White Man’s Worst Nightmare: OJ and Tiger Woods

December 6, 2009

It goes without saying that ALL white men have reservations about attractive white women having sex with black men. Of course white men used to prevent this by law and lynch mob but today white women can have sex with men of any race. Of course many of them try to keep it on the down low so that white men don’t call them nigger lovers or think that they have somehow been stained with blackness.

I’ve never understood why white men are so paranoid about the numbers of black men who actually even want white women. There are far more white women that want black men than the other way around, even if just for a one night stand. There are 36 millios black people in the US which means a little less then half are males because women always outnumber men. There are a little less than 200 million white people in the US so you are looking at a 6:1 ratio of white women to black men overall. Of course most blacks congregate in chocolate cities like Atlanta, Detroit, DC, Baltimore, Dallas, New York, etc. so we are spread pretty thin everywhere else. Imagine going to Utah where there are only a few thousand blacks in the whole state. Of course it’s a two edged sword because the ratio applies to white males as well as white females meaning you could end up with a burning cross in your front yard even in 2009.

The real reason I wrote this piece is because of the Tiger Woods incident. The tabloids are not privy to this type of information so how did it get leaked? It surely isn’t the first time Tiger cheated. Cheater are serial. The media elite leaked the story on purpose because they needed a distraction from their rampant criminality at home and abroad. What better way to do it than bring to the forefront a rich black man with a white wife and a torrid affair? It reminds white people subliminally of the OJ incident. I don’t care for Tiger personally. He disavowed all blacks when he invented his own race: Cablasian. Whatever. Without a golf club………nigger.

Everyone knows that white men hate to see black men with more money than them because it is emasculating. I mean after all we were in slavery 144 years ago. White people just refuse to admit they got tricked by the white elite. They were granted temporary white privilege and then the elite moved in with globalization and cheap labor, undermining many of the disproportionate gains that whites have made via overt and institutional racism since the Civil War ended. It’s sad to see someone that keeps hurting themselves and refusing to listen to reason because their emotion, in this case fear and hatred, has overwhelmed all sense of logic.

White women are the symbol of purity in a white supremacist society. It goes back to the Oedipus complex in childhood and all sorts of fears of darkness and dirt and filth that are formed during the Freudian anal phase that later become associated with blackness. In case you didn’t know 70% of the white people in the US have German ancestry so we should not be surprised by the negative impact of their traditionally harsh toilet training by this parental segment of the population on their children once they become adults. For more in depth study on that topic I would suggest Joel Kovel’s excellent and thorough “White Racism”.

When you combine money, which is nothing more than an abstracted symbol of filth that has been purified, with the white female symbol of purity it is not difficult to understand why white men hate the thought of rich black men having sex with white women. It’s a double whammy for them but until white men stop obsessing over childhood fears and realize that the elite have been and still are spending billions of dollars on research to psychologically manipulate them to keep the races divided and distracted nothing can really change. Maybe humans are just fatally flawed in this way. Our emotions are what makes us great. They are also what can, and I believe will, ultimately destroy us.

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  1. Thanks for this enlightening article. Your article reminds us that even there is a Black President who has been awarded the Nobel Prize, racism is there, alive and kicking. Hopefully if Tiger can think, it should let me know that even though he is the highest paid athlete, he still has a ‘place’ in the White man’s world.

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