Did Your Children Want To Be Born?

November 10, 2009

I know this sounds like an asinine question but is it really so outrageous? I’ll be honest. Given the state of the world, how hard black people have to work just to still be considered inferior relative to whites and all the other struggles that blacks have to endure at the hands of white supremacy collectively, I can honestly say I would rather not have been born. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suicidal. I don’t have a death wish. I’m just thinking about this logically from a standpoint of the worthwhile-ness of our collective struggle. Honestly black people as a whole have begun to fall further behind since the progress of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Most of us just try to get our piece of the corporate pie rather than building grassroots organizations and other institutions of self-determination. Maybe I’m part of the problem too but I was not born with the ability to galvanize people like MLK and Malcolm X. In our current state blacks have basically caved in to white supremacy. Our indoctrination is complete. The resistance is all but dead.

The naysayers are going to attack me for being a quitter but I’m not a quitter. People who commit suicide are quitters. I’m in the struggle until the end of my life now. There is no courageous escape beyond death for me now that I am here and committed to the task at hand but I have no further illusions about the progress black people as a whole can make anymore. The money always gets to us and we forsake the masses. It’s the same with all the races though. Part of white supremacy is convincing you that your race is somehow different from the others so it makes people want to distance themselves from their own. The media makes us think that blacks steal more, kill more, rape more, etc. Wrong. If you want to know who steals the most you need not look further than the recent banking debacle and the mortgage crisis.

My mother told me that having children was an expression of the love shared between her and my father. Why does that require bringing another human being into the world, especially now with human survival itself on the precipice of uncertainty? I believe it is a selfish act in all honesty. I believe having children without carefully considering the range of possibilities of their futures first is an abhorrent act of hubris and gene experimentation, just like forcing children to adopt your religion as a parent. Who wants to be born to live a horrible life? I’ll bet if all the people who have lived terrible lives and died could have been asked if they preferred to have never been born that most of them would have opted for nonexistence. My life isn’t that bad from a material standpoint but that’s not what life is supposed to be about. I would take an ounce of pure happiness with nothing to eat. I would take a close family over a trillion dollars. I would take the honesty of my fellow man over houses, cars and women.

Parents who are in love want to see what a child by their partner will look like, act like and grow up to be like. They believe they have a winning combination of genes because the love brain chemicals are telling them how great the other person is. It is an illusion though and not an expression of shared love. It’s throwing the gene dice and hoping for a positive outcome. All I’m saying is parents should look at their genetic history as much as possible and use that information to make a decision about whether they are likely to produce happy and fruitful offspring. Of course you can never predict the future. Meteorologists cannot even predict the weather but if you have a history of alcoholism in your family and your has a history of malignant cancer then maybe you should reconsider, adopt or find a more genetically suitable partner. Maybe gene therapy holds the answers to these questions but we’ve already been playing God for far too long.


  1. I am so tired of the negative stereotypes that are being portrayed about Black women. This is not true of ALL Black women and please note this the next time you write and article.

    • Black women interpret everything critical of them personally. I cannot do anything about that. If there were no grain of truth to what I’ve said then it would not be pushing your button. I usually make sure I never say ALL so if I did not qualify one of my statements appropriately then I apologize. It’s never ALL of anything. That should be assumed but I normally state it as well because I realize that ALL people have a tendency to take things personally. I love black women and I hope I find a good one one day (I would marry any race except for white) but as it stands every attractive black woman I’ve met has thought I was too short, that 100,000/yr is not enough, that I was too smart, that I’m not popular enough, that I don’t have a six-pack, etc. I meet these women in all walks of life, not just in the club.

      I’ve experimented acting like a thug a few times to see what response I get from most women and their attraction to me increases dramatically. That’s fine. We cannot fix the world. If people want to do things that are self-destructive that is their right within the law. I’m just tired of ghetto period regardless of race or gender. Most women will continue to be attracted to the drama and the machismo because it is part of our makeup as human beings to have animal attraction but I believe there are deeper issues of low self-esteem and wanted to feel like you are superior to your mate when you set your sights so low. If you don’t think you deserve better then no one else will but let’s not pretend that there are not thousands of thousands of 30-something and 40-something females out there who are content with letting a thug come over and hit it once or twice a week. They’ve given up on finding good men because they don’t know what a good man looks like. Good men don’t keep women excited like thugs do. It’s the bad boy syndrome. Women get obsessed about men they are attracted to but cannot control. Many women deny it because they are embarrassed to be so out of control but it clear that thugs give most women orgasms and good men don’t. That will not change until women change themselves from within. Once it’s not attractive anymore then men will stop doing it.

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