I’m Afropean (and so are most Americans)

May 5, 2010

I finally took a DNA test about six weeks ago and received the results via email a few days ago. There’s no doubt about one thing: My African ancestors are from Zambia. Portugal basically owned the slave trade from the mid 1400’s until the mid 1600’s and they were responsible for 40% of slaves transferred during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. They’re the mothers of it all and Britain is a midwife. The Lisbon Earthquake of 1755 finished Portugal off as a colonial power and their land was largely ceded to Britain. I’m glad to see that nature has a built in sense of justice. It’s too bad that earthquake didn’t destroy Britain, Spain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands as well. Slavery is inhumane but what is more inhumane is to erase the history of a people to make them subservient and dependent on the dominant culture destroying their ability to think for themselves. That is what happened in America along with the most brutal form of slavery ever known to man in recorded history.

As far as Europe goes I have strong markers in four different countries: Portugal (which makes sense since they were the rapist interlopers that never brought their own women with them), the Netherlands, Spain and France. I’ve always had an affinity for French and Spanish although I’ve never understood why. I even won the French award in junior high. I had also started learning Portuguese at one point but mainly, I thought, for a trip to Rio de Janeiro. Maybe there was more to it. This also explains why my mother is so light-skinned and her mother was even lighter. She obviously has some strong European blood in her, not that Africa doesn’t have light-skinned people but not in Zambia, and she prefers to not talk about it. It doesn’t matter to her she says but it does matter to me. This has been an eye-opening, enriching experience for me and the lackluster reactions I’ve been receiving from others takes none of the joy out of it for me. Go back to sleep sheeple.

It’s ironic how DNA brings all of this into the light. After all white men used technology, much of it stolen from Africa and Asia, to force their will onto most of the planet at gun point. That same technology is now uncovering their dirty little secrets. I also find it ironic that black people, in general, are just as ashamed of their white heritage (and therefore do not wish to know about it) as white people are about their black heritage. It just shows the effect of white supremacy. Most blacks, including my own mother, believe Africa is a vast wasteland of uncivilized tribes of warring factions. That is far from true. Yes some tribes still live simple lives and practice native religions like shamanism and animism but the vast majority of the people live in cities much like these in America. Additionally Africans get much better educations than Americans, just like Cubans do in their own country. Cubans get better health care as well but we all know how Africa has been intentionally decimated by AIDS (Malthusian depopulation) beginning in the 1970’s with that hepatitis B vaccine that infected not only Africans but the gay community in New York.

The media has truly pulled to wool over the eyes of many of my mother’s generation who hate the seed that wrought them because of lies and because of how the white man has turned Africans against each other in order to plunder and pillage the natural resources since human labor is no longer as valuable outside of mining coltan for our iPods. I am deeply embarrassed and ashamed of all of those that feel that hold such sentiment. That includes Henry “Skip” Louis Gates who recently in a column said that Africa owes blacks just as much as Europe does for selling us into slavery. What a high-minded coon of a yessuh-man. Ironically once more he is the sponsor of the African Ancestry web site that performs the genetic research for a high fee. It’s owned by Family Tree DNA which is run by, you guessed it, a Jew. This is all part of the Zionist plan to destroy white America by using blacks as scapegoats for white rage while they continue to try to hide behind the Nolocaust or Howlowcaust.  I’m just lucky I could afford to pay 400 bucks for it even if it isn’t true or is only partially true. The entire truth will be revealed to all soon, especially the dirty secrets of the Jewish Zionists who financed the ships used during slavery and tucked away most of the profits as well. All will know about Maimonides inventing the Hamatic myth in the Bible, which Jews wrote and mistranslated on purpose, that blacks are cursed. It is a shame that blacks still embrace Christianity, the very religion that condoned slavery for over 400 years. We are truly a lost people who are feeding and funneling our spiritual energies into the black magic of the Zionist Jews making them stronger and stronger and us weaker and weaker. Will God yet save us after turning from him for so long? Only time, and maybe 2012, will tell who God’s real chosen people are once they wake up from their slavery slumber.

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