Chomsky’s Atheism and 9/11 (Prefer calling him Gnome Chumpsky)

December 14, 2009

I’ll keep this nice and short because it just came to my mind. I already know that Chomsky has either been compromised or he knows that since he got the culprits of 9/11 all wrong he would be professionally and publicly embarrassed by having all of his post 9/11 work discredited as an MIT linguistics professor and an renowned expert on world history and global politics. For a while I thought Chomsky just was masking some allegiance to Israel since he’s Jewish, and we all know how insular they usually are, but he has been very critical of Israel in the past and even today. That could be a ruse too but I doubt it now. I think his reputation as a history geek is far more important to him than Zionism or Judaism or even being Jewish.

Chomsky has said on more than one occasion that without more proof of a supreme being that he would consider himself an atheist. Let’s look at some of his quotes regarding religion and belief in God from celebatheists.com.

“I don’t see how one can “believe in organized religion.”
“That “religion is inherently irrational” is surely true.”
“I’m what’s called here a “secular atheist”….”
“How do I define God? I don’t.”

Ok so Chomsky requires proof to believe in something. Sounds logical and what one would expect from an MIT tenured professor. So let’s look at the converse of that. If there is proof of something then that means Chomsky should believe it. Well there is plenty of proof that Mossad and Dick Cheney were behind 9/11. At a minimum there are mounds of physical evidence that is irrefutable that it was an inside job and not Al Qaeda.

Chomsky is violating his own tenets. Of course he will not admit that he has seen any evidence that makes anyone besides Al Qaeda appear culpable in the attacks. Either he’s lying or he has just refused to look at even the most basic evidence. Either way he’s being completely disingenuous. Chomsky is a fraud. No one would think less of his volumes of scholarly work if he had failed to anticipate the evil of Mossad in league with Cheney. We are all human and we all make mistakes. Instead, in the most cowardly fashion he has dismissed and disrespected the entire 9/11 truth movement as a bunch of “conspiracy theory” quacks and nutjobs. Well some of the people in the movement may be a little out there and 9/11 truth has definitely been infiltrated by the likes of Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones but the basic premises are undeniable for anyone that examines the evidence………except for Professor Chomsky that is. Pride goeth before the fall sir.


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  2. Good thinking; definitely made a strong point. The only problem is this: there isn’t proof that 9/11 was an inside job. If only there was, then this would’ve been foolproof.

    • No proof? What about the military grade nano-thermite? Dude there are hundreds of pieces of evidence that on their own prove an inside job without aid. The official story is a complete lie and has been thoroughly debunked despite claims to the contrary. Disproving the official lie proves the inside job.

      The ties to Mossad are unmistakable and undeniable. Look at my 9/11 links in the right frame. The best video is probably at 911missinglinks.com even though those guys are white nationalists who hate blacks and Latinos as well. Follow the money trail and it always goes back to Jewish Zionists.

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