Which Race Hates Blacks The Most?

January 4, 2010

I know most people, especially black people, right off the bat would answer a vehement “whites” to this question but actually that is not true. Yes most whites still have major issues (Oedipus complex and association of feces, filth and fear of darkness) with black people (and nonwhite people in general) and still won’t even admit it to themselves for the most part since their privilege allows them to turn the other cheek aka white apathy. However, the other racial groups that blacks have to contend with for scarce resources are far more antipathetic towards our communities than whites are. White people benefit from the system their ancestors put into place but they themselves are not largely directly responsible for our daily travails that cause us much stress. The police may be an exception but they are themselves becoming increasingly ethnically diverse which means other races that hold negative views of blacks will be unleashed upon us using the borrowed power of the state.

White people love their privilege. It’s why they continue to deny they owe blacks reparations. It’s also why they pretend that the legacy of slavery that included their generational accumulation of wealth plays no part at all in the inequities of modern American society. In other words they lie to themselves on purpose because they don’t want to give up their privilege because they have come to rely on it as a race. Supremacist doctrines always end up making the supremacist group lazy because the whole point of having privilege is that you don’t have to work as hard as other non or lesser privileged races. Over time the privileged group loses their edge and are overtaken by the harder working and more industrious races who are the victims of the discrimination. Basically the closer you are to black the worse you are off because the relationship between intensity of racism is usually directly proportional to the darkness of one’s skin. Even the most well meaning whites still harbor racist attitudes toward people of color. I always say that if you want to know if a white man has a racist bone in his body then see is he is ok with his white daughter dating a black man. Of course all white men don’t have daughters or even white daughters but you get the point.

Latinos usually treat black better than Asians, including Indians. Nonwhite immigrants assimilate quickly to white supremacy when they arrive in America. They know whites will never accept them completely but at the same time they consider themselves superior to blacks since we have been here under oppression for 400 years and made little real progress beyond the superficial.  Blacks appear to make gains on the surface but in reality the system just morphs into a different form of racism. Slavery was replaced by the prison industrial complex. Voting rights were undermined with the duopoly and Democrat brainwashing of blacks to believe they actually look out for our interests. Felony disenfranchisement in many states ensure felons will never cast another vote although there is no viable party that truly represents the interests of blacks anyway. Black people don’t even know about the Green Party and those that do consider them a bunch of losers.

Indians seem to have a particular aversion to blacks. I work among hundreds of them and they rarely even speak although they will stare at you all day long. No doubt these attitudes come from the caste system they are used to in their own country. The “untouchable” Dalit class is usually the darkest skinned population so they bring their hatred with them and hardly have to adapt it.

Japanese and Chinese people I have found are particularly racist toward blacks. Of course they have the lightest skin so they naturally use that to their advantage to assimilate with whites. It is often falsely assumed that light-skinned Asians are very intelligent. Those eugenicist ideas have long been debunked and merit no further discussion here. The fact that the elite have chosen India and China to replace the US as superpowers only worsens their views of black Americans.

That leaves black people. Yup…….you guessed it. No race of people hates black people more than other black people. We internalize white supremacy from childhood and most of us never fully mentally cure ourselves of the disease. We may talk a good game but in reality most of us feel inferior to whites. How can we help it after being indoctrinated via the public miseducation system? As bad as this system of white privilege treats many blacks I hate to say it but whites are still the kindest race to black people. Maybe it’s out of guilt or maybe it’s out of a desire to oppress us in subtle ways. As long as the edifice of white supremacy remains this hierarchy of hatred will remain in place. Globalism is trying to change this paradigm by forcing everyone to a level playing field so the elite can save a buck but white supremacy will die hard. It is no longer just a way to keep blacks in our place. It is a system that many whites now rely on to get ahead and stay ahead in life. There will be blood.

The only reason I did not mention Jews or native Americans is because they are so few in number plus Jews are just a subset of white people, although they would dispute that. White supremacy killed most native Americans and Talmudic Judaism is just a superset of white supremacy that actually discriminates against all Gentiles, including non-Jewish whites. Also, being Jewish is not a race. They are Khazars who converted to Judaism. Most people think that white Jews invented Judaism. Nothing could be further from the truth except the official 9/11 lie propagated by guess who? the Jewish-owned media.


  1. I have to disagree with this text. First, people tend not to discriminate by race specifically, but by the behavior associated with the race. Facts are facts. The murder rate of blacks is 11 times bigger than of the whites, blacks have the lower rate of college degree among all races in spite of being the race for which the government provides the most financial incentives for college enrollment. One third of black males will face prison at least once in their lifetime, and 70% of the black children live in a home without a father figure. No wonder why blacks hate blacks, as mentioned in the text. No wonder why people tend to like Asians, as they have the lowest crime rates among all races controlling for the same economic background. The decision of committing crime and poor parenting a choice made by blacks alone, not by others. I think that’s the main reason of racial profiling. I am a latino, latin population has lots of this problems as well, but I see less intention to blame the society for race dilemmas. I think that obscuring the problems by blaming the society does more harm than good. However, It can be reverted by a internal black movement towards family and community values, which was pointed out repeatedly by Bill Cosby. It has to be a black movement, that not only enhance the benefits of the race to the society, but also state clearly its problems. This site is a great tool in that direction. I also think that this old speech blaming slavery is not constructive. Hope it is helpful.

    • People not from America never understand the plight of the black race because you don’t know history. You don’t know what was done to us as a race. You don’t know how white men destroyed the minds of black people. They took everything that we were and stripped it from us under slavery and never gave it back after slavery ended. In fact we are still in slavery. I don’t expect Latinos, Asians, Indians (from India) to understand because it didn’t happen to you. Black is always the most hated. It is a symbol of evil to white people when in fact whites and their system is what is evil. God knows this. Scholars know that Africans wrote the Bible.

      Your statistics mean nothing except that they prove what I’m saying. Black people are targeted. We are not inherently violent, criminal or promiscuous. We do not belong here in this culture of abomination to God but whites have assimilated our minds into thinking we cannot survive without them when in fact it’s whites who cannot survive without us. Egypt and Africa gave this world everything and every religion so you should show some respect because without us there is no you.

      Do black people sometimes make matters worse for ourselves? Yes but every race does that. The fact of the matter is Asians and Jews get reparations but blacks don’t. Why is that? You yourself are buying into the stereotypes. You cannot overcome everything with hard work. Latinos are getting their “nigga” wake up call now. They should have studied the history of white people before coming back home to the land that whites stole from you.

      I bet you didn’t even know this happened in 1954 did you?


      You better wake up man. The end is near for Babylon.

  2. Sounds like a case of “If you’re not with me, then you’re against me. And if you are with me, then you’re just sucking up to me”.

  3. great comments about khazars- the fake jews! Yes, many people hate blacks- but everybody hates everybody behind their backs and closed doors!

    Indians and Paksitanis hate each other. Japnese & Korns hate each other. Jews hate Arabs. English hate the Irish,etc.

  4. I agree with everything said on here. “Black” people are the worst race to be in all categories. The fact that we don’t even have a name for our people but just the negative word which was given to use by “white” people is pathetic. When I say black I mean all people that have had native roots to Africa but were either apart of slavery or left africa in the time of slavery but were not slaves. The funny thing about this is if you were to refer to an african as black they will say No they are not black. Which is 100% true but like always we are all generalized.

    * Back to the topic at hand*

    The problem “black” people as a whole do not want change if they did they would rally together and make change but they do not want it bad enough. All they do is complain and whine of how this are unfair. Black people have don’t even have a sense of unity at all. I bet you 1000 dollars that if you were to right now go to a neighbour of black people and try to rally them together it would epically fail. Not only that but educationally wise they are the least educated statistically, and so on. I could go on with a list of all the things about black people that really makes me made. Also how pathetic they are but I won’t. Like I said before if ” black” people want to better their lives and the lives and pretige of their people they need to first and for most ESTABLISH A NAME!!!

    A name that establish the people PRIDE AS ONE UNIT GROUP by doing that it will help lead to change. Secondly they need a place that they can call HOME. That is not controled by their former opressors. Not only that but this place as to be the 1 PLACE TO LIVE IN THE WORLD. Which only thoughs that are “black” should be allow to live. this will also lead to giving blacks more pride. Secondly acting “ghetto” which isn’t even the right use of the word need to stop all that does is get show how low we are. The list goes on again but you all get the point.

    On the side note to that guy called Rodrigo. The bible techinally was written on the border of the african contient and the middle east. since Babylon is at the northern end of the nile. Secondly even though “black” people are targets which I agree on, they are still realistically even if they were target at the bottom of the pole in EVERYTHING. The whole make matters for worst for themselves thing. There is a difference if it was that black people were kill other races and such but they fact that they are kill each other OVER street turf that they don’t even own the government own is 100% stupid. I don’t see other people doing that. Not only that I won’t even mind if black people did organized crime as much if they DID IT PROPERLY. The mafia does their crime better then that like seriously.

    Well thats my 15 minutes of flaming



    • I agree with Matt on everything except the education thing. Education in America is indoctrination. Black people need to be educated separate from white people and other races because American his-story is revisionist and paints all Africans in a negative light. Africans also function cognitively different from whites so we need different methods for learning from whites. Blacks are basically being forced to use the white Prussian method of education and it clearly doesn’t benefit us. There are differences between the races, albeit minor ones, but some are significant enough to warrant policy changes.

      I’ll say this and get back to my corporate job since black people will never unite under the onslaught of Jewish control in this country. Black people used to have no choice when it came to unity because we were completely excluded by the white masses by force from earning a decent living. Now we can get degrees, like my parents basically forced me to do and which is further indoctrination, and then sell out to the highest corporate bidder for a cush job.

      That is what I did because black people have no unity about anything. That is what most of us do now in one form or another. Even in church the Baptists fight with the Methodists. We won’t start businesses. When we do they last for a few months and fold from our lack of business acumen. Collectively I agree with racist white people that black people are pathetic. All black men want is a PS3, some stripper hoochies with big asses, a BMV or SUV with 24 inch rims, a booming stereo, a big screen TV with 3D, some Dro weed, some designer clothes with Tims, some overpriced jewelry and a glass of Patron.

      We’re through and I’m not defending black people anymore. We’ve had plenty of time to wake up from our slumber and what the Jewish elite did to us under the Transatlantic Slave Trade . Now it’s our fault. Our race and our minds has been completely destroyed and we will NEVER get it back before a cataclysmic event happens to America which I believe is coming on next 9/11/2011, ten years from the first 9/11 and at the end of the Hebrew Bible.

      Check out http://illuminatimatrix.wordpress.com. Decide for yourself. It makes sense to me but you have to have an open mind. Our five senses are almost useless when it comes to reality. We don’t sense the real world. Our brains take electrical impulses and create what we think we see, hear, feel, taste and smell. We’re thinking about it backwards. The only world that exists is the one that our brains create. The tree in the forest does not make a sound if there is no one there to hear it.

  5. I disagree with this post. Blacks are now treated as a people. Whites and other races do not treat blacks badly.

    Blacks are usually the target of racist jokes. (next would be latino) They also talked about behind their back the most. Even though they are the most common. I am an asian. I have been made fun of countless times for small eyes. The real point is, why is this post relevant in any way? No race treats blacks the worst really. People just want someone to poke and prod at. We must endure racism till it dies and believe me it will one day. Its dieing more and more every day.

    This is not about religion, so don’t bring those points up. Most of us don’t either want to hear other peoples beliefs or be converted.

  6. Well after China takes over the world we’ll all be slaves and know how it feels like to be treated like a black person in the next 20-30 years 😉

    • You got that right. India, Brazil and Russia ain’t exactly going to be our friends either.

  7. How bout for a Change, which group hates WHITE people most?? BLACK PEOPLE NO DOUBT! There is a massive murder, robbery, rape, assault crime spree going on EVERY DAY which the controlled media covers up!! So sick of the excuses for black people. White TAXES have paid Trillions for black people! Stop sucking off the TEET! I don’t care if there are 1,000 black presidents.. We all KNOW blacks are mostly NOT keeping up! And that is where the true action is at.. You can build all the housing, do forced bussing into white areas all you want.. In the end all it does is DESTROY the areas and create more white flight and MORE GHETTOS! I don’t care if it in city, suburbs or rural areas! Stop the lies and stop the deceptions!!

    • Ron don’t be silly. Jews hate whites the most. They’ve stolen everything you have and they are killing you with vaccines, chemtrails, cancer, fluorinated water, toxic chemicals in the food like BPA and on and on while they corrupt you with the media, porn, Hollywood, money worship and prescription pain killers. Black people only hate the conditions we live in and whites are not ultimately responsible for that, although whites do vent and project on blacks all the time for what Jews have done to you. White men hate black males because you are collectively afraid of the black male phallus myth that we will somehow one day genetically annihilate you from fucking all of your white women. The fact that so may white men have this insecurity is a testament to the Jewish propaganda that you have all swallowed literally. Blacks are NEVER going to genetically annihilate anyone and all of us do NOT have huge penises. You’ve been drinking the Jew-laid. The only enemy is the Jew.

      Blacks and whites are not enemies. The Jewish media tells us we are enemies. Blacks do commit a higher proportion of petty crimes but only because most of us have been locked out of America’s so-called dream which was intended to be a nightmare for blacks and remains so to this day. When whites suffer economically blacks suffer more because then whites start taking more and more of their frustrations out on blacks in hiring decisions, firing decisions and the like.

      Who cares if some brother man steals your lawn mower when the Jew has stolen half of 401k dude? Your priorities are way out of whack. The black man has no power. He cannot do anything……anything at all to hurt the white man. Most of us just want a decent living, a nice family and to not be killed by the police. White women are the ones who statistically benefit disproportionately from welfare, FICA and food stamps although blacks are ahead in raw numbers. Look it up on the web. It’s right there for everyone to see.
      Europeans brought their Jewish parasite with them to this country and now it is about to consume all whites before it moves to China and India. Whites have lost and because blacks were never sent back to Africa out of white cheapness, blacks have lost too. Our death is just a Mossad false flag around the corner before the end of the year. Too bad we didn’t fight the real enemy.

      • You demonize racism yet you happily write blatantly racist diatribe against Jews, citing conspiracy theories as justification. You’re sick. Seek help.

      • Seek help for kissing my ass lost soul.

  8. What was just said about the jews is right! They are a cancer to every country in which they exist. They truly believe they are God’s chosen people and that they have a natural God given mandate to rule over everyone else. They are born troublemakers who love to incite hatred between other races. This is the jews’ way of keeping everyone else distracted so the jews can pursue their selfish agenda.

  9. well hispanics are really racist actually my dad is hispanic and he hates blacks just like my entire family does plus my dad and his friends always say the word “nigger” to each other plus when i was in 6th grade everyone at school hated asians and made fun of whites by calling them racist it was horrible that they didn’t care about anything they just judged judged judged.

    • Yes there are some very racist Latinos because they get brainwashed by white TV and believe the news so they think that because they got robbed by some poor blacks one time that ALL blacks are just like that. They are simple and they will pay for their immorality. We all do. Karma has no mercy.

  10. I agree to a certain point. Black Americans are very disenfranchised and many other cultures do look down on us. Sometimes, it’s hard to be on a losing team. However, I am proud to be black. I am proud that my children are black. More over, I am proud to be a black American. With all our strife in this countr, we are on the cusp of becoming more than wayward, abused Africans far from home. America is our home. We have slowly eeked out a niche here. More than any other “race”, my people have steadily risen from the ground up.

  11. The northern asians possesses the highest IQ. Look at japan, south korea, and china – light skinned first world oriental countries, also happens to be the worlds second and third economy. And look how successful they are in the west. Generates highest income, college educated ect ect.

    • Sure but that’s all cultural. Has nothing at ALL to do with genetics or innate abilities. They come from crap and want a better life. Americans are spoiled and think the world owes them something. I know many stupid Asians and many genius blacks.

  12. In my own experience during my short visit to the US, I find the whites and the asians(they certainly know their place) are more polite and tolerant (i’m a white northern european guy). But i did certainly come across some rude Blacks and hispanics, the moment i talked to them. Maybe cause of my accent and they knew i’m not from there. Now here in India for my other college projects and i find people here better in comparison to those rude ones i encounter in the US.

  13. Us blacks have sports and music niggas. Dats all we want

  14. Jews are not the cancer.

    Jews are like hiv / aids virus in that they weaken the immune system thus allowing cancers and other sickness to spread .

    • Another way of saying the same thing basically. Splitting hairs give them the power to divide and conquer just like they did with the truth movement on 9/11.

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