Ten Things Black People Must Do

March 27, 2010

1) Stop drinking water from the faucet without a proper filter. It is a fact that poor communities of color have heavily fluorinated water and some even suspect manganese is put into those water supplies. These chemicals make humans violent. This is exactly what the elite need…..evidence to back up their negative stereotypes.

2) Learn about the Rothschild family of England and their influence over history until today.

3) Stop practicing Christianity in its current form because it has been altered by the Jews to worship Satan.

4) Exercise and practice homeopathic medicine using natural herbs and other alternative medicine.

5) Follow a Kemetic diet.

6) Turn off the tv and read, especially about Africa.

7) Develop our own public education system attuned to the needs of black children.

8) Stop going to the strip club watching black women shake their asses along with everything else.

9) Stop wasting money on wants and start spending money on needs. This means less designer clothes,  BMWs, Cristal, Patron and definitely less bling. Spend your money wisely and keep it in the black community where it can do some good for us instead of sending right back to whites.

10) Realize that voting will never change anything because it is controlled by whites and hence Obama cannot either. Whether he wants to or not is immaterial. He cannot.

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