Buddhaoinism: Buddhism, Taoism and Hedonism

December 1, 2009

I’m an agnostic and always have been. Of course for most of my life my parents forced me to pretend I was a Christian. As a grew up and discovered who I really was I found out that I was really a combination of a bunch of different belief systems, none of which can be considered a religion because there is no God to worship.

First and foremost, I am a Buddhist from the standpoint that I believe in Karma. I believe that the good or bad that we do can come back to help or hinder us but many times evil people just get away with it only to have their bad karma revisited upon someone else. The same goes for good. I also believe that our spirits yearn for a state of Nibbana, nirvana or enlightenment. I don’t really believe in reincarnation. I think it’s more complicated than that. I believe that we are all connected as one and that aspects of our spirits are transferred to other people depending upon some criteria that humans will never understand. I believe in the Four Noble Truth and the Noble Eightfold Path.

I believe in Taoism in that it is most effective to do by not doing. I do not believe in struggling to get ahead. I believe that there is no good or bad. It is just how we interpret the event based on how culture manipulates and indoctrinates us. Like Morpheus told Neo in “The Matrix”, there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. I seek no fame and no fortune and yet I find them. I hold nothing dear because everything will be taken away. Life is fleeting. Humans must learn to transcend this state of being if we are to save ourselves and turn off the television.

Finally I am a hedonist. I believe in seeking pleasure wherever it can be found in this short life of five physical senses and one metaphysical. This may seem like a contradiction with Taoism and Buddhism but it is not. I do not allow others to construct my wants or my needs unlike most Americans caught in the grip of consumerism. If it feels good and is not dangerous then I pursue the pleasure. Actively seeking self-aggrandizement is different from taking advantage of it when it presents itself.

Finally I believe in doing good to good people and returning evil for evil. Too often good people turn the other cheek. We cannot defeat evil without resorting to the lowdown tactics and techniques they use on us. I am a Malcolm X fan, not an MLK fan. Men listen to two things: money and force. This is actually somewhat of a Laveyan Satanic belief but since the word Satan scares people into thinking I sacrifice babies, (because of the perversion of deistic religions), I chose to avoid it.

Follow the path and the path will follow you. Nature is God and our tiny brains can never understand it because it is not meant to be understood, only experienced. I guess that makes me a little Wiccan too.

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