The Origin of Blackness by Louis Farrakhan

April 3, 2010

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful. We give Him
praise and thanks for His Mercy, His Goodness, His Guidance in the form
of Divine Revelation that comes to us from the mouth of His Prophets and
Messengers. We thank Him for raising up among us One to lead, teach and
guide us to the straight path of God, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
I greet all of you, my dear brothers and sisters, with the greeting words of

As-Salaam Alaikum.

It takes great strength to abide in Wisdom. We are a people used to
foolishness and we do not enjoy being challenged to correct behavior that God is
displeased with. As long as the lecture allows us to enjoy something that tickles
the ear—but does not raise the level of consciousness—sometimes those kind of
lectures please us. But when you want to make people responsive to The Call of
God; to be better than we are and accept a responsibility that will make us great
men and women, you find that many are called, but just a few are chosen. I hope
you will not be like that, because Allah (God) is completely Independent of us.
It is good for us to learn and grow and to have a clear criteria by which we can
measure ourselves and measure others.

We are talking about The Coming of God to a specifi c people to accomplish
a specifi c purpose. These people, though living, are considered dead. The Bible
and the Holy Qur’an are not referring to people in a cemetery being raised by the
blowing of a trumpet. This actually refers to human beings that are spiritually


Study Guide 21: Part II

dead in the grave of ignorance, and hear a Truth that is like the sound of a trumpet.
When a trumpet is blown, even if you want to sleep, it becomes difficult. The
trumpet is a brass instrument and the sound of Truth in the ear of one spiritually
dead would be like the brassy sound of a trumpet. But there will be a warning in
that call, and the trumpet will not sound forever.

The specifi c purpose, when it is accomplished, will prove The Presence
of God in the world. It comes at the height of one nation’s glory and the depth
of another people’s depravity of condition. He raises one from the valley to the
mountaintop; and He lowers one that is on the mountaintop into the valley. This
is a picture of the United States of America.

America is the greatest and most powerful nation on the Earth. But 400
years ago, White people captured our fathers and brought us to these shores.
While America is at the height of her power, we are at the depth of a depraved
condition, the like of which has never been seen among us as a people. So God’s
Coming is to America, to take one people down and raise another people up.

The Coming of God is in the person of a human being. This is shocking,
because we have always thought God is a spirit. Of course God has spirit—all
life has spirit or energy—but we have never thought of God manifesting Himself
as one like us, but unlike us. How could He not be what we are, yet make us in
His image and after His likeness?

We are made in the image and the likeness of God—God is like us and
we are like Him. He is our Originator. The difference is that He is Supreme in
knowledge, wisdom, understanding and power. The difference is He has the
power to make His Word come to pass. He cannot lie. Whatever He desires, He
only has to say, “Be!” and it is.


Study Guide 21: Part II

The Bible you read now is in English, but it is translated out of the original
tongues. What was the original tongue? If the Bible is translated out of the
original tongue, and is called the King James Version, who was King James?
What kind of human being was King James? Is he qualified to look at the Words
of God and give us his version?

You have been in enough trouble to know that people can look at the same
thing and see it differently. So if there is an accident, and you see it and I see
it; and then we are asked what color was the automobile, some might say it was
“blue,” some might say it was “gray.” Some might say it was a sedan; others
might say it was a coupe, because emotion, or shock, can damage perception. My
version of the accident may differ from your version of the accident, therefore,
there needs to be a judge that listens to the various versions and asks questions to
arrive at what are we going to accept as a truthful account of the accident.

Here is the “King James Version”; we also have the “Catholic Bible”; the
“Scofi eld Bible”; and we have many different bibles, all of which are translated
out of the original tongue. You and I, unfortunately, cannot speak the original
tongue, so we have to rely on these translators. The original tongue that the
Bible—or Torah and Gospel—was revealed in is Hebrew. Not Greek, but
Hebrew. We don’t have the original script in Hebrew, so we are relying on King
James and his version of what was said originally.

Now we have the Holy Qur’an, which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad
(Peace Be Upon Him) in Arabic. So, we have an Arabic Qur’an, and this is an
Hebrew Torah and Gospel, or Injil. I don’t speak Arabic, and I don’t speak
Hebrew, so I have to rely on a faithful translation. And I must understand
that no translation, no matter how faithful, can adequately convey the beauty
of the Hebrew language and the Arabic language. I need help in reading and
understanding a translation by one who has a knowledge of the original language,


Study Guide 21: Part II

one who is wise enough to give me a key, so when I read these books I can make
sense out of that which does not easily make sense.

Some of these writers “fi xed” the Bible in such a way that the common
man would never be able to read it and properly understand the Message that
God was trying to convey to us through the mouth of His prophets. I thank
Allah (God) for the Holy Qur’an, and for those diligent scholars who studied
the English language and tried their best to give a faithful account of Arabic and
Hebrew. There’s something very interesting about both of these books.

These two books are magnificent books, and what I want to do is have
a wonderful classroom from the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah
Muhammad that I want you to reason with. You see, the thing that separates
the human being from the vile beasts of the field is our ability to reason. If you
feel threatened, reason begins to diminish. If you feel anger, reason begins to
diminish. The things that make human beings human and divine is our ability to
reason with one another on the basis of truth and perception of truth, so that we
can reconcile differences and be of one accord.

Now what I want to do today is not to threaten anyone’s belief system, but
just talk to us; to see if we can reason together on truth. The Bible starts with
the first five books of a man called Moses. Although he is a liberator, Moses
starts talking about Creation: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the
earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the
face of the deep…And God said, ‘Let there be light.’” Who was Moses talking
to? Here is a man that came to free some slaves and the first book of the Bible
is called Genesis. And in the word Genesis you have the word ‘gene,’ which has
to do with the base, or the beginning, or the birth of something.

All of us that are here, had to be born. There was a time when we were


Study Guide 21: Part II

confined in a tiny little house called “womb,” in darkness. You mothers who have
carried your babies to term, you know that time does not start for what is growing
in your womb at conception, or your first trimester, or your second trimester, or
your third trimester. Once the baby comes out of darkness into light, you call that
the birth date. “On such-and-such a day, baby so-and-so was birthed into the
world”—that’s a genesis. That’s a beginning; that’s the birth of something. The
first book of the Bible is called Genesis, yet Moses was coming to a people who
were confined, who were enslaved, who were ignorant, who were in darkness,
who had no genesis.

Your genesis is not in the time of your mother. Time begins for you
when you are freed from your mother. Time begins for a people who are in
bondage when they are freed from their oppressor and captor. Since Moses was
a liberator, he started with Creation: “In the beginning God created the heaven
and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void…” What are you
saying, Moses? Just as God created Earth and Heaven out of a void, the Children
of Israel had been voided as captives under Pharaoh. You have been voided as a
captive under White America. When you have a check marked “VOID”—I don’t
care what amount is written on the check; when “VOID” is written across it, it
has no value at all.

So Moses is saying to the Children of Israel, “As the Earth was without
form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep, you were without
form and void, and darkness was upon the face of your consciousness. But when
God said, ‘Let there be light’—let there be the introduction of knowledge—He
raised me and gave me light to give to a people that walk in darkness.” All
praise is due to Allah.

Now we look at this beautiful book called Bible, which Master Fard


Study Guide 21: Part II

Muhammad lovingly called “The Poison Book”—not out of hate, but lovingly.
This is a “Poison Book.” Well, what is medicine? It’s poison—take too much of
it, and it will kill you. But if it is prescribed in the right dosage by a competent
doctor, and administered by a competent nurse, then the poison becomes
medicine that will bring about a good result. However, when you take poison
without understanding, something happens to you psychologically, emotionally
and mentally.

When we open the Bible to this book called Genesis, God is doing all these
acts of creation. When it gets to the 26th verse of the first chapter, He’s thinking
about making man. He said, “Let us make man.” But Moses declared, “Know
that the Lord your God is One God.” Well, if the Lord your God is One, and
God said, “Let us make man,” who is the “us” here? The Holy Qur’an says,
“And We made man, and We know what his mind suggests to him.” So you
have Us in the Bible; We in the Holy Qur’an, yet both the Bible and the Qur’an
declare that God is One. Who is Us; and who is We, if God is One?

The Semitic languages of Hebrew and Arabic are mathematically precise
languages. God is the Revealer of the Word, and He knows these books better than
anyone else. He said “We,” a pronoun that refers to “groups of persons either
in the same room, in the same condition or for the same cause”; and “Us,” a
pronoun that refers to “a group of people that have one thing in mind”—which
is making a man.

Neither “We” nor “Us” denies the Oneness of God. Allah (God) is Alone,
Singular, Supreme and Above His creation. But when we are in obedience to
Him, acting on His Will, then the pronoun “We” is proper because it is still one
person acting. It is God, acting through those of us who surrender our will to do
His Will, so we become Allah (God).


Study Guide 21: Part II

You say, as a Christian, that you are the “body of Christ,” but my body
cannot function without a head. He is called “Christ” because he has the anointing
of the Wisdom, the Power and the Spirit of God. So when my arms act, my feet
walk and my tongue speaks, it is not “I” walking; it is not “I” talking—it is God
talking through those who surrender to do His Will. All praise is due to Allah.

Since Christ is Supreme, except to God; and we are the “body of Christ,”
then we are supreme beings. If we are in complete surrender to Allah, we
become Allah; we become the supreme beings—the highest manifestation of
human behavior. Supreme. God. We. Us. Yet, Allah is One; Indivisible;

This book, Bible, is called scripture. We have Torah; we have Injil, or
Gospel; and we have the Holy Qur’an. These are all called scriptures. Even
though the Holy Qur’an is called Al-Kitab (The Book), these two books only
deal with 6,000 years of history—but with references to eons of time. The focus
of these two books is Adam: The first Adam; the second Adam. A world of evil
coming in; a world of evil being destroyed. A new world coming in, and then the
Bible ends.

In the Holy Qur’an, a prayer opens this book called Al-Fatihah.
Wonderful! Seven ayats, or verses, that make up the oft-repeated prayer of
the Muslims. The root of that word Fatihah is miftah, which means key. So
these seven verses, if understood, give you the key to unlock the knowledge that
follows Al-Fatihah.

The second chapter of this book is called Al-Baqarah (The Cow). It is in
this chapter that Adam is introduced, so both books, in the beginning, start with
Adam. Both books tell us that Adam was a powerful being, but he made serious


Study Guide 21: Part II

These two books—Bible and Holy Qur’an—deal with a limited time:
6,000 years from the time of Adam to the time of The Coming of God. At the end
of the present world, we are entering into the 7,000th year; and the 6,000 years
end with a great destruction of the present world. In the Book of Revelation
you have the 24 Elders; and these Elders are very powerful beings. The Holy
Qur’an does not use the term Elders; it uses the term Exalted Assembly.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us—I have to say this because
the whole idea of these series of lectures [starting February 25, 2001; through
June 3, 2001] is designed to get you to reason with what Elijah Muhammad
taught, and to answer the question: “Is it revelation?” If it is revelation, then the
Light of God has passed out of the East and is now coming to birth in the West.
This means that the scepter of rulership is being taken out of the East and is being
placed in the hands of those to whom revelation is given.

If a Black man from among us has received revelation from the Lord of
the Worlds, this is saying that the White man’s time of rule over us and the world
is over. Your time is to begin! You have been voided. You are not yet making
history. You are inside the womb of America, like a baby is in the womb of its
mother, where you are functioning off of his system; feeding from his system,
trying to develop a system of your own. But as you begin to evolve, it is not until
you are free from him that your genesis will begin. And this is why Moses is
given in both Bible and Qur’an as the main man—that the last man would be like
“a man like unto Moses.”

Why? Because you are a people like Moses’ people. You and I are a
people that walk in darkness. We are without form. We have been made void.
Anything that is voided has no value. You throw it away, you cut it up, you burn
it up; or, you put it where you can look at it: A check with a big number on it, that
you were never able to cash because it was voided.


Study Guide 21: Part II

You are a Black man that doesn’t have any value. When the enemy wants
to move you, they move you. When they want to kill you, they kill you. When
they want to beat you, they beat you. When they want to raise you, they raise
you. But it’s always when they want it. It is only after you press and press and
press, that they give.

It’s like a baby growing in the womb: Mama may not want to give an inch,
but the baby may twist and kick the foot so much that it kicks your nerve, and
your legs go out from under you. You didn’t mean to lose your balance, but it’s
that which is in you that is making you lose your balance. So it is with the Black
man today. You are moving inside the womb of America—you are not yet free,
but your movement is causing trouble inside the womb; inside the nation. The
White man is feeling the movement of the Black man, because life is coming into
you. And it is only a matter of time before we will all be free.

Why are you Black? Are you Black because you are cursed? What
happened to you that caused you to be Black? Some of you have awakened and
looked in the mirror at your face, your hair, and your lips, and you wonder to
yourself, “Why couldn’t I have come into the world White? Why did I have
to be Black?”

The Bible teaches, “In the beginning”—it doesn’t tell you when that
beginning was, but it is letting you know there was a beginning—“God created
the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and
darkness was upon the face of the deep…,” so darkness preceded light.

Now let’s take a look into this “darkness.” The Honorable Elijah
Muhammad said the darkness we see now is not real. When the night comes,
you are in the dark, but it’s not real darkness. How do you know? Because the
minute the light comes, the darkness goes. Where did it go? It vanished. Why?


Study Guide 21: Part II

Because it was not real in the beginning. The thing that is real is what produced
the darkness. If you go outside and face the East, the Sun striking your body will
send a shadow toward the West. When you look at the shadow, you see this dark
thing following you, but that which is following you is not real. What is real is
you; what is real is the Sun, and as the Sun strikes you, and you block that Sun,
you produce what is called “darkness” or a “shadow.”

When you are in the shadow of the Earth, you call that “night.” That
darkness is not real; it’s a shadow produced by the motion of the Earth in
relationship to the Sun. But what kind of darkness was that when there was no
Sun? When there was no Moon? When there was no Star? That is the darkness
that is beyond the diameter of sunlight. Beyond the wall of the Universe there is
darkness, and that darkness is not a shadow. That darkness is real. So when they
talk about a “black hole,” they are not talking about a shadow. They are talking
about real darkness; and real darkness contains a Power.

There is a Power out there that is always bringing new objects into view.
Stars are being born, stars are dying—that Power out there is bringing new
objects out of darkness into life. The darkness of the womb is real darkness.
The Holy Qur’an calls it triple darkness—layers of darkness. In that darkness
is the power to create life. In that darkness is the germ of light. No matter how
dark the day seems, no matter how dark the trouble is that you think you’re in,
in that darkness there is light. There is life if you hold on; don’t let the darkness
overtake you until your mind becomes as dark as the darkness that envelops you.
The power of darkness is that it can create you after itself.

Sometimes we get in a bad spirit, and we may liken it to darkness. Or,
a gloom comes over the mind because of a thought we are thinking, real or
imagined. Then that thought begins to reflect itself in our skin; it begins to reflect


Study Guide 21: Part II

itself in our posture—your shoulders begin to droop, and you don’t feel good.
What happened to you? “A thought in my brain is remaking me according to
the darkness of that thought. So now I have become as dark and gloomy as
what is in my mind.” So it is with the real darkness that was in existence before
there was light.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to us that an atom sparkled in the
darkness and God began to create Himself out of the material of the darkness.
He is telling us that matter was there, but the matter was doing nothing. It had no
form. It had no aim, it had no purpose, until an atom sparkled in the darkness.

Look at you. He said you are “created in His Image and after His
Likeness.” How did you start from a tiny life germ that impregnated the egg?
You can’t see it with the naked eye. That is how infinitesimally small that sperm
was. But that sperm, with a little tail and a head, had some intelligence in it—it
knew where it wanted to go and it knew what it wanted to do. In the dark, that
sperm found the egg and the first cell of life began in darkness. But the cell had
a light of itself—electricity inside the cell—a neutron, a proton and an electron.
The cell of life was like an atom.

The light of itself caused it to start rotating, where it began breaking down
and building up. We don’t know how long it took for brains to form in the
darkness. The first thing that forms when a baby is conceived in the womb is not
the tail; the first thing that forms is the head, and it is the head that calls the arms
into existence, the feet into existence, and the organs into existence. But when
you didn’t even have thought, before you could think, there was an intelligence
working in you that is The Light of God and The Power of God. Even before
the growth of intelligence, in the darkness we were being fashioned out of a tiny
life germ—sperm mixed with ovum; and we were called into existence by what


Study Guide 21: Part II

was in the head of that tiny sperm. And at the end of nine months, we came forth
knowing nothing, but with a capacity to learn everything.

Surah 112 (Al-Ikhlas) in the Holy Qur’an says that Allah (God) “Neither
begets nor is He begotten.” The First God was the Originator of Himself. He
was not begotten. The One that comes in the end does not beget. He doesn’t need
a son from His loins. He produces a Nation from the Wisdom of His mouth.

The First God fashioned Himself out of darkness, so this teaches us how
environment can infl uence heredity. We have to be careful what environment
we put ourselves in, because no matter what is in you of good, the wrong
environment can effect the good that is in you, and turn you into itself.

I want to share revelation with you so that we can reason together on this
man, Master Fard Muhammad, Who came among us and taught the Honorable
Elijah Muhammad. If Master Fard Muhammad is not who we say He is, then
Elijah Muhammad can’t be who we say he is, and we are not who we think we are.
We could take that which Master Fard Muhammad taught and throw it all away;
and we could throw away the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad,
but I know the effect of what happened to me when I put the Message of Elijah
Muhammad to the side. I also know the effect it had on me when I went back and
picked it up again.

Who is the Original Man? Are you Black because you got cursed? Or,
are you Black because you took your color out of the darkness from which the
First Life came? Since we agree that environment influences heredity, and the
darkness before there was sunlight had matter in it that was real, how could The
God make Himself up in darkness and come out White? If He made Himself up
out of darkness, and the darkness covered Him, then The God Who originated the
Heavens and the Earth is a Black God.


Study Guide 21: Part II

Who is the Original Man? What is the meaning of “original”? Original
means “belonging or pertaining to the origin, or beginning of something;
arising or proceeding independently of anything else.” Since God is Self-
Created, He arises independent of anything else. That is why Al-Ikhlas (The
Unity) says, “Allah is He of Whom nothing is independent, but upon Whom we
all depend.” So the First God that Originated Himself causes us to be dependent
on Him. That is why He is called Jehovah—He is the Self-Existent God, and He
is The God by Whom all things exist, or subsist. So without the Original Man,
we would not be here.

There was some begetting done after He created Himself. The Honorable
Elijah Muhammad said the first thing He did was study Himself and in Himself
He saw another being, another creature. In Himself He saw somebody else and
He brought “her” into existence from Himself. The first act of creation of God is
not the Sun, the Moon, nor the Stars. His first act of creation was Woman: The
Second Self of God.

Have you ever watched a flower unfold? One day, I happened to be looking
at a stem and the flower was closed. As I watched, it slowly stretched itself up
and then unfolded. I said, “That must have been painful.” We don’t think that
plant life can feel, but if it’s life, it can feel. The plant is you: Your flesh is the
plant life of the earth. Your bone is the stone of the earth. Your blood is the water
of the earth. As you unfold, you are in the womb, stretching. Look at the baby
when it comes out: It looks like hell, because it’s in pain. It’s been forming, and
now it’s forcing itself, with its little head against your pelvis, driving itself into
the world. And when it comes, it’s all wrinkled up, black and blue. That baby
fought like hell to get here. There is a lot of pain in Genesis. There is a lot of
pain in birth. There is a lot of pain to grow from where we are into where God
wants us to be.


Study Guide 21: Part II

I can only imagine what the Original Man went through just coming into
existence, so when He created something from Himself, He created her with a
nature to console Him. Woman: You can’t get away from what you are. You
are not a woman until you are relating well to a man. I don’t care what profession
you’re in—there is no profession that gives you more joy than a loving relationship
with a man that satisfies your mind, your heart and your longing. When God
made Adam, He gave Adam a woman so the man would not be alone; so that the
man would have companionship.

Now this original man of any dispensation is referred to under the name
“Adam.” Some of the scholars of Islam say there may be about 50,000 Adams.
I wonder where they got that from? But, let’s entertain the thought.

Since our deportation from Moon, it has been 66 trillion years. If you divide
the history, called Bible or Qur’an, which we make to equal the circumference
of our home, the Earth is 24,896 miles in circumference (nearly 25,000 miles).
We write history, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches, to equal our home
circumference—one year to every mile. So when we write history, we write it to
last for 25,000 years; and the first man of that cycle is The God, or the Original
Man, or the Adam of that cycle. He cannot borrow the wisdom of the previous
cycle, but He builds on that wisdom with a new wisdom.

When it is time for a portion of that history to be given, the Honorable Elijah
Muhammad teaches that there are 24 Scientists. He called them “Scientists”—
these are Gods. Twenty-three (23) of them actually do the writing; and the 24th
One acts as a Judge. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches that the number
“23” is in accord with the hours of our day: 23 hours, 56 minutes, 46 seconds;
and in accord with the way the planet leans: 23 degrees 30 minutes to the plane
of its orbit. So, 23 of these Scientists go out and make the history.


Study Guide 21: Part II

How does the Black man write history? We don’t write it after we do
it—the Original Man writes history before he does it, then walks into the history
that he has written. How do you write history 25,000 years in advance? What
kind of mind must you have to write history?

Look at a pen—it is “one.” Now multiply that pen in your mind. Can you
see “two”? Just by looking at “one,” you can see “two.” Can you see “three”?
Can you see “four”? As long as you can see “one,” you can multiply that “one”
and see what is not yet in existence, then bring it into existence. These Scientists
can tune in on our thinking. Thought shapes matter: “As a man thinketh in his
heart, so is he.” Your thoughts can reshape you. If a man wants to be a woman,
and thinks about being a woman; loves acting like a woman, then pretty soon,
that man’s face will start changing. He’ll get that “soft” look; that “sweet” look.
But no matter how soft and sweet you get, you’ll never be able to be a woman.
You’ll never be able to be the Second Self of God.

What I’m getting at is if you divide the 25,000 years of a cycle into 66
trillion years, you will get the number of Adams that have been in the world since
the deportation of the Moon. Now let’s not go back that far yet; let’s deal with
the time that we are in, because this Bible and this Qur’an deals with a specific
6,000-year period.

Now, do you know why you are Black? You are Black because you are
a direct descendant of The Originator of the Heavens and the Earth. You are
the People of God. You have so much in you from The Originator, all you need
is a proper environment which will bring out of you what is in you from The
Originator. You are “little gods”—not worthy of worship, because only Allah is
worthy of worship. But you are little gods.

You might think this is erroneous teaching because you don’t see how


Study Guide 21: Part II

God can operate in a man, so I will point you to the Qur’an, and the making of
Adam. Adam is called the vicegerent of God. The term in Arabic is Khalifah,
which means “one who stands in the place of another as a successor.” If Adam
was able to stand in the place of Allah as a successor, then God had put in Adam
whatever Adam needed to stand in His place, but we must study this carefully,
because the Adam that we are talking about did not bring in a civilization of

Everything in this Universe is based on atoms. Everything you see breaks
down to atoms, so the basic unit of everything in Creation is the atom. You can
break the atom down even further, but the atom is the basic unit that everything
in this Universe is built on. If we look at the word a-t-o-m, all Semitic languages
deal with consonants, rather than vowels. In this word, you have an “a,” and
an “o”—so you can cancel them out; but the “t” and the “m” are important.
Sometimes the letter “d” is interchangeable with “t,” so if you have an “a” and
a “d”; then you put another vowel “a,” and add the “m,” you have the word “Ad-

When you break down the atom, it is the beginning of everything. Adam
is the genesis of a cycle of history that starts from whatever is in him. Since
Adam is the original man of a cycle of history, whatever comes up in that cycle
is found in Adam.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches that we are in the 16,000th year
of our history, with 10,000 more years to go in this current cycle. Twenty-three

(23) of the 24 Scientists went out among the people, to listen to their thinking.
The Scientists determined that 70 percent of the people were satisfi ed with the
civilization; and 30 percent were dissatisfied. Whenever you have dissatisfaction,
it brings about a change.

Study Guide 21: Part II

Allah (God) experiments with things. Why does He experiment? And
why does He allow experimentation? Because it is through experimentation that
we grow in knowledge. The most profound knowledge is The Knowledge of
God and The Knowledge of Self, so the most profound experiments have been
on God, Himself, and on the human being (man). These Scientists went out
and heard the thinking of the people. You know that thought produces actions,
thought produces events, and thought produces circumstances. Circumstances
produce people; and those circumstances produce events. Men rise to the event,
creating another circumstance. So what you have in the Bible, from Genesis
to Revelation, is a man coming, a family coming; circumstances giving rise to
events; and, people being shaped by the events of their time.

When the Scientists wrote the history, this is what They saw: In the Year
8400 of the present 25,000-year history, a man was coming out of the 30 percent
dissatisfied—a man who was born to produce a change. Since Allah (God) is
The Only Reality, then all men of knowledge are agents of God’s Will—willingly
or unwillingly. These Scientists saw a man being born. His name in Arabic was
Yacub. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that Allah (God) revealed to him
that this man was going to bring in a new civilization.

Yacub had an exceptionally large head. He was born 20 miles outside of
the City of Mecca. The Book of Habakkuk in the Bible teaches, “God came
from Teman and the Holy One from Mt. Peran.” Both of these locations are
in Arabia. When Yacub was six years old, he was playing in the earth with two
pieces of metal. As he starts playing with these two pieces of metal, he notices
that one of them is magnetic, and has magnetic power to draw the other piece
of metal to itself. And he tells his Uncle: “When I grow up, I’m going to make
a people that will rule you.” This is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an: “And
what will you make other than that which will create mischief and cause the


Study Guide 21: Part II

shedding of blood?” And Allah said, “I know what you know not.”

Here is a six-year-old coming into the knowledge of his destiny. This is
why we have trouble now with our young children. They are not bad children;
the school wants to make you believe they are a “disciplinary problem.” They
want to dope the children up with Ritalin and all kinds of drugs because they say
the children are a disciplinary problem, but the real problem is that White people
know your time has come. The real problem is that they know God has been
among you; and your womb, Sister, has been blessed. Your babies are coming
forth moving from when they first come out the womb: Alert! Wide-awake!
Look how fast they learn!

The teachers can’t keep up with these young boys and girls. Nothing you
learned in Psychology class prepared you to deal with these children. You can be
a teacher, but you’re out of date. You have a doctorate degree in that which will
not make you function today. You need another degree from another doctor—
and I believe I may be that doctor. I don’t ever want to see you get proud of what
the White man gives you called “education.” It will not allow you to raise your
people up where God wants them to go. The White man will never give you that
kind of knowledge. That knowledge has got to come from God to you.

I know some children that have seen their destiny at six years old. I know
some children that know at age six what their life is going to be. Sometimes
you ought to just be quiet and listen to some of things coming out of the mouth
of your children. In order for us to take over the rulership, the children have to
come from the womb greater than they’ve ever come before. White folk know
this, so they want to destroy your male children before they can get up and start
exercising what God has already put in them. You have got to be careful where
you put your boys and just as careful where you put your girls. The public school


Study Guide 21: Part II

is a slaughterhouse. If you’ve made it in this world, you say, “Children, we
want you to stay in school.” Stay in school for what? An education that allows
your master to still be your master after he has given you the degree? The
education you’ve got has not freed you from the grip of your former slave master
and his children. Think about it! What you’ve got is training you how to fi t into
a world that is not your world—it’s his world.

Yacub, at the age of six, knew what he was going to do. The Honorable
Elijah Muhammad said that at the age of 18, he had finished all the schools of
his day. Let’s look at the number “18.” If you divide “18” by “3,” you get “6”
(18÷3=6). So in the number “18” you have three “6’s”: (6+6+6).

In the Book of Revelation, Chapter 13, verse 18, it reads: “Here is
wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for
it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore”—which
equals “60”—“and six.” The mark and the number of the beast is “666.” And
the number of the man is the same.

Allah says of us, the Original people, that He created the Heavens and the
Earth in six periods of time. So “6” is our number, but the beast is made on our
number. Why is he made on our number? He can’t be made on anything else,
because we are the “original ‘6.’” Six (6) is a “1” that has started to revolve.
The Original Man started revolving in the darkness, and so “6” is God’s number;
“6” is man’s number; and “6” is the beast’s number.

Yacub was 18 years of age when he went through all of the schools of his
day. But at what age do they start you in school? Six? What are you doing at
age six? Yacub was playing with steel at six, and you’re playing little games of
how to fit a square into a square, and a circle into a circle. You could have done
that at age one and a half.


Study Guide 21: Part II

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said the process of learning begins as
soon as you can potty train the baby; and that you should take Islam (Truth), put
it in a baby bottle, and start teaching the babies. What does he mean, “put it in
a baby bottle”? This means take the most profound truth and put it in simple
terms so that the babies can grasp it. It is you who are the “babies” and have
got to learn wisdom. If you don’t learn The Wisdom of The Time, you lose your
children, because you cannot feed them.

You’re wondering what’s wrong with your children: It is what’s wrong
with you that is wrong with your children! You are of an old world, and your
children are born for a new world. But you don’t know how to help bring in the
new world, so your children are running away from you. You are born under the
White man, and some of you are in love with him and his way of civilization. So
you’re a silly mother, a silly father—you want to bring your children up in the
way of the White man to make them pleasing to White folk. Your children are
trying to get away from that, that is why there is a hip hop generation; and that’s
why they are rapping today. Do you know the kind of skill it takes for a young
boy to get up and rap like these children and rhyme like they’re rhyming, and get
that rhythm? That is the high form of mathematics. Our children are gone and
we’ve got to catch up to where they are; put some wisdom there, and let them rap
the Wisdom of God.

The Bible teaches, “Let us make man in our image.” You are the Original
Man. Who is the White man? He is the man made in our image and after our
likeness. He is a new man on our planet. Where did he come from? You don’t
want to believe it, but he came from you. You are his father, and you are his
mother. Moses told him, “Honor your mother and your father that your days
may be long.” There would be no White person if there was no Black person,
because two White people can’t produce you, nor can two White people produce


Study Guide 21: Part II

Yellow. So it had to be you to bring Brown, Yellow and White on the planet. That
is how color began.

Now White people are saying that life began in Africa. They are only
bearing witness to what Elijah Muhammad taught us, that Master Fard Muhammad
revealed to him. How did the White man come here? “Let us make man after
our image and likeness.” After you make man, it reads in the 5th Chapter of
Genesis that: “This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that
God created man, in the likeness of God made he him; male and female created
he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they
were created.” So Adam is not an individual; Adam is the beginning of a race
of people: Male and female.

So here you have an Adamic race of people. It’s a new people, with a
new wisdom, that is going to bring in a new way of civilization. You have the
Adamic race and you have the pre-Adamites. That means that there were people
on the earth before Adam. The pre-Adamites are the “Us” out of which Adam
came; human beings on the Earth before Adam. They are called Aboriginal. If
Adam was only one person, Eve was one person, Cain was one person, Abel was
one person; then Cain slew Abel, and Cain went into the land of Nod and found
a woman in the land of Nod, where did she come from? What family was she a
part of?

Aboriginal means “from or away from the origin or the beginning.” You
are the Aboriginal people of the earth. You could never be a citizen of the United
States according to the definition of what an American is. In Message to the Black
Man, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad writes about the “House Un-American
Activities Commission” that was studying us as being “un-American.” The
Honorable Elijah Muhammad defended us by showing them from their dictionary


Study Guide 21: Part II

what an “American” is. If you look at the Seal out of which came this E Pluribus
Unum, it was all Europeans that started the 13 Colonies, so the old definition of a
“citizen” or an “American” is one from European extraction—not one of the
Aboriginal people of the Earth.

He did not bring you here to make you a citizen, that’s why you don’t have
the rights of a citizen now. He brought you here to make you a slave. The biggest
deceit of all is for him to make you think that because he gives you the right to
vote you’re a citizen now. When you get beat up by the police, go to court and
see how they make you know who you are. Go down to Cook County Jail and
see our people all lined up in the prison house—for things they didn’t do and for
infractions they did do—but they have no justice. If you are an equal citizen you
should be treated equally to all of the other citizens. You know better than that!
The biggest deceit of all is to make you think you are an “American.” You will
never be an “American.” You will never have the equal rights of the Whites of
America. Not unless you become the power.

Now this Adam started a dysfunctional family. Have you ever heard the
Catholics talk about the Original Sin? They say “man is originally sinful,” or
“man has a leaning toward sin”; and the only way man can become perfect is by
the Intervention of God and The Grace of God. “Man” is naturally inclined to
“sin.” But what man?

You are the Original. You are not naturally inclined to sin—you are
naturally inclined to God. If you were in the right environment, you would be
more “godly” than you are. But even in the wrong environment, as crazy as you
are, you are God-fearing. I watch these awards shows. A sister comes out half-
naked with a cross on, saying, “I thank you; so glad that I won, but giving all
honor to the Lord, Jesus Christ. Without Him, I would never be here.” The


Study Guide 21: Part II

brother comes out; his pants hanging down off his backside, gold and diamonds
and “bling” everywhere. But the first thing that comes out of his mouth is
“God”: “Yo! I’m glad I won this, you know what I’m sayin’? But I thank my
Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, you know what I’m sayin’? He sho’ was with
me when we won this thang!”

Listen to the Whites at the Oscars; if they say “God,” it’s a miracle: “I
want to thank my producer, I want to thank Joe and Harry so-and-so. I thank
you. And I want to thank my wife who stood by me all these years.” But what
about God? He wasn’t in this. You don’t ever hear them praising God like you
do in your madness. Why? Because you are the people of God. The real people
of God.

In the Book of John, 8th Chapter, beginning at the 31st verse: “Then said
Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If you continue in my word, then
are you my disciples indeed; and you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall
set you free.” They answered him: “We be Abraham’s seed and were never
in bondage to any man. How sayest thou, ‘You shall be made free’?” Jesus
answered them saying: “Verily, verily I say unto you Whosoever committeth sin
is the servant of sin. And the servant abideth not in the House forever: but the
Son abideth forever.” Let’s get at the root meaning of this.

Do you remember the parable of the wicked husbandmen? Jesus made a
parable that the vineyard was let out into the hands of some wicked husbandmen.
And it says every now and then, the owner of the vineyard would send someone
to the husbandmen to check on the fruit of the vineyard. Some of the ones that
were sent were either beaten, or imprisoned, by these wicked husbandmen.
When the owner sent his son in, his son they killed. So when Jesus asked the
Jews, “What will the Master do to those wicked husband men on His coming?”
the Jews answered, saying, “He will utterly slay them.” Then Jesus said, “The


Study Guide 21: Part II

servant of sin abideth not in the House forever,” meaning, “there is a time limit
on the wicked.”

The House is the Earth. “We’re going to cut you off from the Earth, but
the Son abideth forever.” The Son means “that which is a direct descendant of
the Originator.” We are going to abide on the Earth forever, but for this new
man that came, there is a time that he has got to go. That is why it is written in
the scriptures that God is going to destroy them and leave them neither root nor

He said, “If the son, therefore, shall make you free, you shall be free
indeed.” Now Jesus was the only one who could free these Jews from the
Judgment of God that they would be able to abide in the House with the son. So
when they said, “We have never been in bondage to any man,” they mean “I’ve
been free to raise hell ever since I’ve been out of the caves. Nobody had me in
check.” Jesus said, “We know, but if the son set you free”—meaning, “if I free
you from the nature in which you were made”—“you will be free indeed.” Jesus
was the last Prophet to the White race, and they rejected him.

Jesus said to these Jews, “I know that you are Abraham’s seed, but you
seek to kill me because my word has no place in you.” What kind of word was
Jesus speaking that his word had no place in them? I did not write this; this is in
your Bible.

Jesus continued: “My word has no place in you. I speak that which
I have seen with my Father and you do that which you have seen with your
father”—here are two fathers. Jesus has a father, and the Jews to whom he was
speaking had a father. Yet, Jesus said, “If the son free you, you are free indeed”
[But look at what you are trying to do to a man that could free you from the
curse of your father, Yacub!]. The Jews answered and said unto him, “Abraham


Study Guide 21: Part II

is our father.” Then Jesus answered, “If you were Abraham’s children, you
would do the works of Abraham.” He said, “But now you seek to kill me, a man
that has told you the truth, which I have heard of God. This Abraham did not
do. You do the deeds of your father.” Now he is pinning them to the wall.

Look at the way they come back on Jesus. They said to him, “We be not
born of fornication.” What are you throwing up in Jesus’ face here? Because
Mary had a baby, and you didn’t see a man present, you are going to accuse the
offspring of Mary as being born of fornication? So the Jews hit him—in other
words, “your mother was ‘playing around’”: “We be not born of fornication,
we have one Father, even God.”

See how Jesus comes back: “If God were your Father, you would love
me: for I proceedeth forth and came from God, neither came I of myself, but
He sent me. Why do you not understand my speech? Even because you cannot
hear my words? You are of your father the devil.” Evidently, he recognized
them as the children of the devil.

Was Jesus anti-Semitic? They say he was a “Jew,” and here he is telling
some Jews they are the children of the devil! Jesus said, “You are of your father
the devil and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from
the beginning.” The father of this people was a murderer from the beginning.
And Jesus said, “He abode not in the Truth because there is no Truth in him.
When he speaketh a lie he speaketh of his own, for he is a liar and the father
of lies.”

In the Book of Revelation, this people is called the blood shedder. Some
White people have studied themselves and want to know, “What’s wrong with
us that everywhere we go, we are killing—not just animals, fish and birds. If


Study Guide 21: Part II

we find a human being different from ourselves, we kill that human being.
They don’t need to do anything—all they have to do is be in our way.” You and
I grew up under this people.

I did not grow up in the South. But when I got to be a young man, I told
my mother, “I want to go to school in the South, Ma.” She asked me, “Why do
you want to go to the South?” I said, “I want to experience what my brothers
and sisters down there have experienced all their lives.” Look at how you grew
up down there. Some of you ran away to save your life. Sometimes your mother
would put you on a train to Chicago, because you had beat up the little White
boy next door who called you a “nigger,” or he spat on you because you had new
shoes for Easter. He didn’t have new shoes, so he hated you because you had new
shoes and he started trouble with you.

White people have killed Black people because we had a new car, or wore
a new suit, or had a farm that produced good crops. You know that this man is a
murderer. He is not only a murderer, but he is a liar. He said he found you in the
jungle, with bones in your nose, climbing trees with the monkeys. “You Negroes
ought to be glad I brought your black sorry self to America to civilize you!”
Yet, you built the mansions in the South. You cooked his food. Your mother
wore burlap, yet she could take silk and fashion a garment for “Miss Ann” to
wear. You built mansions, you built the White House, you built the Capitol, you
built everything this White man’s got—but he found you in the jungle? He’s a
liar. You were some of the most highly civilized people on this Earth.

Yacub preached among the dissatisfied. He learned everything that the
schools had to offer by the time he was 18 years of age. The Honorable Elijah
Muhammad said that when they keep you in college all these years, they are
keeping you there for fi nancial reasons. They won’t even admit that the courses
you took in one college are not acceptable in another college. They make you go


Study Guide 21: Part II

all over that ground again, so it’s a financial thing. It is really to extract money
out of you. If they really wanted to, you could have your doctorate degree by
the time you are 18 years of age. If they understand that the shortest distance
between two points is a straight line, they can get right to the matter in education,
and move you right along. These children today feel unchallenged, and lay
around with nothing to do and get into difficulty because you are not taking them
as fast as they have the capacity to go. It is not the children that are at fault—we
are holding them back by our ignorance.

Yacub studied the life germ of the Original Man, and in that life germ he
saw a Brown germ that was like “dust”: It had no form; it had no utility. It was
there, but it was mastered by the Black germ, so the Brown germ could never
really come out to give the Black germ a challenge. Yacub saw that if he could
separate the Brown germ from the Black germ, and graft it into its final stage, he
could produce a new people with an inclination toward evil. Then, by teaching
them a system of tricks and lies, and being un-alike, they would attract the
Black man. By being a master of tricks and lies, they would deceive and divide
and conquer the Black man, and rule the Black man until The Coming of God.
But in order to do this, they had to develop a birth control system.

If you look at the color of the babies you produce, you see that sometimes
you can produce a real dark child; but sometimes you produce one a little lighter.
The whole idea was “Kill the darker. Save the lighter.” This man, Yacub, had a
group of laborers. He had a Minister, a Doctor, a Nurse and a Cremator. When
two people wanted to marry, if it was two real Black ones, they would take a
blood sample. Yacub’s laborers would tell the couple that their blood is not quite
right, so they shouldn’t marry. Today, the White man is doing the same thing.

Right now, in your thinking from the White man, if you are real “black,”
you don’t want a real “black” man. If you are real dark, you are searching for


Study Guide 21: Part II

somebody a little light so your baby won’t be so “black.” In your house, if
you’ve got a dark child and a light child, you favor the lighter one and give the
black one hell. And when it goes out in the world, the world favors the lighter
child and the world beats the hell out of the black child. To this very hour, that
poison is sitting right up in us. “She’s too black. I don’t want to marry no black
thing like that.”

Some of you have been sitting up in Islam for years, and you are sick
with that kind of thinking. And you are supposed to be enlightened? You don’t
want anybody “black.” “They’re too black!” What are you talking about?
Somebody ought to slap you into Reality. You sound sick to be under this kind of
Teaching, and thinking stupid like that. You want somebody high yellow. “Well
Farrakhan, you know, you about like that…” Yeah, but I married a woman
darker than me. And if they write my biography, all my little girlfriends were
black—and ugly, too! [Laughing] I knew nobody was going to take them away
from me and I loved them. You see, my mother was a Black woman, a real, real
black woman. She was so black and beautiful, so strong and wise, she made me
honor and respect women, because I couldn’t put anything over on her. I had a
black mother and a real light father; I never saw him and he never did anything
for me, but I thank Allah for him because I’m here. He is dead now, but I thank
Allah for him. All he did was put the seed in my mother, but my mother shaped

I am telling you, brothers and sisters, this Yacub was something! He got
his people away from the mainland because he had to separate his followers. He
could not make them into what he wanted to make them as long as they were on
the mainland with the other Blacks. His teaching caused a lot of trouble. Finally,
his teaching was spreading, and the king of Islam got very upset. Now we don’t
have kings, but this king was a great one. He asked Yacub, “What kind of deal
can we make?” He said, “Well, let me and my followers go and you help us to


Study Guide 21: Part II

go.” So they did. They rounded them all up, helped them to go, and they went
to an island in the Aegean Sea called Pelan. The island is there, but it is called
Patmos in your Bible.

In the Book of Revelation, Chapter 1:9, it reads: “I, John, who also am
your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience
of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and
for the testimony of Jesus Christ.” What was “the word of God”? The word
was “Let Us make man.”

It took 200 years to make a Brown man. They had to kill the darker and
save the lighter. When the baby was coming, if it was a real dark child, the Nurse
would cleverly stick a needle in the brain. If the mother was alert, they’d say
“This is an angel baby,” and take it and give it to the Cremator.

This same system is going on today. I just want you to see what is
happening to us and our children. You are dark-skinned; you are pretty, and
you’ve got something. But in this world, you are not the standard of beauty, the
White woman is the standard of beauty. Therefore, all light-skinned persons—
with a little curl in their hair, lips not quite as thick, nose not quite as flat—they
become the standard of beauty among us. And the poor black one is always
feeling like she’s less, so the men prey on their low self esteem. You feel that in
order to be accepted, you have to give yourself to men that want to use you, so
you are played with, and preyed on.

The lighter-skinned sister sometimes thinks more of herself than she
should, especially if she’s got a little hair, what White folks think is “good hair.”
I don’t know when hair had a moral quality to it: “My hair is short and nappy,
so it’s ‘bad’; but your hair is long and straight, or curly, so it’s ‘good.’” You
go to the Koreans and ask them for weaves and extensions. Some of you are


Study Guide 21: Part II

breaking your neck, trying to be “White.” But you once had long hair; that is why
you’re buying hair and have it all the way down on the floor. Your hair wasn’t
nappy. Look at your eyebrows; see how straight your eyebrows are? That’s the
way your hair once was. We will teach you what Allah taught the Honorable
Elijah Muhammad about the origin of kinky hair and the purpose for it. You are
a wonderful people; you just need a greater knowledge.

So whatever happened on Pelan, or Patmos, was this: It was a womb.
Sisters, when you are pregnant, you have to be careful what you allow to go on
around what is growing inside of you. What is going on in the environment will
mark what you are building in the womb. So there was murder and lying on
the Island of Pelan, and it took 200 years, the Messenger teaches, to bring forth
a Brown man. And when they were made, some of them would leave the island
and they took up residence in what you now call “Japan.” The Japanese are the
Brown people.

After another 200 years of murder—killing the darker, saving the lighter;
marrying the lighter on to the lighter to keep on producing lighter—you had a
Yellow civilization. Some of them left the Island of Pelan and started populating
parts of Asia that is now called “China.” The Chinese are called the Yellow

After 200 more years, giving you a total of 600 years, they had produced
a “Caucasian” (White man). “Caucasian” means “pale-skinned, weak-boned,
weak-blooded, and stale-faced, with a leaning toward evil.” If you rear them
under righteousness, they will be right, but you always have to watch that
“leaning.” The White one is the final product of the made man, that is why the
Bible teaches that Adam was made “of the dust of the ground.” The Honorable
Elijah Muhammad said that “dust” is a particle of matter that has no form and
no purpose until form and purpose is given to it. The Brown germ in the Black


Study Guide 21: Part II

man had no purpose, so it’s called “dust.” But Yacub gave it form and gave it
expression, and what was born from that island was what we call “devil”: A
people inclined to evil; a people that are liars and murderers by nature. That
doesn’t mean they all do this, but that’s their nature. They really don’t understand
their own wickedness.

Caucasians came here to America, and the Native American took them in.
The Native American gave them corn, and showed them how to farm. How did
they treat the Native American in return? They killed them. They used germ
warfare on them by giving them blankets that had small pox in them. Why?
Why do this to a people that befriended you? Because you are a liar, a murderer,
and a devil. Africa, Asia—wherever the Caucasian they went on the Earth, they
found people there. And after they found them, they deceived them, killed them
and made them slaves. That is his nature. Now he’s got you and me.

He brought our fathers out of Africa. He’s a liar; he’s a murderer. What
has he made us into? When you open your mouth, the first thing you do is lie.
Right now your mouth is bent like that; you can’t help yourself. Now you’ve
become a murderer. You are driving by, killing your brother. What did your
brother do? “Well he ain’t my family, you understand. He’s a Crip, I’m a
Blood, he’s an El Rukn, I’m a Gangster Disciple.” The enemy has divided you
all against yourself. Now he doesn’t even have to come and kill us because we
are busy killing each other. You have become what he is: A devil.

Although you joined the Masons; you joined The Elks; you joined
all these organizations, such as Alpha, Delta, and all these fraternities and
sororities to try and find brotherhood, you still can’t get along among your
sisters, and you are not getting along among your brothers. This is because
Satan is busy in all of this. God wants us be in submission, but under


Study Guide 21: Part II

Satan, we are in absolute rebellion.

There was a beautiful young lady playing out in front of her door the
other night, minding her own business. A car comes along and runs her down,
and drives away, and little Samantha is dead today. There was a little girl in the
Projects, I think she might have been eight or nine years old, and this “man” took
her into his apartment and brutally raped her; poured all kind of mess into the
child. And now she’s in terrible shape—but she’s alive. The White man didn’t
do it to her. It was one of us that did it.

What have we become? We have suffered under slavery, injustice and
inequality, and you hate yourself. You hate your blackness; you hate your origin
in the world, and we are at war with ourselves, with our neighbors and with each
other. Instead of happiness, we are grieving. We need unity, but we are like the
dry bones in the valley—disunited. We have no brotherhood, and even though
we know what is right, we rebel against what is right.

“I send you to a rebellious house, impudent, stiff necked and hard hearted
people”—that’s you and me, but I thank Allah that He came to us. And now we
have come to the end of the rule of the Caucasian, and we see on the horizon
the second Adam: A new Original man. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad
taught us that the Scientists could not write the current 25,000-year cycle of
history, because when they saw One coming Whose countenance was so bright,
it blinded them; they couldn’t see. So they said, “Seal up the Book and write
no more, because eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it entered into
the heart of man to perceive or conceive what lies beyond the end of the White
man’s world.”

There is a new God with a new Wisdom. He is the Original Man of a brand
new Reality. That is why the question is asked, “Who is—not “Who was”—“the


Study Guide 21: Part II

Original Man?” The Original Man is a new Black Man. He is “the Maker, the
Owner, the Cream of the Planet Earth”—and if he stays in The Class, he will
become a—“God of the Universe.”

I thank Allah for the day I met the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I met a
man whom I know is the Original Man, a new Adam, a second Adam—not made
of the dust of the Earth, but made of a quickening spirit. It is your time, Black
man and woman! Revelation has come to you, Black man and woman! It’s up to
you. What do you want to do? Do you want to stay with Satan, or do you want
to come and let’s go to God? Let Him make us into a brand new people: The
wisest and most beautiful that have ever been on this Earth.

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