Review of “Why He Hates You” by Janks Morton

March 1, 2010

Janks Morton should be commended for speaking out on this important issue. I too struggle with maternal scars from how my mother raised me. My father was there but rarely spoke a word except from the pulpit as a Methodist AME Zion minister. Where I believe Mr. Morton fails is in his application of everything Christian and Biblical in his valiant attempt to diagnose and cure this childhood mental disorder that continues to manifest itself into adulthood. How your parents raise you and treat you has nothing whatsoever to do with religion. I know people say they draw strength from Jesus but it’s all a lie prepared and served by the Jewish elite to dupe us into compliance and complacency waiting on a saviour that will never return because they invented it. The Biblical references throughout the book are trite, mal apropos and really only apply to Mr. Janks’ pattern of thought. The fact is that this same type of abuse happens to atheists and agnostics as well as people of other religions. Furthermore it is not shaking someone’s faith by telling them the truth of the origin of it. Whoever says that has really shaken their faith themselves because they realize facts do not lie.

The problem for many of us is The One as Mr. Morton calls it. Many of us falsely believe that there is a one and only one soulmate for us. We are taught from childhood that they are out there and all we have to do is find them or perhaps God will send them to us. Wrong. Prince Charming, Cindarella, the knight in shining armor, etc. all nurture this delusion that leaves so many of with unrealistic expectations on others in our relationships.

I also take exception to Mr. Morton’s characterization that being raised by a single mother means that all those boys will grow up feminine, weak punks who are unable to raise or take care of families of their own. Truly that has been the trend but it does not happen in every case and it certainly doesn’t mean boys will grow up gay. Mr Morton does not say that but he does imply it. Also Mr. Morton tends to associate eating unhealthy food as a sign of masculinity. He demonizes a young lad for being vegetarian. Eating crap is really a displacement for emotional issues not yet discovered or resolved.

I do appreciate the discussion as to why black women have children at an early age. Many people think that black women are promiscuous because they have children at an early age. That’s not true. Black women are very picky about who they sleep with but they are also naive and most can easily be tricked into bed by players who got game. I know for a fact that most black females that have a child at an early age (they aren’t women yet) are doing so to fill a void. It’s not an intentional act of negligence. It’s a willful and irresponsible act to quell their inner loneliness and fears of rejection from having been rejected by the father. It is creating a life for selfish purposes. It is no wonder most of those children are doomed from the start. If their mother also raised them as a single mother then it is all the more likely the pattern will continue. We cannot legislate morality. All we can do is ensure that there are societal stigmas in place that discourage this type of behavior. Over the past forty years those have been eroded. There is no shame in anything anymore.

The fact that human beings look for their parents in other people should not surprise anyone. Humans tend to emulate things they are exposed to frequently. TV is a prime example. You can see people on any given day in every walk of life who are trying to be like someone they saw on tv. It’s monkey-see, monkey-do for most of us. It’s amazing that with these twisted inter-relationships that incest doesn’t happen more often or maybe it does and I don’t know about it. The stigma against incest is still very strong but that will break down too in the coming years.

Mr. Morton seems to think it’s very important to forgive his mother for what she did to him. At one point he defines  forgiveness as a healing salve for those afflicted by the Curse but then he continues to spar with his mother on their infrequent interactions. You should not forgive anyone, mother or not, who continues to try to manipulate and exploit you when you have aired your grievances and they refuse to acknowledge, validate or make amends for them. That person is sick and what happens when you hang around sick people. You get sick too.

There is no reason to try to maintain an unhealthy relationship with someone who has no intention of ever attempting to make it a healthy one. That is further self-destruction which is the mainstay of the Curse itself. In fact forgiveness is really the wrong term for how to deal with the Curse. A better term is just realizing how you have been manipulated and how small that person really is. At that point they have no place in your life and over time without exposure to their malignancy your anger subsides. No one can ever completely heal the wounds inflicted by bad parenting but you can have a much healthier and happier lifestyle by simple rejecting those people forever once they demonstrate their repeated unwillingness to change.

Honestly I really would prefer not to even attend my own mother’s funeral, assuming she dies before me. I have completely severed all ties from her holier-than-thou-ness as a preacher’s wife. My mother thinks that religious people are better than those that are not. She’s wrong. Religion gives people an excuse to be evil and then displace that evil onto people of other faiths or no faith. Christianity has been a cancer on black people since we came to this country. All most of us do is wait on Jesus to fix everything while we continue being manipulated at every level for corporate profit.

We don’t realize that Christianity is really a Satanic form of Egyptology created by Judaism itself. We don’t know that Jews financed the ships used during slavery. We don’t know that Mainmonides, a Jew, put the Hamitic myth into the Bible. Jews have completely altered the Bible to serve their own ends. That’s why they only use the first five books of the Old Testament, which they refer to as the Pentateuch, Torah or Five Books of Moses. Farrakhan knows the truth. All black people should read “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” released by the Nation of Islam.

I do believe that returning hatred for hatred ultimately leads to one’s own demise but returning justice for hatred does not. Justice is a healing agent that cures not only those infected but the larger society as well. In that same vein there is no reason to continually take abuse from those who wish you harm. All you are doing is continuing to expose yourself to the temptation of the Curse. It’s like working in a alcoholic beverage store if you’re a recovering alcoholic. Religion and AA are joined at the hip because they both want people to stay dependent on them until death. I know people who haven’t had a drink in over ten years. They’re cured. They don’t need to continue giving money to AA and attending meetings.

People need to develop inner strength that cannot be shaken during times of duress. That does not come from an imaginary friend. It comes from realizing how human beings manipulate each other and then not allowing them to do it to you. It comes from realizing that we are all one and that we will all eventually return to that oneness. No God is required for that, regardless of whether one exists or not. Most importantly maintaining a relationship with someone who is incapable of demonstrating and expressing love and kindness without manipulation ultimately means that you STILL do not believe that you deserve better. It means you think that by being better than them you can change them. Many people cannot be changed and hence must simply be avoided. The Bible does say to forgive seven times seventy but it also says have nothing further to do with people who bring you nothing but misery. Forgiveness does not imply friendship. It is not possible to love someone and not like them. Nothing says you have to love an abusive mother.


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  1. From wiki-In some contexts, forgiveness may be granted without any expectation of restorative justice, and without any response on the part of the offender (for example, one may forgive a person who is incommunicado or dead).

    We agree alot more than I explained in the book. I seek to release myself from the control of my own bitterness by rebuking (lil bibical stuff/smile)the object of my resentments. I do not have to engage, interact or relate to that object, I seek merely to remove myself from under the authority of it’s dominion. If seek to retribution or concessoins from that object, then the (reciprocative) forgiveness I pursue is as manipulative as the tools the object has used against me.

    Great review.

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