do with this system of oppression and is completely our fault as a result of our supposed genetic inferiority. It’s just no longer politically correct to state it in such a manner.

I won’t lie and say I didn’t used to think it was possible to have a healthy, meaningful relationship with a white woman. Over time after reading and listening to the work of Dr. Neely Fuller (visit http://www.thecode.net for more information) I came to realize that black-white relationships cause whites and blacks both to fantasize that racism is a thing of the past to some extent. It causes blacks to sever our ties to the one thing that has has sustained us all of these years while white women always remained tethered to white privilege. Interracial relationships are ruled by a power dynamic rooted in slavery that is expressed sexually. When there is a conflict inside the relationship it quickly becomes racialized in the mind of the white partner who inside always maintains a sense of superiority. When there is a conflict outside of the relationship then a false bond forms from the black person being attracted to a sympathetic white person and the white person being drawn to the larger struggle of black freedom. The result is never much more than hot steamy sex, especially between white women and black men, the most taboo of all taboos.

Sex has become a substitute for real meaning in America and where a white pathology exists then it doubly impacts the black populace. Black men and women have been sexualized by Europeans even before slavery. It still boggles my mind that a black woman could be more attracted to a white man’s wealth and privilege than she could be revolted and repulsed by their legacy of oppression, lynching, murder and rape of our ancestral black women. There are no two ways about it. Whites collectively reap the benefits of the carnage perpetrated by their ancestors and our oppression continues in almost every facet of American life with the most egregious infractions still committed by the police, the FBI, the CIA, the military and private armies like Blackwater.

I’m not saying blacks and whites should never have sex with each other. I think it serves as a temporary palliative to black men who have been emasculated and disempowered their entire lives under white supremacy. Many of the Black Panthers had white girlfriends but I suspect these relationships were of a sexual nature only, at least in their minds. The only black women I see dating white men are the ones who have been rejected and emotionally scarred by black men. They still want black men but they cannot get over the emotional pain and see dating white men as a statement of revenge to all black men that “If you do me wrong then I’ll jump ship!!!”. That is nothing more than self-hate. If you are black and you hate other black people then you hate yourself. One bad black man does not exemplify all of us. Personally I would never lay a hand on a woman who wasn’t attacking me or not take care of my children if I had any.

All black people are under the spell of white supremacy which has taught us that we have not contributed anything to modern civilization. The lies of Eurocentric public education re-enforce that false belief. The truth is quite the opposite. Almost everything we hold dear today had its origin in African thought but whites stole it or destroyed it and re-wrote history to claim it as theirs like their ancestors in Rome and Greece. Whites even call the man who destroyed one of the greatest civilizations humanity has ever known, Alexander the Great? What is great about that? That set human progress back hundreds of years and look at us now because of that psychopath.

The United States is the last so-called great European empire and it too is about to fall like the previous two. Whites obviously do not possess the capacity to learn from their mistakes and embrace the entire human family from a spiritual, non-material aspect. Everything must be done to their advantage and to the detriment of others by use of labels designating inferiority like darker skin. It must be terrible to live in a mental state like that but blacks have to fix their own problems and allow whites to fix theirs. They have plenty of them. What you do to others is always reflected and returned to you. It is the unchangeable law of the universe.

When a black man tries to love a white woman he is basically rejecting the black woman at an emotional and spiritual level, even though he still longs to embrace her fully and raise a family with her. No black man really wants to raise a bunch of kids with a white woman. No black woman wants to raise kids with a white man. Black women, largely because of the consumerist culture of America, take excessive comfort in material possessions believing on the surface that they can substitute it for a good black man. Black men think that freaky sex with white women can substitute for a good black woman. Both of us are wrong.

If white supremacy did not exist then I would not and could not make these statements but it does. Black people are under constant physical assault by the white authority and mental assault by the media (Don’t get me started on BET). We have to take refuge with each other outside of white supremacy, not by living under the roof of it with the enemy or in some dream world that MLK envisioned where we all hold hands. Perhaps white partners are not the literal enemy but they are definitely a symbol of a larger enemy that requires our collective unity to overcome. Go ahead and get your freak on but just realize that it is just sex whether you want to admit it or not. It is just comfort seeking because you have been hurt by your own people and by this system of white oppression that protects and promotes all forms of racism. White people are mentally and physically ill and if black people do not unite we will continue to be sickened by them and ultimately destroyed when God’s wrath is unleashed upon them while we are living amongst them.

If you are a white person with any compassion toward the suffering of blacks then you will avoid relationships with our people until whites eliminate their racist tendencies and blacks can reclaim our heritage of greatness hidden and largely destroyed by Europeans once we arrived in America as slaves.


  1. Interesting post. Can you elaborate on “Almost everything in existence today had its origin in African thought but whites stole it, destroyed it and re-wrote history to claim it as theirs like in Rome and Greece.” Clarifying this would create a much stronger position.

  2. Well you can do a simple Google search. Everything that Europe (really part of Asia) claims to be their creation has its origin in Africa. Here are a few: music, medicine, astrology, religion, cuisine, philosophy. The list goes on and on. I don’t have the time to expound on all of them but white supremacy has limited whites by shielding them inside a bubble where whites cannot see out but nonwhites can see in from the outside. What was done to whites is horrific because it was done without your approval but it is up to everyone to reveal the truth or you will have to live this life over again in some form. Ignorance of karma is no excuse. The universe is unforgiving in this aspect. Just because whites are conditioned from childhood to believe God is white because whites have used force to commandeer everything is no excuse to not overcome this shortcoming in adulthood. The truth will always set you free, in more ways than one.

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