The Lie That Binds: How Men Play Women

January 12, 2010

A lot of attention is given to angry black women these days by the Jewish-controlled media. They want to keep black men and women divided because they still believe we are nothing but subhuman scum when we know the truth is really the opposite. You can see how black men are emasculated on shows like “The Cleveland Show” and in buffoonish Hollywood movies with every male member of Wayans family. The truth of the matter is that all men are being emasculated by the media but extra focus is put on blacks because those in power fear us the most. The other truth is that all women are portrayed as angry and controlling but none more so than black women because they are feared the most among women. It seems that most people are unable to make the connection between what the media puts in their heads and the things that happen in their lives. I hate to say it but most humans really are “Monkey see. Monkey do.” If the average person watches enough of a particular behavior on tv then their brain waves are modified so that they eventually begin to emulate and imitate that behavior without them suspecting a thing. It’s a scientific fact and the elite have spent billions on figuring out ways like this to control our behavior as a species since they believe they are a separate, superior species.

A study was recently conducted on women that demonstrated that women perceive reality in ways that they find more pleasing instead of the way in which reality actually exists. It’s sort of a built-in optimist that is also unrealistic at times so women don’t really see themselves as leading the lives that they do. They see themselves as leading the lives that they want. Obviously this opens women up to major player abuse by men who simply learn what women want and then pretend to be the one that can provide it or at least someone who shares their vision of the future. Players knows the vulnerabilities of women and they exploit them. They practice their techniques and hone their skills so most women are defenseless to what amounts to an emotional foray into their psyches.

I’m not saying women are stupid or naive but if you don’t have an accurate view of where you are in life because you desire to be somewhere else you really have no way of knowing how to get to where you really want to be. It’s like being dropped off in the middle of nowhere by helicopter and being told to find your way home with nothing to aid you. When men tell women what they want to hear most women simply cannot resist it. It’s like music to their ears. How do you figure out what women want to hear? Listen to them. They tell you everything you need to know. A lot of it is just repeating back to women the things they tell you in a slightly different manner. That makes them feel closer to you without them even knowing what you’re doing. I don’t play games with women’s emotions but almost every guy I know does. I just don’t want to contribute to any more baggage than people already have.

Women need to learn the difference between where they are and where they want to be. They are almost never the same. When you do that you take away the fantasy that makes you vulnerable to players. It’s not about pickup lines and other such nonsense. Once you do that you will be able to pick up on cues from players that give them away and you can save yourself the heartache and anger baggage that is certain to result. The problem is that women are not taught how to distinguish liars from men who tell the truth so the fantasy part of their minds takes over and leads them astray. Men say and do whatever is necessary to get women into bed. If that’s lying we do it. If that’s dressing and acting like a thug we do it. If that’s buying a car out of our price range we do it. We have built-in natural instincts as well that drive our behavior and many women have become skilled at taking advantage of us as well. Of course these people who exploit human nature in this way are never happy and eventually karma hits them in the head and leaves them whooped, hurt and angry like many of us. None of us is immune to it but you can train yourself to recognize it and avoid it.

It becomes more and more difficult over time to overcome this trauma because each time you get played that’s more baggage for you to reconcile and it just adds to your confusion and frustration the next time because you have been played in so many different ways by so many people. Angry women are just projecting their low self-esteem onto other people from not getting their emotional needs met by men who promised to do it but didn’t. Players lie. That’s what they do. They lie verbally and visually. Until women learn how to separate the wheat from the tares without destroying them both we will continue down this path of self-destruction, loneliness and lifetimes of unhappiness. It also ensures that Big Pharma will continue raking in billions of dollars of profits from selling antidepressants that don’t work and often make you sick.

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