Why I do not celebrate Christmas

December 25, 2009

As an agnostic I don’t celebrate Christmas. Right off the bat there’s Christ in the word. That pretty much speaks for itself. Maybe if it was called Mythmas or Gitftmas I could swallow my agnostic pride long enough to engage in frivolous consumption that furthered the ends of corporatists and our military around the world as they continue to silently wreak havoc upon this middle class and innocent women and children in other countries. I’m not saying that I feel guilty because I have more than other people. I’m saying it’s wrong and we should act to change it but we don’t and we won’t because Americans are selfish to the bone and terrified of their government.

One of the most frustrating parts of Christmas for me is how nonbelievers like myself are forced to tacitly participate in Christmas even if it’s nothing more than getting a paid vacation day or being the recipient of a flurry of “Merry Christmas” greetings from believers who think it’s important to be polite at least one day out of the year. It’s sort of like the racists who hate getting MLK day off. Every time someone tells me “Merry Christmas” I just want to say “I don’t celebrate but Merry Christmas to you since you do.” Now that I think about it I shouldn’t even do that because sit lends credence to the ridiculous mythology. If people need hope in their lives they need to find another way besides lies to accomplish that. They need to find hope in each other instead of material possessions and money.

How can I respect any religion that doesn’t even respect itself enough to make its members adhere to any of its own proclaimed tenets? There are no membership requirements to be a Christian. Anyone can join and after joining you can do whatever you want and still call yourself a Christian. This is part of the sickness that has been wrought upon us by hypercapitalism, consumerism, infantilism, corporatism and hyperindividualism but most Americans refuse to help find a cure and end up espousing treatment of the symptoms. Giving in to it feels better than fighting so as usual we end up choose the path of least resistance just like every election cycle when most of us (not me) believe the same repackaged lies that were parroted during the previous election cycle. Obama is the most recent repackaging of such lies. Sarah Palin will be the next.

No one really believes that the Earth is 6000 years old. You have to be clinically insane to really believe that humans lived amongst the dinosaurs like in “Land of the Lost”, a show I used to love as a child (although I don’t care for Will Ferrell’s version or anything Will Ferrell does as an overpaid idiot). The truth of the matter is that faith overrides all for believers. Out the window goes science, logic, reason, our five senses, etc. Everything because the sacrifice for faith to avoid cognitive dissonance. They put it all on black this time and again got burned. Of course these very same believers rely heavily on science to get through each day. They haven’t rejected any science that benefits them, just the science that causes them emotional distress by questioning long held ridiculous beliefs about the origin of man, life and the universe. How convenient for them!!!

Why should nonbelievers get to have their cake and eat it too? They get to enjoy the science of electricity. They get to enjoy the warm of electric and gas heat in the winter. They get to enjoy contact lenses for poor vision. They get to enjoy food raised using modern scientific techniques. They get to drive cars and ride in elevators. If you are a real Christian then you should reject all science but believers are known for their cherry-picking aren’t they? Many Christians believe homosexuality is ok even though the Bible clearly illustrates God hates it, assuming briefly that the Bible is the word of God. Many Christians lie with impunity even though the Bible says that “All liars will have their part in the Lake of Fire”. Do Christians think God is kidding? Do they think God will excuse “white” lies or their support of a gay agenda? I have read the Bible several times and I have yet to find any escape clauses. There are no mitigating circumstances or plea deals from what I can tell. There’s also no time off for good behavior nor any probation or parole. It’s an open and shut case in almost every instance.

I’m playing the devil’s advocate because I do support gays and I don’t believing in lying on principle because it’s wrong and by wrong I mean simply that liars are trying to avoid responsibility for their misdeeds, conceal something they are ashamed of or even avoid being incarcerated and/or executed if it’s serious enough. 9/11 was one such lie. Christianity is another. So is 99.9% of what you hear on CNN from Wolf Blitzer’s Zionist lips. They are all connected. They are the lies that bind. They bind us together in our treachery as Americans against the rest of the world and furthermore against each other. If that draws your ire then then there may be hope for you yet because at least you still have the capacity for good. Guilt is good trying to express itself but Americans usually just block it out with tv, sex, drugs, alcohol (also a drug), really bad music, consumerism, etc. Those distractions may provide temporary relief but it cannot provide a cure for what ails us as a nation. Lies.

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