Top Ten Fears of Women

January 1, 2010

1) Not having a man.

Most women would rather have a terrible man than no man at all. It’s classic low self-esteem. They don’t think they deserve any better. Once they get used to the bad guy there is no getting rid of him or changing her mind. You are wasting your time.  She will defend him to death, even when its her down. There is no more telling statement of how a woman feels about herself than staying with a man who does not love her and often hates her. We are a nation of screwed up families with screwed up priorities so this is actually what one would expect from such a society.

2) Going out in public alone.

Despite what a recent study demonstrated I still believe women like to talk much more than men do. If you go out in public alone then you don’t have anyone to talk to plus women tend to be more self-conscious of appearing like a desperate loser. The fact of the matter is that people rarely notice when someone is out by themselves. It’s paranoia. Many men including myself love going out alone. That way we only have to pay for ourselves, and maybe drinks for the women we meet, but you never know who you will encounter. That makes it much more exciting than bringing the predictable with you every time.

3) Appearing like a slut.

This is a classic case of projection. No I’m not a psychologist. I just play one on this blog. It doesn’t matter if a woman is a nun or a prostitute. Women hate being viewed as a slut by men even when they get paid to do it. That actually makes it worse because then they feel that men had their way with them. Maybe some female porn stars are exceptions but it’s clear that even though most women offer men nothing beyond their bodies they find their own one-dimensionality offensive to themselves and then project that on to men, particularly men they find unattractive. They let the good-looking guys pretty much get away with anything. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times. You can attract a man with your body but it takes a mind to keep one. Too many women work on the former all the time and never the latter. There are always exceptions so no flaming me lonely women out there.

4) Getting old.

Women fear becoming old like hell. Once they hit menopause it’s like they stop feeling like a woman, sort of like a man who gets his penis cut off like that Bobbitt fellow. Once they turn thirty or get that first gray hair it’s as if the entire world came to a screeching halt. Getting old is just part of life. Men fear it as well. It’s why we dye our hair, use Viagra and buy sports cars well into our 50’s. Humans will never rid themselves of this phobia. We just hate old because it means we’re closer to death and it shows. We demonstrate this hatred of oldness every day with our neglect of the elderly and consigning them to living facilities that are really just coffin preparation.

5) Man cheating on them.

Women will usually forgive their man if he cheats on them once if she didn’t actually witness the cheating. Of course they will want to know exactly what happened, including gory sexual details, and depending on that they may rescind the offer of forgiveness. The man will have to suffer immensely before the woman considers the debt paid however. That means no sex of any kind and plenty of gifts until she doesn’t feel like torturing you anymore.

Men are not nearly as forgiving as women are when it comes to cheating. Once a woman cheats she is permanently soiled in the minds of men because our sexual egos tend to be more fragile. We may still maintain the relationship but it will never, I repeat never, be the same. Don’t kid yourself ladies. You only get one time to make a first impression and men are territorial creatures.

If there are kids involved women usually say they want to preserve the family. I suspect the truth is actually that they don’t want to start all over with another man and have to raise the kids by themselves. Women rarely say what they actually mean or mean what they say because they spend most of their time “feeling” which is usually the opposite of logic. That is not a deficiency. It’s just a fact of nature.

I’ve always wondered how women complain about men cheating when they now have the freedom to do it as well and according to recent surveys are doing it more than men. The media only reports on the men like Kobe, Tiger, etc. The women get a reputation pass but it’s happening regardless.

To put it simply men are not monogamous creatures. We never have been and probably never will be. Evolution would take tens of thousands of years to modify male DNA for monogamy and only given the proper environmental impetus to do so. Are there men who choose monogamy and are able to maintain that commitment within a healthy relationship for a lifetime? Yes a few but monogamy is a choice for them. It is not the natural state of men. If it was humans could have never populated the Earth.

I know how painful this is for women to hear because little girls are told lies about the ideals of love like Prince Charming and my Knight in Shining Armor. It’s not true. They’re part of the same pack of lies composed of Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Love is not some transcendent metaphysical force. It’s doing the right thing to people that do the right thing to you. Human love is not altruistic. It demands reciprocation. If you are doing all of the giving and none of the receiving it is not human love. Human love is merely an arrangement between people are physically, mentally or emotionally attracted to each other. You bring meaning to each other through a mutual satisfaction. Another lie is that love is eternal. Love lasts as long as we make it last. When we stop feeding it it dies just like humans.

6) Being overweight and unattractive.

This is media brainwashing pure and simple. No longer is beauty in the eye of the beholder. It’s a Barbie doll or a big booty hoochie-ma. I’m so glad I overcame most of the media’s influence on my female preferences. It was difficult but there is beauty in all women if you look for it and nurture it when you find it. Now I sound like Dr. Phil or Dr. Drew. I feel very bad for what Americans have allowed television to do to our collective psyche but there is fix. Turn it off.

Having said that, which I hate saying, I do prefer women with large buttocks, breasts and slim waists. That’s not media influence. That’s nature. I would have preferred the same thing as a caveman. What the media did was standardized beauty so men no longer had a choice in what they considered beautiful. J-Lo changed all of that but black men have always liked big booties and now white women are developing them for men of all races to enjoy. Dig in.

7) Not feeling safe.

This is unique to women because men exemplify the counterpart. Women need to feel safe. Once a woman feels safe then you can pretty much have your way with her mind and body. Men want to protect women so it’s a perfect fit, at least until feminism came along and screwed up gender roles in the name of blessed equality when in fact being a woman has nothing to do with being equal to a man.

Don’t even call it feminism because that’s not what it was or what it did. Women’s rights were largely gained on the back of the civil rights movement led by blacks. Feminism just broke up the family once those rights had been gained. The worst part of feminism is that it made women feel guilty for following their own instincts. That’s not liberation. It’s enslavement. Now women sit at the same crappy jobs that men do and all of us are in a living hell slowly dying. Thanks Gloria Steinem. This is actually what was intended by the elite and no more coincidence or accident. Say what you want about being happy without a man but independence ain’t gonna get up at 3am to see what that sound was downstairs.

8) Being broke (especially when others know it)

I’ve seen more women on the internet selling their bodies since the recession started than ever in my life. Sometimes it’s just for a phone bill or a power bill but it’s clear that many women would rather risk an STD or being killed by some stranger for a hundred bucks than applying for public assistance and possibly having to stand in line with other Americans who also got shafted by the system and find comfort in that bond. In America it’s all about appearances. Image is everything. Reality is nothing. I guess either way the woman gets the shaft.

9) Never having an orgasm.

As soon as a woman has her first real and intense orgasm they become hooked on them. It’s like oxycontin to them. From that point forward her goal with men is to recreate that feeling even if it means dating other men who look just like her ex-boyfriends until she finds just the right one who hits just the right spots.

In this country it is often presumed that men like sex more than women because men are bombarded by sexual imagery in the media 24/7 which keeps us constantly aroused and fantasizing. Women actually fantasize just as much or more than men and they like sex more than men do because they can have multiple orgasms. Men have to recoup and regroup for round two and beyond. If I could have multiple orgasms I’d probably never leave my apartment.

10) Not being loved.

Love is an emotion. The word emotion comes from the word “emote”, meaning to give an expression to feelings. Feelings are not real folks. They only exist in our minds. I know it feels real because we have brain chemicals telling us it’s real because that was useful during our evolution to propagate the species but the truth of the matter is that there is no such sublime ideal as love. If there was then when one person felt it other people would share the experience.

Reality is all about common experience and love doesn’t fit the bill. That doesn’t mean you have to give up the enjoyment that is produced by the feeling but it’s like getting high and nothing more. That’s why we have so many divorces and sexless marriages. It was all a lie from childhood. There is no Prince Charming nor any Cinderella. We need to stop feeding our kids this ridiculously infantile concepts of humanity that they end up bringing with them into adulthood as dementia. Two people can intensely care for each other and that’s all. That’s enough for me.

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