Projecting Hate onto Blacks and Displacing Guilt onto Jews

May 9, 2010

It’s been thousands and thousands of years and white people at large still don’t understand how the Zionist Jews in power keep following them around all over the world and destroying them wherever they go. Now globalization has made it possible to destroy all of them in one fell swoop. A few people know about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion but it is still largely ignored and marginalized by Jews who control the media since they know it is authentic or truly believe it is a forgery from their “victim” brainwashing. There is a perverse psychological co-dependency between blacks and whites in America that existing during and after slavery to this very day. The Zionist Jews have been taking advantage of this for centuries to destroy America. Honestly America deserves to be destroyed but black people do not deserve to go down with the Titanic again.

Black people, despite our earnest efforts to maintain our African religious practices, eventually gave them up in favor of Christianity, a religion that has been manipulated by whites and Jews for their own individual purposes. I still have yet to figure out how a people who had been enslaved adopted a religion that was used to justify it. Maybe someone can write me and explain it to me. Maybe it’s working eighteen hours a day in a hot sun picking cotton and tobacco and the promise of heaven was a greater source of comfort that anything our native African religions taught or offered. Doing something so clearly destructive and misinformed must have been motivated by extreme emotions the likes of which I have never experienced in my life.

Without making blacks as a whole (since I am black myself) sound overly bound by emotion and misdirected spirituality, I do believe that we understand that the Christianity that we practice is a far cry from the Christianity that whites practice. That is why whites and blacks to this day largely refuse to worship together. Black people basically practice what I call “Jesus” Christianity. Few Christians of any race have ever read the Bible in its entirety, especially the Old Testament since it tends to get bogged down in historical treatise at times that most of us find overwhelming and boring at the same time. That means most of us have been taught from the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament or at least what we think are the teachings of Jesus. The Bible does not teach us what Jesus taught because it has been corrupted and mistranslated by the Zionist Jews.

Conversely, white people practice a form of Christianity one might simply refer to as “white nationalism”. It is codified in the Constitution as well. It was codified for many centuries in slavery and for many decades after slavery in Jim Crow laws. This whole morass of rhetorical ethic via religious dogma is very similar to what we see between the Torah and the Talmud except instead it is Jews doing it to Gentiles, which includes non-Jews of all races.

Zionist Jews spend billions of dollars on research to determine how to most effectively manipulate Gentiles into self-destructive patterns of behavior. Over the centuries they have become masters of it. That is what the Protocols of Zion are all about. One need only look at the Mossad operation on 9/11 that claimed the lives of 3000 Americans for further evidence. They knew the indelible mark this would leave on the American psyche, particularly that of white Gentiles who were already used to living in a bubble of white privilege and completely unprepared to have it all come crashing down literally and figuratively all around them. It continues today with the unraveling of Wall Street despite the Jewish media’s claim that this is all cyclical or gross mismanagement. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is intentional. It is theft and murder no less. The Zionist Jews just want to make sure that the Gentiles suffer good and plenty before our ultimate demise just like the Talmud instructs them to do. They want to make sure that they have extracted every last shekel from our rotting corpses before they move on to their next host as parasites. A parasite cannot exist without a host.

The Zionists crafted the spectacle of the Holocaust a long time ago. WWII was just their first opportunity to bring it to fruition. They had already purposefully altered the Bible during the translation of it from Hebrew. In the New Testament you find all sorts of weak-minded scripture that aids the Zionist Jews in their plan for the destruction of the Gentiles. You have passages like “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” You have “Turn the other cheek”, the same type of pacifism that MLK preached that got black people nowhere until the Jews intervened but ultimately only for Jewish material gain as I will explain shortly. You even have “Forgive not seven times but seven times seventy.” This is masochistic hogwash at its worst people.

This is telling you in no uncertain terms to forgive your oppressors, whether they be white Gentiles or Zionist Jews, no matter how many times they try to destroy you. What sane people would embrace such an ideology? It is like saying that God loves you if you forgive God’s enemies. Why would God want us to excuse the depraved and decadent behavior of white Gentiles and the Zionists Jews that have infested America? Look at Hollywood and all of the filth coming out of it. Look at the prevalence of porn on the internet with little or no restriction to block children from accessing it. Look at how Americans have become hooked on prescription pain killers. Look at how Americans have become a country of drunks. Look at how public education has been ruined so we cannot even think our way out of this mess. Look at how they keep people who tell the truth like Minister Louis Farrakhan out of the media. People like him can barely get a book published or an article on the internet. They know how to take over a society because they have done it over and over again. Now they are just running things from the playbook that gets passed down to each successive inbred generation. And yes it is the Rothschilds at the helm of it all, despite their denial and seemingly innocuous presence. The Rockefellers merely run the American wing of the operation for them.

Once the Holocaust had been built up as the worst genocide in history and the New Testament had been corrupted almost everything was in place to tear America limb from limb psychologically. Slavery had long ago ended and many blacks were fairing better but there was still gross inequality between the races. Deep down white people knew and still know that the real Holocaust is Maafa, the genocide and enslavement of nearly twenty million Africans from the mid 1400’s until the mid-1800’s and even later depending on when slavery was abolished by a particular country. However, the Zionists were able to steal this guilt that white people felt and redirect it toward themselves for a useful purpose. White people did not resist this mental trickery because European Zionist Jews also have white skin which makes them part of the white brotherhood in some aspects. To whites blacks did not deserve any white expression of remorse or guilt because of our outward darkness of complexion which has always frightened and intrigued whites at the same time. Our skin represents evil and filth to them so they would rather deal with the guilt of slavery internally with cognitive dissonance than admit to being complicit it as a descendant of white privilege.

The Zionist Jews took full advantage of it and to this day through their control of the media and public education have convinced whites that the Holocaust is their fault using white guilt for slavery. The psychological term is displacement. Whites displace the anger they have at themselves over slavery, largely because of their Puritanical upbringing, onto blacks. The guilt that they have get displaced onto Jews as a whole so that the Zionist Jews in power encounter little or no opposition to their global agenda. It’s that simple folks. They have used the psychology of race and religion to enslave all of us.

On the surface it seems like Jews actually befriended black people. After all they started the NAACP. They marched with MLK. They started the ACLU. They founded American feminism. Jews freely admit that they are liberals but to what end? Zionist Jews never do anything that is straightforward and obvious and they never do anything that benefits other groups. They always play both sides of the coin. That confuses an American populate that already cannot think from drinking fluoridated water for decades. They sow the seeds of deceit and use the inherent distrust in humans to maximize the returns on their investments whatever those might be. They financed both sides of every major war in recorded history. What’s the catch? The winner always has to pay off the debts of the loser. It’s always a win-win for the Zionist Jews. So it is easy to see how blacks have been duped into believing that Zionist Jews are actually our friends. They are simply using us to generate more white hatred against us which in turn generates more white guilt for Jews. Minister Farrakhan preaches this same truth in a slightly different manner.

Like I said the Zionist Jews play both sides. Why else would black rap music be so self-destructive? Zionist Jews control the music industry. They control the negative depictions of black people on tv with shows like “The Cleveland Show” or everything on the WB network. They control how we are perceived in the porn industry and we all know that sex and race are joined at the hip for whites psychologically since white men have been raping black,  brown, red and yellow women since colonial times. Read Joel Kovel’s “White Racism” for an excellent analysis of that phenomenon. He’s Jewish himself so who would know better?

I could go on further. Who makes the laws that keep black people incarcerated at higher rates than every other racial group? Zionist Jews. Who actually funds the prison industrial complex? Zionist Jews. Who financed the ships that sold black people into slavery? Zionist Jews. Black people have two levels or layers of white oppression that we must deal with on a daily basis and even a third if you count Uncle Toms separately. On the one hand we have Gentile whites who we see on a daily basis who discriminate against us and say racist and degrading things to us. These people have relatively little power compared to the Zionist Jews but they are the ones that we have the most direct contact with so they keep us upset with hypertension over projection of their self-hatred onto us. We refuse to see it for what it is and then become subject to it unable to see the larger picture. The other far more menacing discrimination we face is that of the Zionist Jews. They know they have the majority of blacks in control so they don’t spend much time worrying about us anymore. Once they erased our history, language, culture and religion during slavery we have not been a threat to their power until the Nation of Islam came onto the scene and starting growing.

Black people have been brainwashed by Christianity, a religion designed to keep us in a position of subservience while the Zionist Jews exterminate the non-Jewish white race. It is a tribal war between Europeans. That is all. Will we survive it is the question. Not if we don’t wake up and stop drinking the media and public education Kool-aid. We cannot save everyone because some of us are too far gone but we have to try to save those who are looking for answers and still have an open mind. We are God’s chosen people. That is why we are suffering so much. Whites and Jews in power knew that if they destroyed our minds that our bodies would soon follow because the mind controls the body. That is knowledge they stole from us as they conquered ancient African and Asian civilizations using our own technology against us. We have turned our backs on the truth in our pursuits of material comforts. God is angry with us and will destroy us right along with whites and Jews if we do not turn from our ways and return to the ways of true Christianity and not the Zionist Jewish filtered version that has us all waiting on a savior we believe is yet to return.


  1. You aren’t the only one who feels this way about Christianity. I can’t understand why people would be willing to die for such a slave mentality such as this. The question is, how does humanity as a whole put a stop to it?

  2. In my view the only way Christianity can be redeemed for Black people is if it is joined with a revolutionary liberation theological stance. Just as the Jews have made Judaism political, so must black people make Christianity political. Otherwise it will only keep us subservient. But in terms of a religious ideology that is truly revolutionary, it seems that Islam is ideal.

  3. fuck you filthy stinking black ape.

    • Thank you.

  4. I have to give an large amount of credit to the writers of this piece. I have watched so many of my white friends in my generation that are psychologically damaged by how jews played blacks and whites against one another. The only way to stop it is to help others young and uneducated in what is going on and will continue to go on. I have at least twenty close white friends some even contained their phd’s. This is all true and none of them have children or a family. I could go on and on i have been watching this since i was fifteen and just entering highschool. At that age you realize something is wrong but many white families realize it before its to late. This is so sad and destructive to black and white american’s becoming one nation.

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