The Modern Misery of Marriage

March 4, 2010

Why do humans keep lying to themselves that marriage is holy and sanctimonious? Over half of marriages end in divorce and most of the rest of those that stay together do so in misery out of some proven faulty reasoning that it is healthier for the children to have both parents married and under the same roof even if they hate each other than it is to have two loving parents that are divorced and live apart. The lie starts as we as children are able to understand English. Prince Charming will rescue you ladies. Your soulmate awaits. You are destined for each other. Some guy will be your knight in shining armor. The Prince will find you using your glass slipper like Cinderella or perhaps she will kiss the frog and turn him into a Prince. Whatever. Not happening.

I understand the human need for connection with others. It is the most basic instinct imaginable. It is not only human. It is mammalian. It is animalian. It is characteristic of carbon-based lifeforms. Why? Probably because we need to stay close to each other to survive. Everything evolution does or tries to do is out of its desire to promote life of one form or another. Sometimes a life form perishes and sometimes another is born but evolution gives all of them a chance. The environment doesn’t.

My point is that modern life no longer requires the type of cooperation our tribal ancestors needed to survive in hunter-gatherer societies. Men don’t have to do all the heavy lifting because we have machines that can do that. Women aren’t exclusively raising the kids and cooking anymore because men can do that. I’m not saying it’s a healthy thing. In fact I think it isn’t but it is a fact that technology and its consumerism cousin have permanently and irrevocably displaced our traditional gender norms. Evolution could not possibly adapt our genes as fast as technology has evolved our way of life. The result is an epidemic of mental illness and misery. People are unhappy. They are unhappy because they are not living instinctively. We are being forced to buy into myths that we must attend school, go to college, get a job, marry someone and have a family. Many people don’t want to do that and why should they when the only part of it with any real meaning at all is the birth of your children? It’s too bad that usually it’s with someone you will eventually grow to hate because you have to live with this person and never have sex with anyone else according to the torturous vows of marriage.

The increasing level of technology eventually gave way to consumerism and feminism. Both have resulted in the destruction of the family and traditional values and led to a dramatic increase in hyper-individualism. The Century of the Self is what it has been called. It’s all about us now. Altruism was overrated I suppose. I myself am also a victim of this societal brainwashing. I was the smart black kid in elementary, junior high and high school. The result was that I was continuously inspired and motivated to excel by black kids who almost always underachieved because of the cycle of racial and familial abuse that are outside the bounds of this discussion but continue to plague the black community. Since I was “special” all I had to do was make white people take notice and they would reward me with general social acceptance and a generous salary in a corporate position where I would be elevated above my inferior fellow blacks but subservient to the whites in all other cases regardless of my intellect or excellence. The only clincher was that I had to keep my hands off white women. Being a token Negro has its benefits and to this day I exploit this whenever I can since white people want to preserve their privilege but not feel guilty about it.

Americans are being bred from birth to be as selfish and hyper-individualistic as humanly possible so that the masses never unite against the Jewish supremacists that own and run the world. It’s that simple. The destruction of marriage has a very useful and monetary purpose. Less families means more consumers. The Jewish elite destroyed marriage by turning everything into an object that can be possessed. It’s all part of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It’s not a fake anti-Semitic prank. It’s real and it is the foundation of their plan to destroy the Gentiles or goyim as they call us. They have thus far destroyed the soul of humanity. Ironically they used religion they invented to do it. They used drugs to do it. They used hardcore porn to do it. They used public education as well. Now it’s all about making a buck at anyone’s expense and everyone’s playing their role in kill or be killed. In a society like that marriage can and should be officially declared null and void. We are all just consumers waiting to buy more stuff to generate profit for the rich until we keel over and die.



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