The Many Problems of Third Parties and Progressives

December 13, 2009

Americans have a habit of substituting false optimism for positive realism to the point of Pollyanna psychopathy. Third parties in this country and under this current voting system have NO chance of ever breaking through. Why? Because the Zionists don’t want them to and the Zionists control everything even though I cannot document that statement with volumes of evidence that no one would read here right now. Wouldn’t a third party have broken through already if it was possible? Remember Ross Perot? Splat. Remember Nader’s valiant attempts? They all got shut down. Remember how Cynthia McKinney got booted from Congress by the powers that be for speaking out on 9/11 and other blatant and obvious corruption of both parties? Remember how Kucinich got silenced for his articles of impeachment against former illegal Vice President Dickhead Cheney? At least Nader and McKinney have the right idea by giving up on the Democrats. Kucinich is positively wasting his time and career trying to reform the duopoly of career politicians beholden to lobbyists and special interests.

Come on people. Americans have got to stop returning to the well that has no water. We have to break the psychological grip that these cowards hiding in the City of London have on humanity. They are few and we are many which means if we say no then that is the way it goes. They cannot overcome our numbers if we band together and stop this insane rat race of wealth accumulation where we only look out for ourselves and our families (many times not even our families). We are all one human family. The outcasts are the ones who don’t want us to recognize that fact. Washington DC and Wall Street work for them. I am referring to the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati, the chief of which is the Rothschild line. We don’t need violence to stop them. All we have to do is stop consuming and stop working. We can survive long enough to choke the system to death without a job and without buying things. We are running out if time. We have a run amok president who doesn’t give a damn what the American people think and is glad he inherited the unchecked powers of former illegal president Bush. They can do anything to us that they want. Is that how we want to live?

There are too many barriers to real progressive parties in America. The duopoly is in place to keep third parties marginalized. They receive little to no media coverage. They receive no campaign finance from corporations. States make it nearly impossible to get on the ballot with ridiculous requirements for ballot access. The voting machines are rigged. Progressives think they are alchemists. They believe they can take common basically worthless metals and turn it into gold. No you can’t, especially when the system has measures in place to actively prevent it. Some things simply cannot be reformed when they become completely compromised by people of low and no moral character. Americans are stuck with what we have because corporations need us to be stuck with what we have. They need us to remain as consumers and consumers only. We seem to be ok with that because I don’t see many people taking to the streets.

For progressive parties to get a foot hold in mainstream politics it would take millions and million of dollars plus a media that treats third party candidates viably. Neither of those will happen. Campaign finance reform obviously didn’t change any of that. Nader, Kucinich and McKinney are all still on the sidelines and Americans keep trying to make a choice between two abusive spouses. When will we get it? Probably not before it’s too late if it’s not already.

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