Nice Guys Finish First. Thugs Never Finish Anything At All……

November 24, 2009

I can remember the sayings “Nice guys finish last” and “Women like bad boys” from the time I was a child. I remember the “Fonz” on “Happy Days” getting all of the women and Hollywood bad boys like James Dean. One of the main problems with America is the average person’s inability to know when they are being manipulated by the media via social engineering. Then peer pressure from all of the other people who have been manipulated to behave in a certain way gets to the people, including myself sometimes, who know better because they want to fit in because being alone is one of the worst ways to exist as a human.

The fact is that women do like bad boys because they are animalistic and uncontrollable. They represent manliness in a shallow manner and that attraction is deeply rooted in womens’ genes and psyches via evolution. The problem with that natural instinct in a modern world is that it is counterproductive to a financially secure lifestyle and maybe to womens’ physical safely. Many women do not need a man to take care of them financially but almost ALL women (straight ones that is) need a man to take care of them emotionally. What is more important? And when did “care” come to mean money instead of love? It depends on the person and their priorities which are largely influenced by a hyperconsumptive culture but honestly you should not want someone that puts money before love because that means they will put it before you eventually. We all say that love is more important than money but very few of us actually behave in a way that demonstrates we really believe it.

Most women don’t want to be physically or emotionally abused by dominating and controlling thugs but to many of them it does bring excitement to their boring lives if they are alone and have no interests outside of bemoaning not being able to find a good man when in fact they are standing in their own way. It is a poor substitute for a healthy relationship and actually prevents a healthy relationship from forming but it nonetheless fills in the blanks temporarily. Thugs are nothing but sex substitutes for real love. They don’t care about themselves even though they profess bravado to the contrary. Real men don’t have to pretend to be hardcore to get women. but women hate being alone much more than men do. They intensely fear it so even though they know it’s a dead end many women engage in these sexual and emotionally abusive relationships because to them it seems better than nothing plus that animal instinct turns on most women. Thugs basically trick women into getting aroused without having to actually care for them. A thug does not have to wear baggy jeans, a grill, dreadlocks, Tims and a gold chain. He can be a brother like me with a college degree and a full time corporate job. As long as he demonstrates a lack of concern for and interest in the welfare of the female at all times nonsexual he can be considered a thug. If women want a real man that acts thuggish since it’s such an aphrodisiac then women should stop trying to emasculate men. Then thugs will become worthless because women will not need them. I met a girl last night who admitted she liked being booty-called by thugs but then she turned around and asked me if I could submit her resume to my company for employment. Why? What is she going to do? Get on her financial feet and then blow it on the legal fees for a thug? Is she going to get knocked up and then get mad at all good black men because the thug doesn’t want to even see her during the day? You have to be healthy yourself to have a healthy relationship. It takes two healthy people. Two unhealthy people just make each other more unhealthy.

Women are being confused by their natural instincts, social engineering and what they know is good for them and Oprah isn’t helping. They want the thug to avoid the loneliness and emptiness. They want to be independent because of hyperfeminism and so men don’t think they’re golddiggers. They also want to be genuinely loved. The problem is women are trying to solve long term problems with short term solutions. Mature women don’t date little boys. Thugs are little boys. They act that way only to attract silly women who are easy to seduce because they have been watching too much BET. Real men are manly without being abusive and neglectful. They have interests outside of women but make time for the right woman in their life. That is the way it should be. It should have nothing to do with money but compatibility. If money is one of your compatibility factors then you are a shallow, empty, hollow shell of a human that does not deserve a good man. You will in time be your own undoing. If women want love then they have to let go of feminism. Feminism is not the same thing as equal rights and equal pay for the same job. It is gender neutrality that ignores critical differences between the sexes that allow us to complement each other. It goes against nature and against God.

Sometimes I do feel sorry for the plague of women addicted to thug love substitutes. It’s like those women that live in the city and use their tiny dogs as boyfriend substitutes but just like money thugs can never make you happy. They can make you feel excited only because of the contradictions between having sex with them and their subsequent neglect. Women are enthralled by not being about to control thugs and the challenge of changing a man but are never attracted to a man that they actually do change. Quite ironic isn’t it? But thugs do not own the market on being their own men. In fact they are really just doing a poor imitation of real men. Real men listen to women but are not controlled by them. Real men do what they want. They just make room for women in their lives and the women makes room for them. I am a real man. I never sit around waiting on women. I spend my time improving myself in any way that I can whether it’s learning new things or staying in shape or whatever. It’s not done to impress women. I don’t care what ALL women think. I only care what the woman I love thinks because I know I could never love an insecure, needy woman who has no idea of how to treat a real man. Real men don’t have to take care of women. They want to take care of real women. Real women don’t have to take care of themselves. Real women want a man to take care of them. When I say “care” once again I mean emotionally, not financially. Money matters only to people who make it matter. Ultimately thugs are not real men. They are boys dressed up in men’s clothing and it’s usually twelve sizes too big for them. If you have one or more I suggest you pawn them and start saving up for a real man. You won’t find us on BET.

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