The 10 Reasons Black Women Cannot Find Black Men

March 14, 2010

1) They look in the wrong places like the clubs and church. Both are full of players.

2) They want a man like Denzel Washington, Tyson Beckford, Tyrese, Lil Wayne or 50 Cent because they are brainwashed by Hollywood. They suffer from an over-attraction to the “bad boy” thug image promoted by BET and elsewhere. Women have always liked the “bad boys” but now it is exaggerated by the 24/7 media onslaught.

3) They are not assertive enough around black men and wait for us to make the first move. Dog must chase the cat mentality. Black women have an intense fear of rejection.

4) Many black women do not masturbate because the Old Testament teaches that sex is dirty. If you cannot please yourself then how can someone else? Bad sex drives all men away.

5) Too many black women have children too young. That is seen as a liability by men, especially those with no kids like me.

6) Many black women try to play the role of the man. What is the man supposed to be? Bragging about material possessions to men is a turnoff.

7) Looking for a soulmate instead of a mate.

8) Most black women did not have a father at home so they were never properly socialized to deal with men in healthy ways. The same goes for black men dealing with black women. Both the father and mother are needed for proper socialization. One missing is often reflected in adulthood as some negative mental or emotional issue.

9) Believing media lies that all black men are in prison, gay, screwing white women or intimidated by a woman with money. The media wants to keep black people divided because they fear what we will do united but black women now believe that racism is just an excuse that black men use to avoid responsibility. Bill Cosby ain’t helpin’ and neither are your lonely girlfriends.

10) Looking for the superficial like cars and clothes instead of the substantive like morality. Consumerism has replaced spirituality. Everything now is an object to be possessed and controlled.


  1. I love it.

    Excellent list. Very precise and well planned.

    Although we are an online magazine that writes on interracial issues specifically on black women and white men, we’d love for you to guest post this article or allow us to republish it.

    Let us know.

    Interracial Love Magazine

    “Perhaps the only site of its kind?”

    • Sure you can post it. Please send me a link when it’s active.

  2. Full stereotypes, none of which do not apply to me.

  3. Stereotypes are often true. We just try to pretend they aren’t because of political correctness. I never said they applied to every black woman. Black women are in denial so spend your life alone and miserable or whatever it is you think will make you happy but never does. I don’t care. Your negative energy is a cancer on the entire race and planet. You will never find happiness in this life or any other with such hatred, malice and resentment in your hearts. It’s not my problem anymore. You’re all on your own.

  4. This is some hot mess and all you stupid dim witted black women believe this tripe have some serious issues. Ever since michelle obama got into the white house it’s “let’s attack black women” and you all (black women) fall for it hook line and sinker…dumbasses….all of y’all…you read this mess and you sit back and think, “yeah I got issues, yeah I need to stay and help my brutha out becuz da white man did him so wrong, yeah I could help out more than I already do, I just need to do better and maybe the situation will get better” Humph! Please!…you keep living your life for others and see where that gets you. NO WHERE FAST! And as for the comment number three…black men are the MEN you are supposed to chase the woman! But I wouldn’t want y’all no way. You think black women are supposed to do all the heavy lifting and some of you black women are more than happy to do so. Practically fighting each other to be first in line to get pissed on! Stupid. Fifteen of y’all competing for one half ass black man that ain’t worth shit! Good luck to you.

    • Wow. It’s funny how bm take everything that ghetto bw do and apply it to all bw but yet they don’t want to be compared to thugs. Number 10 is especially a huge lie considering that bw are the only women in the world who have supported bm in this country since we got here. This just goes to show that bm will say and do anything to justify their desire for leftover non black women. They don’t expect women of other races to chase them but they want 10 bw fighting for their attention. Bm are damaged beyond repair and it’s sickening. I want nothing to do with them.

      Bw, if you are intelligent, classy, and nice, you can easily attract men of all races who will chase, love, provide for, and protect you. You do not have to wait around for a bm who wants you to do all of that for them! Or a bm who only wants you if you’re light skinned or biracial.

  5. LOL~I am in so deep in love with my man, my brown haired, shiny blue eyed white man it’s sick and what’s sicker is how much he loves and adores my black behind:) love is all colors all in which you can stand!

  6. we have had lots of whites tell the people of this country just who is
    the most considered amoung women,its not the blk women,at all.
    the name of this game is who has the most toys to play with
    if a blk man has all the right stuff blk women will still find something that the media has stated is wrong with a blk man.can any one tell me why we allow
    the media tell us who we need to be with,one blk man that is an
    p officer in a big city and all I CAN DATE IS WHITE WOMEN WHY????

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