The Hidden Motives of Anti-Racism

January 16, 2010

There is a system of white privilege that exists and that system underprivileges nonwhites who have to work much harder than whites in most circumstances (not every case) to achieve the same level of financial security. White people alive today did not create it so they certainly are not responsible for its existence. There is no reason to feel guilty about what your ancestors did. I had six uncles on my dad’s side that were all alcoholics. That’s not my fault either. The problem I have is when white people deny the system exists and then use that lie (it’s been proven to exist) to maintain the system through complicity and apathy. It is one thing to create a system of oppression and quite another to maintain it. Both are wrong. Most white people maintain white supremacy by doing nothing to stop it. That’s all it takes because the wheels of the machine turn by themselves. What whites don’t understand is that skin-based discrimination is really just a tool of the elite to distract them from their true adversaries, who do actually lurk in the shadows but are not Arab terrorists.

Now that the Zionists own the country because whites have been derelict in preventing the infiltration of government and corporations, the Jewish elite are turning the tables on them and doing to you what has been done to blacks for centuries. Homosexuality is being promoted. Porn is on every web site. Young white men who cannot find job go to die in wars for Jewish enrichment via the international banking cartel. Obama is nothing but a Jewish shill. He means nothing. The Chicago Jewish mafia made him. He was hand plucked way before he even became a member of the Senate. Most people don’t know this or how the Jewish elite, who work mainly for the Rothschilds, have been running this Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme under different names in countries all over the world for centuries. Jews, which are really most Khazarian with little or no Semitic blood, are converts to Judaism. They have no claim at all to the so-called Holy Land. They are an abomination but religion is hogwash as well. It will not help us to stop the Zionist Jews from their diabolical plan. What will help us is to unite across races, genders, sexual identities, religions and the like to permanently find a Final Solution to the Zionist problem.

Much of what anti-racist Tim Wise writes rings true but I believe he works for the Zionists. You cannot convince a person to not be racist by telling them how racist they are. It is counterproductive and only worsens race relations. With all of the crypto-Jews in the media and government it is almost impossible at this point to know who has been compromised. That is why they all must go. We can never allow this degradation of society to occur again for the enrichment of literally a few thousand people, most of whom of Jewish Zionists and the rest non-Jewish Zionists like Obama (although his mother is half-Jewish).

I cannot defend this system of oppression against black people. White people, regardless of political affiliation, do not want a level playing field. Whites have gotten used to white privilege. They fear having to compete fairly but globalism  is a force that cannot be reasonably reckoned with. The problem with skin-based racism is that it requires nonwhites to be present for it to exist. A just society would separate the races so that white privilege could not exist. Sure there would still be a hierarchical society based on wealth but it would no longer takes it cues from skin color.

So Wise’s words are correct. The question is what is his agenda. I believe but cannot prove that he has been co-opted by Jewish forces who wish to distract and undermine the white race. That is how the Zionists took over the country. They make Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson the enemy using their undisputed domination of the corporate media. White people are brainwashed into believing they have all of these enemies that do not exist while the Zionists send your children to die in wars that have nothing to do with you and steal your money through usury by charging interest on everything including printing money. Whites have been had, plain and simple. How many more times will this be allowed to happen? Black people in this country have no power that is not borrowed from white people so there is nothing to fear from us. We are just the leftovers of a very long boat ride when it comes to having any influence in how the country is run. Obama was sent to anger whites and it worked. Now the Zionist plans have moved into high gear while tea-baggers scurry around calling Obama the Joker and a socialist.

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