Jesus for President in 2012!!!

April 11, 2010

If Jesus was president then things would change big time in this country and world. Here are just a few things that he would do overnight:

1) Closing of our over 700 military bases all over the world.

2) Closing of Guantanamo Bay and releasing of prisoners, not sending them to other black sites.

3) Destruction of the Zionists.

4) End hunger.

5) End homelessness.

6) End all wars.

7) End institutional racism and discrimination.

8) End prison industrial complex and start rehabilitation industrial complex.

9) Prayer back in schools.

10) End Jewish control of media and Jewish porn industry.

11) Return control of all land to the indigenous peoples.

12) Canceling of all Third World debts.

13) Growing of all food organically without damaging pesticides, irradiation and genetic modification.

14) End water fluoridation.

15) Free all political prisoners.

16) End capital punishment.

17) Punish all those who assisted in the destruction of mankind for profit.

18 ) Cure all diseases.

19) Rewrite history accurately so black people know our true place in history.

20) Restructure public education so children are taught to think instead of conform.

21) Close all Ivy League schools.

22) End accumulation of mass amounts of wealth.

23) Expose Mossad behind 9/11 and Al Qaeda.

24) Destroy all nuclear weapons.

Is there any reason why Jesus cannot run in 2012? After all Jesus is over 35. He’s a citizen of the entire world. He’s everywhere so technically he’s lived in the US for at least 14 years. We know where he stands on the issues from the New Testament. There is nothing that says the president actually has to be physically present. If Jesus is spiritually present then he could be president and save this country from itself.


  1. He is my President…Shepherd….Pastor…Father…and I am working on ….Lord.


    • My intent was not to elevate Jesus to a divine status. His divinity is debatable. Even his existence is debatable actually. My intent was to expose the huge gap between what white people claim to believe in and what they actually do believe in. Christianity is a front for white nationalism. It’s not about Jesus or Moses or forgiveness or turning the other cheek. Those were things written into the New Testament by Jews who wanted to avoid the wrath of people who hated them. What black people practice and what white people practice as Christianity are polar opposites. Whites practice the continued enslavement and oppression of blacks as a religion. Blacks try to truly practice what the Bible teaches. The problem is that blacks don’t realize that Jews have altered the Bible, the same Jews that sold them into slavery. Maimonides is the Jew who wrote the Hamatic myth into the Bible that blacks are the cursed descendants of Ham. Slavery in America would not have been nearly as cruel and unusual had it not been for that inserted lie. Read “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” by the Nation of Islam and you will see whites are not nearly to blame as much as Jews for the suffering of blacks worldwide.

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