Pay Your Income Taxes? You’re a Murderer!!!

March 28, 2010

We are all murderers people, unless you are currently unemployed or refuse to pay the war tax via the war tax resistors. That money that comes out of each and every one of our paychecks goes to slaughter men, women and children in other countries all over the world just so corporations can make more profits for those with millions and billions just sitting in their offshore bank accounts already. Why do we do it? Two reasons. 1) We think Americans are superior to other cultures and that those people might be terrorists who wish us harm and 2) We don’t see how our money actually directly funds the weapons used by the military to kill, injure and maim the innocent. Out of sight. Out of mind. We are pure evil because we support pure evil.

Do you really think it makes you less culpable because you don’t know what portion of your check went to buying munitions and bombs versus planes and tanks? They are all killing machines that tear human flesh asunder. Do you think a just God will make the distinction? When you pay the war tax you are saying that you either fear your government, don’t care if non-Americans get slaughtered or both. All three choices are wrong but Americans live in a fantasy world. Religious people pretend they are somehow more righteous than nonbelievers that do the right thing. Religion is all about modifying immoral behavior so if you don’t change yours then why are you wasting your time? Paying tithes won’t save you. This is not Catholicism. You cannot buy your way into heaven and Catholicism is wrong anyway. Your sins can never be forgiven with penance.

Too painful for you to accept? I know it is. Americans hate the truth. We are a nation of turtles and ostriches when it comes to the truth. We go back into our shell or bury our head into the sand while the instruments of death we have financed slice and dice innocent men, women and children to shreds. We go back to our menial distractions or tell ourselves it was worth it because Wolf Blitzer, a Zionist Jew, tells us we killed some more Al Qaeda, a phony organization controlled by this government. We don’t see the children mauled and mutilated so it didn’t happen in our blind eyes controlled by the Jewish media. Oh yes it happened!!! It’s happening right now and you are paying for it!!! You are doing the work of Israel. You are doing the work of Satan. Whether you want to admit or not you will have to pay for what you have done sooner or later. Never forget that those weapons can and will be used on you when the time is right for the servants of Satan.

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